Age brings a change………

A few years ago I held this little bundle for the first time – our first grandchild.
A redhead!
Just like her other grandma and my grandfather.


Two years on there was a  mass of red curls as well – as you see here on her swing with The Golfer


Then came school and all the teasing and name caling – not nice for a quiet (sensitive, glasses wearing, not one of the ‘in crowd’) person like our little redhead.  As she grew older (last years of high school) it had turned to bullying so she coloured her hair DARK.  Very dark – so you would pass her in the street and not realise who it was.


Slowly she has grown it all out and now we are back to the original colour.  Turning 21 last month and getting her licence seems to have brought ‘the real person’ to the front again.  A confident happy person.

She even posted this great video on her fb page – remarking ‘this is me’

I realise we all go through changes in our life – physical and mental
and they are ‘ours’ to own whether others like them or not
This change in our little redhead brings relief for us at her happiness and
Big smiles from this grandma 🙂

12 thoughts on “Age brings a change………

  1. … and to think there are women out there that would kill to have that red hair. Yes, there will always be changes, some we like and some we don’t.


  2. I can empathise with your granddaughter, I was the only one of six siblings to have auburn hair, it had skipped a generation and come from my paternal grandmother and maternal grandfather. When my brothers reached late teens/early twenties, side burns were in fashion for men and lo and behold their sideburns, moustaches or beards were bright red! Nature has seen fit to drain the colour and curls from my still thick and heavy crop of thatch!


  3. MY little red-headed granddaughter, Amelia, is finishing her graduate degree in Earth Science at UVA, the school redhead Thomas Jeffferson founded and where redheads galore attend kidding.

    Red heads run in our family. I have the fair skin of a redhead, but alas was dark haired. Did you know the redhead gene originated among the Anglo-Saxons? Or was it the Scots tribes? Mel Gibson would know. We have many redheads in the U.S. because so many Scots migrated here…just as they did in Australia.


  4. So sorry to hear about the unkindnesses she has endured. The video was very interesting and I’m glad she posted it and that you shared it. She has such a genuine smile!


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