Sunday morning walk…….

Out and about Sunday morning in the port of Pireaus.  I’m happy to take my obligatory shot of a bench and a fountain.

imageThe old men are also out and about – wonder what part of the world they were putting right?


Fish for sale – fresh from the boat!

imageHope they got a bargain.


The rowing club was open and the girls were out on the water.  No one else was about tho’

image‘Cept for the girl opening up the ice cream stall – I wonder how many little ones will get a go on the merry go round?

imageEven the local police are taking their time this morning!

imageIt’s up this hill to our ‘little’ hotel which I’ll tell you about another day.  It could be a post on its own lol


The next stage of our trip is about to start.  All aboard this afternoon!  Won’t be many posts as access will be limited.  Will talk to you another day.


12 thoughts on “Sunday morning walk…….

  1. Greek men do like to get together and sort out the world. I would be really interested to hear about how you found the Greek economy and what inside information you gleaned. Have things improved there for most people in the last year or two?


  2. It hit me while reading your post that every town has a men’s meeting place. Either a corner or a coffee house, where they can gossip which they would never call it. When we lived it Kansas the small town meeting place was the local grain elevator. I believe we need a morning meeting place for the ladies. I think I shall start one tomorrow. Wait, I have too much to do in the mornings and so do most of my female friends. We can do those things because the men are out of the house. lol


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