Time goes by quickly…..

We had our last dinner together in street – in a little village in Cyprus called Kouklia.  In a village square filled with taverns that come alive after dark.



A square with a church – the heart of the village


A square where you watch out for the cars passing by – even when you are eating

image A village that has some resident stray cats – caught desexed then released.  Cats who think nothing of playing in the square after dark.  Cats who do earn their keep ridding  the village of vermin.


Cats who come to say hello – look longingly in the hope to get a tidbit from your plate.  Cats who know their place and move away at the brush of a hand.


Yes it was a fun way to have our last dinner together – a beautiful evening under the stars at Gabriel’s Tavern


The Golfer and I on the left and my lovely little sister Patsy with the very unwell love of her life on the right



10 thoughts on “Time goes by quickly…..

  1. What a pretty little square, a lot different to the usual tourist places,I feel so sorry for the cat population in Europe and they do pull on your heart strings and I am glad they have de-sexing projects, lovely post. XDawn


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