Its the Quiet Ones

I’m sure all of you have a feeling of pride when a family member achieves something they set out to do. I spent this past Saturday morning in a large auditorium filled with like-minded proud people – waiting for our achievers.

Pride refers to a satisfied sense of attachment toward one’s own or another’s choices and actions, or toward a whole group of people, and is a product of praise, independent self-reflection, or a fulfilled feeling of belonging.

Our achiever was ‘our quiet one’ the youngest daughter of ‘our little girl’ and she certainly has been a quiet one.  She has never been the sporty one or the brainy one or the cheeky one or the naughty one or the pain in bum one that you love just the same – just the quiet one.

You may not remember but I have spoken about our quiet one before
Where some talk about it she just does it.
There she is – small and determined

So what had she done to fill us with pride?
She was about to receive the Australian Scout Medallion.
The highest award available to scouts in Australia

Australian Scout Medallion
The Australian Scout Medallion is the highest award in the Scout Section. It is considered the pinnacle of Scouting at this stage.
To earn the Australian Scout Medallion a Scout must:
Participate in a Scout Leadership Course at any time after completion of the Pioneer Badge
Demonstrate an active leadership role in Scouting
Achieve the Adventurer Cord.

A full hall meant it wasn’t always easy to see properly
This was my view most of the time lol
Thankfully the heads parted at the right time
so I was able to catch the Chief Commissioner and hear all he had to say.

But this is what we came for
‘Our Quiet Achiever’
(I had to stand at the end of the row to get these photos)

There are lots of reasons why youngsters should participate in the Scouts or other youth service organisations.  What intrigues me is why do they join?  Our quiet one just asked could she – didn’t mention why – I’m just glad she did.  Next step for her is Venturers and working her way towards the Queen’s Scout Award.

The Governor of Victoria is also the Chief Scout of Victoria – I’ve added his message that was printed in the programme – you may be interested in reading it.  Click to enlarge.

7 thoughts on “Its the Quiet Ones

  1. G’day Cathy. Very best wishes to your “quiet one” that is a wonderful achievement. I was a Girl Guide all those years ago and I just loved it. I still have my badges and scarf. Take care. Liz…


  2. This post really touched my heart. Your love for her is so apparent. It is so sweet and wise of you to appreciate each of your individual children and grandchildren for who they are, which is not easy to do. Congratulations to the little quiet angel. She’s going places!


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