Just for fun…..

Sometimes we just need a bit of free time fun in our lives
Time when we can mess about on the computor and have fun
Some might call it time wasting
Not me!

 Do you remember those Interactive Videos made by Olivier Otten
where we had fun using our cursors?

(Click the links to take part in the fun)

The original one had him batting the cursor
when it was put over his face
don’t put that cursor near my face


Then the Cursor Eater turned up


While number 3 had him running away from the cursor.


When he had stopped running in number 4
and the cursor was passed over his head
blow me down if he didn’t grab the cursor and run a way with it.


Well now, over the years he made lots more  – they can be found on the
SelfcontrolFreak website

Time on your hands – use it for fun!

6 thoughts on “Just for fun…..

  1. I spent a wonderful hour playing on my computer yesterday. For me that was craft hunting for ideas! All I need now is the time to try them out!


  2. How have I never seen these before? 🙂

    And after being on vacation and offline for a week, and trying to get caught up with favorite bloggers, why did I have to discover them now? 🙂

    Totally worth it — thank you!


  3. I love to see things like this but they make me want to know how to create them. I never cared much for school and usually have no desire to go back, but I believe learning the in’s and out’s of computer usage would delight me.


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