Open the door…….Wednesday Wonders.

I love Webcams, especially those with a live feed.

Like them or loathe them I always think they open a door   – a door to the world.

Yes, you have to use your eyes and ears when you go through but where would you be without these cameras bringing all the wonders of the world to you 🙂

If you had all the time in the world plus the inclination you could selectively browse this site dedicated to webcams from all over the world – think of all the stickybeaking you could do looking through a worldwide list of publicly available webcams.

It’s not like I sit here needing to watch all the time- here’s an example of why.  It’s winter here and on a good year (read cold ) if I wanted to I could drive 90 minutes up the road to our closest and smallest ski resort in Victoria at Lake Mountain and play in the snow.  Feasible but Highly Unlikely:) Instead with a flick of the wrist or should that be a click of the mouse on this link and I can see all that white stuff without leaving home. Lake Mountain  

Mind you I’m more likely to be looking at cruise ships lol.

One company operates a range of cameras that hone in on the ships when they are leaving harbour.  Great for cruisers missing their sea days or for others looking for friends and rellies onboard giving a ‘sail away’ wave as their ships sail off on an adventure.  USA Winter cruises to the Caribbean leave from here however these cameras (plus other ports on a drop down menu) are live 24hrs.  Fort Lauderdale and Port Everglades.  

And depending on the time of the day at this time of the year it’s possible to see ships in the Alaskan ports – Cruise ships in Juneau Harbour

So where is this going you ask?

Hang on a mo’ and I’ll tell you 🙂

If you’ve been reading the well known Queensland blogger Rhonda Jean Hetzel’s blog (Down to Earth) you’ll know she has been enjoying another Alaskan webcam. She posted about brown bears, about seeing the Brown bears again at Brooks Falls.

Naturally curiosity got the better of me and through the door I went. Perhaps you’d like to come too.

One river + bears looking for salmon = fun.

Both for me and hopefully for you lol

Oh, and here are my photos from the time we saw a little (wild) bear trying to fish at a salmon gate near the Mendalhall Glacier in Juneau Alaska.  We were on a bridge quite a way away – A lot of zooming of the camera went on!

He looked and looked but nothing was there – so had a little wander downstream.
Then he came round to the other side and looked and looked but found nothing but a noisy tourist – not me ! (who was reprimanded by the Park ranger!)

He was disturbed so wandered off into the nearby grassland

15 thoughts on “Open the door…….Wednesday Wonders.

  1. I used to look at a lot of webcams but have not as late. The very mean Port of Melbourne Corporation no longer has webcams to watch ships entering the port, cruise liners at Station Pier and ships passing through Port Phillip Heads.


    1. I didn’t realise they had gone Andrew. Now I’m wondering why – unless they were too expensive to maintain with no revenue coming back in.


    1. I only discovered them the other day EC and they are a bit addictive. Given the time difference there’s usually something going on – if the bears aren’t there the salmon are trying to jump up to the next level. Amazing to see how high they leap.


    1. Never fear – distance is a good idea. There was a park ranger in the area where I took those photo as well as others in the glacier park all on the look out.


    1. Sounds like the time I saw a ‘wild crocodile’. Wanted to be miles away yet happy to glide along in the boat during a dawn tour up in Kakadu.


  2. Couldn’t believe the bearcam live – fabulous. Thanks for the link. Every Blessing Freda


  3. well I have never thought of webcams in this way – and it seems it’s in the early hours (like dark as) right now…anywhere I clicked through to. But it does have merit for some other leisurely looks…


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