Another of life’s little pleasures…..

I had an old friend who used to comment about feeling old because she had checked her calendar to see when her next visit to the podiatrist was. ‘Only old people do that’ she said.

She was the dear friend who died suddenly last year ….I laugh now when I recall it because often I have the same thing on my mind – not the getting old part – but the visiting the podiatrist bit.

A few years ago I wrote a post about life’s little pleasures ….– – ……as well as having a bath , I must confess, strange as it may seem, visiting the podiatrist is also one of my favourite pleasures.

At the moment with it being winter I shuffle around indoors in socks and knitted slippers but during the summer I go barefoot most of the time (or wear thongs/flip flops) Of course this means I do untold damage to the soles of my feet.

I’ll be the first to admit I’ve never had ‘nice’ feet; a few years ago during my time of wearing ‘mandatory closed toe shoes’ I began to get corns between my toes….. I know, TMI….changing shoes didn’t seem to help so thats when my visits to the Podiatrist (or Chiropodist as they used to be called) began. Now I have regular appointments and actually look forward to them

We begin with a little chat and the initial examination of my feet, then out comes the cleaning swabs as well as all the tools of the trade and we are away and running…..well not literally – not far off a gentle stroll 😊

Toenails are trimmed because like lots of oldies I find it hard to reach down there; little toes don’t bend these days or come apart far enough for me to manouver the clippers and my toe nails are becoming so thick I can’t even clip the ones I can get to!

After a check on the corns ……which are now under control but do tend to regrow due the shape of a bone on the opposite side …….  it’s then time to attack the dead skin on the heels and balls of my feet.

That’s when the little electric sanding tool appears – well that’s what it reminds me of – my foot man Bill starts it up after most of that skin has been shredded off with a teeny tiny scalpel and gently smoothes out all the rough edges. After creaming heels soles and toenails they all feel as smooth as a babies bum.

Then it’s massage time – ooh that feels good – and once he’s finished I leave with a smile on my face because there’s nothing like walking from his rooms with nicely creamed soft feet. Amost like walking on air.
Gosh, thinking about is putting a smile on my face – wonder when my next visit is?? 

Unfortunately not just yet – the clinic is closed. This dreaded virus has put paid to that outing for the time being. Thankfully I’m not going out that often to wear closed in shoes so the little horrors aren’t giving me grief… long as I remember to pop the little gel pad between the toes

Do you have any of life’s little pleasures you’re willing to share ?
I’d love to hear about them – please 🙂

20 thoughts on “Another of life’s little pleasures…..

  1. I have yet to visit a podiatrist. And I should. My feet are ugly and barely functional.
    Small pleasures? Nothing to do with my body which I ignore as much as possible.
    Early morning in the quiet listening to the first birds start to sing is probably my favourite. I need that time. On my own.


  2. Sitting at the table in the porch mid morning with coffee and a book, the dogs lying around me, getting ten minutes’ peace before the day’s routine takes over again. Rain or shine…it doesn’t matter which.


  3. My heels became sore a week ago. I thought it was too much walking but they were cracked. A couple of days of heel balm fixed them. I struggle to cut my toenails. How my arthritic 86 year old mother cuts and paints hers, I do not know.


    1. lol you can’t keep a determined ‘old lady’ down Andrew. I must not have enough determination because I can’t get down 😊
      Eulactol is a great product isn’t it.


  4. Hi Cathy…I’ve never been to a podiatrist. Perhaps I should after reading your description! 🙂

    I very rarely wear shoes inside (and I don’t have any slippers or thongs), but I do put on a pair of shoes when I need to go outside, and, of course, when I go out shopping!

    It is with great…great…difficulty i cut my toe nails, which, as you say, are growing thicker and thicker as I grow older (and thicker, some might say!). I’ve just purchased, online, a pair of long-handle toe nail clippers. I hope they help do the job!

    Take care… 🙂


    1. Oh you really must give it a go sometime Lee….like that well known slogan says….you’ll never never know, if you never never go 😊
      And I’ll be looking out for that blog post Lee…..the life and times of a lady complete with a set of long handled toe nail clippers 😊


  5. I like going to my podiatrist; we’ve been friends for twenty years. But my real little pleasure, every day, is getting to the end of my morning routine of meds and then cat service. Yes, I fill his food and water first, and clean his box before….before I sit down to two wonderfully toasted slices of oat nut bread with good Irish butter and fruit jelly and coffee, and the book I am reading.


    1. By the sounds of it mid morning seems to be a favourite ‘me’ time for lots of people Joanne. Irish butter wouldn’t last long in my house- I’d be slathering it on an inch thick. Naughty but nice 😊


  6. Ah yes, I currently see the podiatrist every two weeks. The trust we have in people who approach our feet, scalpel in hand!
    Podiatry is as essential to me as breathing even if it’s less frequent. I’ve been going ever since I was in my early 30’s so it’s not an old person thing, just a thing.


    1. Oh indeed Kylie. My Bill gets a certain look in his eyes when he starts to open the packaging….it’s probably concentration but there again……
      I used to poo poo the idea of someone looking after my feet, thought it was like a pedicure until I needed it and realised it was anything but


  7. Two small pleasures of life come readily to mind. Visits to my pedicurist and the regular visit to my place by my masseur. Both now unavailable due to the lockdown. I am yet to go for a hair cut but, that is not a pleasurable exercise.


  8. I had lots of little pleasures, some not available right now.

    Today is one of those n/a …. the morning has arisen and the sun is shining and it’s not even 9am – when I was putting my first load of washing on the line, it was a frosty kind of chill…yes washing on line is still available but what’s not – is drifting around my city via public transport and much walking, window shopping.

    I just can’t face the aspects of having no breath with a mask on for a long time…


  9. In July I had my first hair appointment since January. When she finished the blow dry I actually shed a tear, it just looked so pretty, I had no idea what treat an hair appoinment was. And my favourte part is when the tongs are used to curl under any wayward strand. I can imagine how blissful your foot massage feels. Soon…


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