Keep on keeping on…….

Doing what you always do – that’s The Golfer’s attitude.

Things not working right – get the spanner and find out why


‘Vroom vroom’ thingy not working – fit a new one

(that’s the thingy on the side of the mower that makes the engine run faster)



Yes there’s life in the old ‘dog’ yet πŸ™‚

The Golfer is still good with his hands and the old mower is fit for another season of ‘mowing’

Have you seen the cost of lawn mowers these days ??

20 thoughts on “Keep on keeping on…….

  1. Yes they are expensive. You should see the 2 acres of land my husband has to mow. Of course he has a ride on mower. Takes him a good part of a day to do it. Oh well we are getting older. We will soon have to down size.


  2. My DH is just the same – take it apart and fit a new thingy. If he can’t find what he’s looking for he’ll have a go at making it himself. There’s life in my old dog too.


  3. My father had a love/hate relationship with his mower. In a fit of pique he threw it into the fishpond. And it took him a very, very long time to get it going again. Lucky that he too was good with his hands. The smaller portion isn’t.


      1. Oh yes. We all saw it. The lawn mower (which was older than god) had been reluctant to start. Father picked it up and hurled it into the pond. It was a tribute to his skills that he could get it going again. And wouldn’t have been needed if he had better control over his temper.


  4. You made me laugh when I read that you had done the math for your reply to SchmidlersScribbling’s comment! And you 14 years didn’t allow for much time off, either. Glad your mower is working now.


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