Good Reads – at least I thought they were

That ’embroidered wedding sampler’ seemed to take up so much of my time over the past couple of months it seemed as though reading was way down on my ‘things to do when I have the time’ list.   Having said that I did manage to hurtle through a couple of fairly new release books that really took my fancy.

One was recommended by my daughter in law and the other was a quick pic off the library shelf – which coincidently was how dil described the one she recommended.  We all know quick pics can be good or bad – bit like that movie quote ‘life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gunna get’ – I’m not sure about you but I’ve had some good ones and also some real duds lol

Daughter in law had recommended
The Boy under the Table written by Nicole Trope

and I smiled when I saw it on display at the library just a couple of days later.
Snapped it up, started it that afternoon, finished it a couple of days later.

In a nutshell it’s about a little boy (Lockie) who went missing from the Easter Show, his parents, the local policeman and a young runaway called Tina.

A long time ago (1966) when we (dh and I) were much younger and much more trusting we once ‘mislaid’ a little one of ours in a market – both of us assumed the other had hold of her hand.  Round and round we walked looking for her, a stall holder approached us and asked if we were looking for a small child, then told us a policeman had taken her away in his car to the local station.  We found our ‘little girl’ sitting quite comfortably behind the counter eating chocolate biscuits – we were relieved that she’s been found and (as embarassed as I am to admit it) maybe naively hadn’t worried about her safety at all.  I’m not sure how I would have reacted if like Lockie she hadn’t turned up soon after she slipped away.

A thoroughly good read about life and families and how we react and relate to each other in all sorts of situations.  All I can ask is you read This review as it’s far better than one I could ever write.

My quick pic was a novel by S. J. Watson called Before I go to Sleep

This went to Perth with me the other weekend – and if it hadn’t been for the fact we had ‘broken days’ when I couldn’t read it would have been finished much sooner than actually happened. When I had time on my hands I picked it up and was very reluctant to put it down.  It was in my hands so much I was almost antisocial at times lol

When the main character (Christine) wakes each morning she has no memory of life ‘before she went to sleep’ – a husband cares for her and unbeknown to her husband she has treatment from a doctor (Dr Nash) who askes her to write a diary each day ‘before she goes to sleep’.

As I said such an easy book to read – you (and Christine) learn about her life and relationships from reading the chapters which are actually dated and lead up to actual time the book began.  Not flash backs – which as you all know I loathe – but the story unfolding with each day.  Sounds intriguing – things aren’t quite as they seem – you have to read it to understand – watch out for the surprise ending tho!

It seems the book has been a success since the word go and in his blog the author says there is even a film/movie deal in progress with Nicole Kidman in the lead role of Christine.  Not bad for a first book – he also mentions he has another one on the go.

Right, I’m off to the library now
will see what else I can find to keep me entertained

5 thoughts on “Good Reads – at least I thought they were

  1. I hope you pick the good ones again! If I am reading – it’s a good one if I finish in one sitting, even if I don’t go to bed until three a.m. If it’s a bad one – it’s thrown in the ‘back to recycle’ within half an hour.


  2. I shall put both of those on m library list. Thanks for the good reviews. Right now I am reading HOUSE RULES by Jodi Picoult. It is a murder mystery with suspicion on Teenager Jacob Hunt who has Asperger’s syndrome. It is a grabber.


  3. Interesting books! Thank you for sharing your thought about them. I can’t say that I ever mislaid my daughter, but one time in a store, she wandered away from me. I followed her, but I stayed just out of her sight. I wanted to see where she would go and how far she would go on her own. She was too young to know where the toy department was . . . but she found it anyway! She hadn’t missed me at all.


  4. You’re good at reviewing books. I wish I had more time to read more books, yet I’m pleased that there is time to do other worthwhile things.


  5. Hello Cathy and thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I am happy to say it seems to be working again but I am still getting that horrid spam. If you have any idea how I can stop spammers please let me know.
    About the Laurel, my mistake, it is actually Cherry Laurel or American Laurel. Sorry for the goof.
    Again my thanks.


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