Maybe I need to heed warnings …..

With just over five weeks to go until we take off on our latest jaunt I’m mindful of having to watch how I go – never know what could happen between now and then.  Because we booked and paid for everything so long ago I’ve been almost paranoid recently about things going wrong and having to go through kerfuffle of claiming on insurance.

I had my ‘flu jab’ a while ago and have been making sure I clean off all gym equipment before I’ve used it (not just after) – hands cleaned as I leave the Leisure Centre as well.  Eating properly as well as trying to be as fit as possible and steering clear of people with coughs and colds.  Those long haul flights can be a killer on your body – and mine isn’t getting any younger lol

Stayed off the roads in busy times – I don’t normally leave home really early in the morning however with several schools close by it’s chaotic near here between 3 and 4 pm when the kiss and drive lines are bumper to bumper and all the families try to get out on the main roads as fast as they can.  For some reason oodles of them feel the need to shop before going home so shopping centre car parks are chockers.  So along with the ghastly weather we’ve had there have been days when it’s been safer to be at home and not taking your life in your hands on the roads.

Of course the wet weather has meant I’ve mainly kept myself busy indoors with the charity knitting (ongoing year round) lots of reading matter and some much needed ‘clutter clearing’; there hasn’t been a great deal of gardening  done – that was until yesterday.  We had one of those glorious sunny days where the temperature surprised us, enticing me outdoors to revel in the warmth.  So warm in fact mid afternoon I needed to take my windcheater off and potter around in a shirt.

Knowing what I wanted to do and cautious about overdoing it I used the barrow to move tools and mulch round the garden and took lots of breaks – I certainly didn’t want a reccurence of the ‘back problem’ pain and suffering I ended up with  because of not accepting limitations on time and effort one gardening day in the not too distant past –  (even if it did produce a definitive diagnosis )

Ooh I’m a bit stiff, says I about 4pm, I’ll call it a day – 6pm I’m hobbling around clutching my lower back – tightened up good and proper lol  So down on the floor to do some of the back exercises I hadn’t had to do for the past year and a half.

Pleasantly surprised and heaved a sigh of relief this morning when there was no discomfort – only thing was I did have a bit of discomfort somewhere else.  I sneezed a few times and felt a tingling in my lip – a look in the mirror confirmed I had the beginning of a cold sore!

So it was out with the lemons and honey, find the Echinacea and after it warmed up from the overnight 2c/35f and the fog had burnt off quietly enjoy another one of those fantabulous days.  Right this moment I’m not tempting fate by doing any more gardening or going to the shops to pick up more germs lol

22 thoughts on “Maybe I need to heed warnings …..

  1. My mother’s saying was if you have a cold sore it prevents you from having a cold. Now she is 98 so we shall see if that saying is true. Germs are everywhere. Just get plenty of rest and vitamin C and I have to take Vitamin D just as 1000 mg a day. Too much Vitamin D not good. In the winter time it is hard to get enough Vitamin D especially with dreary days.


  2. My partner has just had a miserable two weeks with backpain. He was terrified that his back would play up when we were in Europe, but it did not. One of our travelling companion’s blood pressure and cholesterol levels were much better after returning from our travels, which is doctor put down to the walking he did when we were there.

    Cold sore? Run down, lack of sleep, or stressed. You shouldn’t have any of those in what should be a relaxed life as you plan for your holiday.


    1. Oh Andrew I have memories of one trip involving lots of Irish relies which resulted in my cholesterol levels going sky high. I just couldn’t resist all the rich food they offered lol


    1. Thanks for that GnG – this is a really special trip involving the country where I met The Golfer and seeing a sister I haven’t seen for quite a few years – she having retired to the same island in the Mediterranean it was an opportunity not to be missed 🙂


  3. I so feel for you. I did make my pre-paid trip to Calfornia but with my terrible leg pain I wondered it it would happen at all. My siblings had an Alaska cruise booked when Ron died and they had to file on their trip insurance. It all worked out but not until they jumped through about a million hoops. I so hope all goes well for you and that you feel better quickly.


    1. Travel documents are so different these days aren’t they Dianne – gone is the thrill of receiving the little booklet with the different pages for different segments of the flight. We will be doing online check in for the cruise part of our trip soon and I almost feel like I’m doing all the work I paid someone else to do.


  4. You are careful enough for any untoward afflictions. But, it’s sod’s law . . . . . .
    I too stay away from crowded places at sniffle time and certainly avoid anyone with a serious cold. Getting on in years allows one to become a bit self centred; I have no problem with stepping carefully at all times.

    As I said, it’s sod’s law . . . . and all the taking care doesn’t always prevent me getting a taste of illness.

    Good luck with the holiday.


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