C & A weather….

Poor Andrew was feeling it cold last night

He should have been at my house 😟

Our heating went on for the first time

This morning there was an added accessory to my ‘going to the pool wear’

A beanie to keep my ears warm 😊

~ ~ ~ ~

For many years C & A was a department store in the High Sreet where we lived

So C & A weather – was one of my mum’s expressions when it was cold.

C&A meaning Coats and ‘Ats!

11 thoughts on “C & A weather….

  1. C & A here a bit of late – and now it’s raining, which isn’t actually all that cold but damp/dismal makes it feel that way…having an indoors day today 🙂


  2. Shouldn’t it be ‘coats an’ ‘ats’? I can’t believe it but our external thermometer and my phone app say 14.5 degrees, and amazingly as we having one of the worst winds I can remember, the app says winds 17 km/h. The bay looks like surf beach and never before has a potted cyclamen blown off the balcony table, but it just has.


  3. The westerly made it a bit chilly up here today, too…but not as cold as you guys down that way.

    Poor old Hobart copped a drenching. C & ! & G weather! (“G” for gumboots or galoshes). 🙂


  4. I envy you. We are in the middle of our summer and it is the hottest that I have experienced so far. Apart from being hot,. it is also unusually humid at around 60 % and that saps our energies.


  5. If ever there was a week for me to play hooky from the pool. This was the week!
    I have missed it. But not the going out into this weather.
    Ducted on as I type. But the wood fire will be lit today and I don’t foresee it going out anytime soon
    Stay warm


  6. Welcome to winter, Cathy! We’ve had the longest spell of cool, wet weather that I can remember (here on the North West coast of Canada). But summer has arrived at last! I love seasons, though, they give us perspective.


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