What to to – what to do…….

One of those days when we were in port

Prinsendam in port

I think it might have been a Tuesday
All I can say is ‘Thank goodness for the mats in the lift that remind you which day of the week it is 🙂


The skies were a bit grey so The Golfer and I came back onboard early.
I wondered where everyone was and if there was anything going on
so took a little walk.

 I could see there were a few cruisers (but not too many) in the Library
Stacks of books – Lots of squishy comfortable armchairs
Thats also where the internet centre is
where the very expensive and very slow internet centre is
(which is why there is always a crowd at the cafes onshore that have free wifi all for the cost of a cup of coffee lol)

Some of these photos are small sized in a gallery
just click and they will enlarge for you

Looks like they finished the jigsaw puzzle!


The  Dining Room was being made ready for the evening meal
there was still food at the salad bar but nobody was eating in the Lido

The Front Desk girls smiled as I passed by – the Captain was taking a late lunch near the pool – and the cruise consultant was seeing to ‘new customers’

There was no one in the shops or the casino
or taking a computer class
(one of The Golfer’s favourite onboard things to do)

Anyway we’d left port by this time and the skies were still grey

Grey skies

Then I discovered cards was the thing to keep some of them amused
And these players were deadly serious – you should have heard some of comments coming out of some of them later lol


Trivia was in full swing at the piano bar
Want to be on the losing team – ask me to join you 🙂

Piano Bar Trivia

And how did I amuse myself on that coolish afternoon – I just sat down outside on one of  the deck loungers rugged up in a nice warm towelling blanket

Deck sitting

The Golfer had gone off to the computer class
So I enjoyed my book, the peace and quiet
And watched the energetic deck walkers tootle by 🙂

Deck walkers

10 Replies to “What to to – what to do…….”

  1. Seems very posh and entertaining. I would probably hole up in the library. The picture of the ship looks as if it could tilt easily. Scary for me.


  2. Don’t you just dislike the deck walkers. They look so fit and around and around they go, making the recumbent like me feel oh so tired. The Golfer will soon be giving you computer advice.


  3. It looks like there is something for everyone to do. Lots of leisure which is
    good on a holiday. I could get used to that for sure. LOL !


  4. Hi Cathy

    I’m sure there is an under-developed area of art in studying the colours and patterns of cruise ship carpets, lol. Or maybe I noticed them because I don’t have carpet, I’ve got polished floor boards that little round Megs loves sliding across.

    Much love, Michelle


  5. It is amazing how empty a large ship can look. I remember years ago on a cruise, we had a full day at sea. By that stage we had become friendly with a group of people, ten in number. We found a corner in the lounge and I produced a pack of cards – I never travel without them. Someone bought a round of Bicardi and cokes. We returned after lunch and resumed our game, the craic was mighty and so the day went by without our realising.


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