He does, he really does………..

It just seemed like it was one thing after another.

What with dropping my ipad last September in the confusion of repacking carry on things post security checks at Athens airport and it landing on a corner so I ended up with a cracked screen and then the wonky car key I laughed when The Golfer spoke about Christmas gifts.

I live with things that aren’t life threatening – like the car keys and the ipad that is useable, maybe just not A1.  Also like my engagement ring or rather lack of one.  The Golfer and I met in Cyprus just after the Eoka ‘troubles’ there had finished.

 was a Greek Cypriot nationalist guerrilla organisation that fought a campaign for the end of British rule in Cyprus for the island’s self-determination and for eventual union with Greece.

He was a young airman and I a dependant of a very much older airman – otherwise known as a quarter brat:)  We were walking past a jewellers in one of the streets near Ledra Street in Nicosia when I saw a ring I took a fancy to – not a diamond but a pearl.  I was young and the pearl looked different.  Well you should have heard my mother – ‘you’ll have tears all your married days’  Those Irish and their superstions – I didn’t tell her that The Golfer had given me the money to hand over which negated this superstition 🙂

I loved that ring and how different it was – untill I lost it 😦

We were living in Singapore and it was there one day, gone the next, never to been seen again but I couldn’t shed tears as it is the marriage that is important not the trappings and there never were any thoughts of buying another – there were children to be raised, homed and educated, all of which cost money.  These last few years there have been occasions when The Golfer has mentioned another but after all this time that’s been the last thing on my mind although I will admit that when we were in Nicosia last year we half heartedly looked in shop windows in the same area where we bought the first one but nothing took my fancy like that first one.

Anyway just before this last Christmas he told me to come for a drive with him – to look at something so with no idea what it was curious me just played along.  When we arrived at a shopping centre he took me to a jewellers and pointed at something in the window, something he wanted to buy me as a token of his love.  Yes a tiny little pearl ring very similar to the original.

I couldn’t stop giggling and I’m sure the young girl who served us thought he was crazy when he jokingly asked me ‘well what about it, shall we do it?  Your mum and dad aren’t around to say no’  – and I paid for this one as well 🙂

If you enlarge the photo you’ll just see it on my finger just before it was lost 50 years ago. I think this one of me playing with ‘our little girl’ might be the only one around of me wearing it.






I think it’s safe to say
He loves me – He really does 🙂

16 thoughts on “He does, he really does………..

  1. What a beautiful story, not the part you losing it. But the start and the end where you get a new ring. And what a lovely man you have there. Yes he loves you and you love him and although that’s what matters. Pretty shiny things are very nice too


  2. That is so nice and thoughtful. He knew what the ring meant to you. I would say he loves you for sure.


  3. Aw Cathy, this is just the sweetest story. It’s just beautiful. I understood everything you said. Of course, the importance of things are obvious to us but there is that sentimental tie that nothing can change.
    What a darling man you have. I love the romance – it’s what makes the world go round isn’t it.
    A gorgeous photo too xx


  4. What a lovely story! I agree, it’s a very pretty ring and quite out of the ordinary. I love it.

    Something similar happened to me when I was young. My grandmother gave me a silver cross studded with marcasite. Not new, but one that belonged to her – and I have no idea how old it really was, but I loved it and wore it all the time. Until one day when it was just … gone. I searched high and low, everywhere I could think of but never found it. I came to the conclusion the chain must perhaps have broken when I fell off the pony I used to ride out on the heath, because it was the last time I remember wearing it, but of course, a search of the heath did not turn it up. No point in thinking about replacing it because a) I had no money and b) I have never seen one remotely like it since.

    I’m so glad you managed to find a similar ring, and I love the thought of you both giggling in the jeweller’s shop!


  5. What a sweet, loving story. And your new ring is beautiful. Your Golfer is wonderfully thoughtful.

    I’ve lost a lot of weight and can now wear my paternal Grandmother’s wedding and engagement rings again – only on my little finger but I at least I can get them on.

    Hope you are enjoying the feast of one day cricket – it is such a “knitting friendly sport” Sending care and love, and purry head-butts from little round Megs,

    Michelle xxx


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