Day in the rain…….

My home for the next couple of weeks 🙂

imageMy bed will be made for me , the bathroom cleaned twice a day, and it has a great walk in robe where I can hang clothes.   Food, more than you could ever eat in day is there for the taking and as usual The Golfer is happy he doesn’t have to help out with any of it lol






Yesterday we were in Volos and took a two hour drive to see the ‘Meteora Monasteries ‘ – a complex of monasteries near the town of Kalambaka.  I struggle with links on the iPad but they were all built on the top of huge great ‘rocks’.  Maybe you could ask Mr G for information just using Meteora Monasteries  A good day except it was drizzling with very very low cloud so even tho’ we saw the fabulous insides of the buildings this is what we saw of the outsides.

We drove through lots of small settlements on the way – to see that somewhere  up there to the left of those trees was s building on a rock!  There are roads to the top but unfortunately no photography allowed inside so I have no photos of the interiors to share.



Today we are in Thessalonikik – cool cloudy with a chance of rain!  Good job I brought some warmer clothing along as well as the summery stuff lol. I’ll just rug up as we are planning to walk round the little town to see some of the UNESCO recognised monuments.  I’m using the port wifi this morning  – really slow and as we are ‘at sea’ tomorrow Im not sure when I’ll be back.

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