How come I didn’t remember that….

I’m not one for going to see film adaptations of best selling books…. I’ve been known to sit there in the cinema muttering ‘that’s not the way it was in the book….. so often say no when asked if I’d like to see XYZ.

However there is the odd time I will go along, usually when it’s been a while since I read the book and (hanging head in shame) don’t actually remember all the characters and goings on that took place.  When that happens I can sit there and actually enjoy the film without pulling it to pieces.

Last week we went to see The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and I enjoyed it – I did have a vague idea of the story linbut there was a lot I didn’t remember so it looks like I’ll have to reborrow the library book to remind myself of the bits I’d forgotten 😊

It was close to the end of the film when this aeroplane(1) called a Dakota or DC3 landed on a beach and The Golfer nudged me asking if I remembered flying in one of them.

No, when was that?

1964 from Singapore to Penang!

How could I forget that!

Many years ago, almost another lifetime ago, I was the daughter of a serving airman (yes an airforce brat – ‘Born Raised and Travelled’) and then went on to be the wife of a serving airman – for the first 30 years of my life I was associated with service life and all it entailed.  Over the years I’ve flown in loads of different types of aircraft but couldn’t remember this one with it’s propellers and bulky almost clunky look.

The Golfer had been posted to Butterworth (on the Malaysian mainland across from Penang Island) and we arrived in Singapore tired and weary from the very long flight from Stanstead… non stop flights in those days meant a long stop over in Colombo on the way which lengthened the journey.  The plane we flew out on had been full of servicemen with just a few families so no restrictions on staying in your seats in those days meant I had plenty of babysitters for the two little ones we had with us. We’d expected to stay overnight in Singapore and were surprised when told there was an aircraft going up to Butterworth fairly soon and we were on it.

Now in my defence it was dark and very hot when we’d arrived in Singapore, the temperature difference between the cool almost cold March in England and hot moist tropical right on the equator that greeted us was enormous and I was trying to cope with two tetchy children so didn’t take much notice of the size and shape as we trundled up the steps.  It was an ‘aeroplane’ and that’s all I was bothered about 😊

I’ll tell you what though- I certainly remember stopping in my tracks when I saw what the seating was and how it was arranged!  About a dozen Air Force personnel and my little family sat sideways on – paratrooper style (2) on the jump style seats that lined the inside of the ‘plane.!!  And yes, that is the door to the cockpit at the far end 😟







My life has been nothing but interesting – well, the bits I remember 😊😎

It’s early Monday morning.  I’ve been sitting here thinking about past times for quite a while – best start thinking about tonight’s dinner or The Golfer will be home from ‘you know where ‘ later on and I won’t have a clue what to feed him.

Is Monday a musing day for you – or is it all go go go?

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21 thoughts on “How come I didn’t remember that….

  1. We have a fleet of tradies expected in the next hour. So it will be busy. And expensive.
    I remember that seating from a trip in a Hercules (during the pilot strike).
    And refuse to see a movie of a book if I have loved it.


    1. Here’s hoping the day wasn’t quite as hectic as you envisioned it to be – or as expensive.. Quotes are only quotes as tradesmen often tell us 😊


    1. Good entertainment Jayne. The ‘storyline’ may or may not have followed the book…..because I can’t remember all the ins and outs from when I read it 😔
      It’s getting good reviews


  2. My aeroplane knowledge is poor and I did not know a Dakota and DC3 were the same plane. I guess the G forces on take off weren’t as severe then, or it could have been rather cosy.


    1. Yes Andrew we sort of trundled down the runway and then were up in the air. Not with that awful feeling of being hurled back into your seat we have to put up with these days


  3. I find there is more detail in a book then the same movie. I guess they have to leave out some parts and somehow the characters you envision aren’t who you portray them in the book. LOL!


    1. I’m with you Germaine – characters in books are often portrayed in different ways in a film which as I mentioned was one of the reasons I don’t usually go to watch those movies.
      Yes they substitute landscapes for description and it doesn’t always work!


    1. Thanks Jean – I think everyone has little interesting incidents in their life they should reveal now and again. Not in a bragging way – just to let others know ‘who you are’ and maybe give an insight into why you think the way you do.


  4. I have very fond memories of the Dakota aircraft too. The first time that I sat in an aircraft that did not tilt backwards was another cherished experience!


    1. It was my first (and possibly last) trip in one Ramana. Not moving in military circles anymore I doubt I’d be traveling in areas where these aircraft are still flying. And yes as old as they are I’m sure some are still in service somewhere in the world.


    1. Sunday does seem to still be the ‘quiet’ day of the week doesn’t it Cathy.
      No full time work these days means I can have some quiet Mondays as well 😊


  5. I’m often disappointed when I see a film after I’ve read the book—as an avid reader, I always prefer the pictures in my head! But sometimes the pictures just don’t hang around. This title rings a bell, but I can’t recall anything about the book. It amazes me sometimes, how a screen play deviates from an original story. This week, for instance, we saw the movie ‘Tully’, one in which Charlize Theron excels. Now, I’d love to read the book, if there is one. There was so much that was ‘suggested’ and not shown. A book would fill in the spaces!


    1. Lol this was one of those books I knew I’d read yet couldn’t remember so there were none of the ‘Pictures in my head’. That is such a lovely way to describe how you see and feel about something you have read Dianne. No matter what the reviews are like I’d rather not go to see a film than be disappointed


  6. Paratrooper style seating! Now that must have been something!!!! What an experience.

    I’m not one for seeing a film made, from a book, myself. Funny that….. Well, other than “Twilight”…. 🙂


  7. My Monday’s are all go go go
    Thus I’ve only just had time to read this!
    You have had a very interesting life.
    Might be an idea to write it all down and leave it for future generations to read and enjoy


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