Work from home……

‘They’ are saying it’s much better for your health to work from home if it is at all possible.
Seen on a busy street in Corinto Nicaragua – December 13 2012

Self employed – be visible
Catch passing trade
Keep in touch with your local clientel
Low overheads – no high airconditioning bills


Work close to home
Secure parking
No parking fees to worry about


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18 Replies to “Work from home……”

    1. So many things taking place in the open. I loved the spot this hairdresser had becasue there was lots of passing trade and she/they were so visible. Right on their doorstep.

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  1. I do work at home now. Retired and all. But I don’t have customers to my home, I have shows at craft fairs and working on getting a cyber shop aka Etsy.


    1. I don’t think i saw one stressed person that day EC – mind you we were in what seemd to be a prosperous ‘town close to the port” environment but I’m sure out in the ‘countryside’ there would have been a few things to worry about.


  2. Hi Cathy, I discovered your blog via Writing from Scotland. Thank you so much for sharing this great looking recipe. I have all the ingredients in my frig to make it. Have a wonderful day 🙂


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