And just like that…

Someone I spoke to up at the shops yesterday was complaining she’d been robbed. That the virus had taken her life from her. She’d started this year with high hopes of all sorts of things and they just haven’t happened. It had aged her, she had nothing to look forward to!

I think we’ve all – at least here in Victoria- been knocked for six with the news that this Stage 4 hard lockdown won’t be finishing at the end of this week. Two more weeks were added…..but some restrictions have been eased. And after that there’s a sliding scale of easements…….depending on different factors. Lowering of new cases for one.

Not enough for my acquaintance- what use is two hours exercise when I can hardly breathe for one wearing a mask? And taking an hour off the curfew, giving us an extra hour of ‘allowed time’ is no use, I won’t be going anywhere at night. I want to go to the other side of the city and that’s not allowed either. That 5km ruling is still there……. I wish this was all over and done with so I can do all the things I want to do

Oh yes, for some it’s going to be a hard road back to where we came from. I’m not happy about the way things have panned out but it’s not going to finish ‘just like that’. Kylie (eclectica) mentioned people ‘wishing it was over’ in her post road tripping My mother’s words on wishing came to mind…

There’s no point in wishing your life away…..get out there and live it. Warts and all!

21 thoughts on “And just like that…

  1. I supposed each nation/city/area has to consider what/where the origin came from and I guess keeping the amount of gatherings on the street/clubs/bars at night in Melbourne is one of the key issues.
    We don’t have as strict precautions in Auckland, also in a Level that wasn’t our Level a few weeks ago … but there are restrictions none of which truly apply to me, except I’ve had my “outings” on public transport which is mandatory to wear a mask; masks and me lungs are not happy on that matter…
    My time will come again…I can “wait”

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    1. I’m sure you’ve seen how it is in the USA, it runs the gamut. Some people wear masks, some don’t, some have to because they live in a state where it’s mandatory, but just wear them around their necks, so what good is that? Some believe it’s true some believe it’s a hoax. The virus has no thoughts as to what you believe, think or do. If you congregate it will spread. Who likes where we are, but we’re all in the same boat, but you wouldn’t think so the way people act. So I just know that I wear my face mask all the time when I’m out, sanitize my hands and wash them thoroughly when I get home. I’m being conscientious of the value of my life and other peoples lives and that’s all I can do. I’m keeping busy not wishing my life away. All our plans for any kind of vacation or travel are on hold and I don’t see that changing for a long while. Keep calm and carry on. Hope you are well and keep safe. Christine at Lilbitbrit.


      1. It’s definitely been a difficult year for us all Christine. Each country has had its own yet similar problems to every other country – earlier masks were voluntary now (here in Melbourne) they are mandatory with fines if ‘caught without’. You’re right saying this virus does not discriminate….no matter your thought word or deed if you slip up it will get you.
        Lovely to hear from you, best wishes to you, your husband and son. You’ll get that retirement you so wanted…..some time!


    2. Well originally the virus arrived with o/s travellers, then unknowingly spread by people showing no symptoms. After the hotel quarantine fiasco (too involved to explain) it’s spread now at home or work. Nothing is open apart from essential so there’s no pubs clubs etc to consider and with the overnight curfew people aren’t out ‘lingering’ so work or home is the target areas now.


    3. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I was thinking back in March when New Zealand waltzed pretty fast into a severe lockdown – first I hadn’t thought about what it would mean to me…although a young arty friend popped up and said “anything you need…” then when it was evident that I had to find ways to survive, particularly in the food stakes – I was busy with that…

      What I’ve been thinking about is “what I learned from it all…” I learned I could survive even on creating food from the non choice essential food box that came; the kitchen tools I didn’t own; the loss of getting out and about; my apparently new “vulnerable” health issues which to me weren’t vulnerable but now they were; how to do with the doctors clinic that ran out of flu’ jabs (winter in NZ);; that home alone in my bubble wasn’t much different to normalcy…and that I could find enough here “art-wise to fill in the gaps that I now had” and that how VIP this gadget was in relationship to the friendships I have online…

      And so it has continued, even when we were recently at L/1…and could drift off site, I still haven’t been on the 2 holidays I have missed this year; nor truly gone bus hopping around my city…but as I said “My time will come again…I can “wait””


  2. You are right of course and a click of the fingers or an easing of restrictions won’t necessarily change much. I’ve just been looking at photos of very empty areas in Sydney that should be bustling and that is them without restrictions aside from border closures.


    1. Andrew the person I spoke to was going through that state of anger and rage we went through a few weeks ago. After a while she quietened down….and shuffled off a little subdued.

      I think we all know it’ll take a while (apart from the deniers and associated rabble rousers) thankfully we’re not living in a country that is trying to cope with atrocious case figures which don’t seem to be diminishing….and for some, rising again.


  3. Well you could be here with the death rate soaring and the president still claiming it is either a hoax, or it is exaggerated, or that people aren’t dying from it, or that a vaccine will be ready before the election. Such on going craziness. I may be allowed to go further from my home, but I am in much more danger doing so.

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    1. lol Elizabeth we have enough problems of our own😊
      Seriously it’s sad to see political divisions in something so deadly serious. Luckily our state governments and the federal government have been in agreement with each other (well on the surface they appear to have been) about ‘killing this thing dead’. As the figures have risen or lowered in different states so state borders have been closed to others by name, which is what has divided Australia at the moment.

      Take care…..and keep on eating that fresh fruit and veg😊

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      1. Here a great deal was left up to states. Some governors are so enamored with the president that they opened up very quickly and lost thousands of citizens. Fortunately my state has contained the virus and has closed its borders to most of the rest of the country. Still it is so contagious that it doesn’t take much for it to flare up.


  4. Since no one is in charge over here, it’s up to us. So, I behave responsibly. Wear a mask. Stay home but to shop. Visit wisely. I can no longer worry about those I don’t know.


  5. Sigh.
    My mother was fairly emphatic (and not complimentary) about those who wish their life away.
    I am sorry that your restrictions remain (albeit a little looser) but glad that Covid is being taken seriously.
    Which may of course be because I fall into a decidedly vulnerable category. I don’t think so though.


    1. I think it has been taken seriously from the beginning EC…it’s just human nature and all its failings got in the way.
      During this time we’ve all looked more closely at that word…vulnerable….could we be hurt in any way. When you think about it we’re all vulnerable in one way or another…..anyone who contracts this dreaded thing will be hurt. Some more than others


  6. I agree with your sentiments, Cathy. All the whingeing and complaining in the world isn’t going to help things…whingeing and complaining all the time just adds to the burden.

    Many folk can’t see beyond the blinkers they’ve placed upon themselves. What chance do they have when both masked and blinkered? 🙂

    They make it harder for themselves….and for those around them.

    Keep taking good care. 🙂

    (I’ll keep you posted on the long-handle clippers when they arrive. I hope I don’t clip off a couple of toes!!) Hehehehe!


    1. I think I might have been hard on my ‘friend’ Lee, we’ve all had our confidence shaken by this virus and on reflection she seemed to be experiencing the anger I was feeling a few weeks ago. No matter what, I still feel her outburst was a bit disturbing for me as well as others in the area.
      I was so taken aback I didn’t offer any advice just a gentle touch on her sleeve (I know…a no no…restrictions and all that) but did feel the more angry and complaining she got the more she’ll suffer.


      1. So many people are reacting in ways they would never normally react…behaving out of their normal ways.lashing out.. It’s happening everywhere, I think.

        Many folk are finding it difficult to cope. We each deal with things differently…in our own way.

        If only those like your “friend” realised they’re not helping themselves to ease the situation…they are putting too much pressure on themselves, and the unfortunate thing is, they don’t really realise they are doing so…nor do they understand the mental stress…personal mental stress…they are causing. It’s sad that this is happening…too often.

        Disappointments are part of life. There is always something to look forward to…not matter how inconspicuous some things may seem or be. A hearty, healthy breakfast…or one’s next breath are worth looking forward to!

        .You weren’t being hard on that person…not at all. ::)


  7. Interesting post! As you may recall we got stuck in the UK during our Lockdown in the middle of a house move. After i got over the legal problems and the fact that my stuff was half packed away in boxes I concentrated as much as I could on what I could do rather than on what I couldn’t, it helped- going for walks, gardening, phone calls, letter writing, zoom quizes, reading, crafting- there was a quiet enjoyment in it all.


    1. I remember how stressed you were to begin with Cathy and how you managed to steer yourself in the right direction.
      Here in Victoria we had an initial wave of cases which meant restrictions in force for a couple of months….then they eased…..then after some of the population did the wrong thing’ things took a turn for the worse and we were back in lockdown…..followed by a really hard stage 4 which we’re in now. Definitely only essential services available plus a curfew. This coming Sunday was the date for reassessment but we’ve just been hit with the news it’s still on for another two weeks.
      We’ve all coped in various ways and I think this lady had just about had enough’ so whinging and wishing it all over was uppermost in her mind. She seemed oblivious to the fact that not just her but everybody has been affected and we all need to play our part in eliminating this dreaded thing…..wishing it away isn’t going to happen.


  8. I had to go into town to get a parcel
    I was so excited I even popped into Aldi on the way back.
    That’s a huge day right there
    We are all over this covid thing
    Just keeping fingers crossed we will have a normal Christmas


  9. The best laid plans and all that. I’ve heard said that life is what happens when you are making other plans, so I guess we have to recognize the life that exists even in this moment (these moments) of restrictions on our plans. I so agree with that little comment at the top….the brain can’t cope with processing out the distractions these days


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