Looks familiar…

It’s a Saturday afternoon in July, grey skies and too cool temps to sit outside so I’m wasting time flitting round the net from one place to another and this little scene catches my eye.

Gosh that looks familiar, I say to myself.  Doesn’t that look good.

Sun Sand Surf and a Book.

Where oh where have I seen something like it before?

Oh yes, I know.

Think back 12 months, to mornings spent at Rose Bay in Bowen.

Our annual 6 weeks of Winter away from home 🙂

And why aren’t we up there in Far North Queensland  again this year?

‘Cose we were away in April and there’s another trip coming up in November and I can’t have everything!

Dare I say it – Roll on next Winter lol

6 thoughts on “Looks familiar…

    1. Each time I’m whinging about winter I always think of your love for the season. (We’re flying up to Hong Kong and cruising back to Sydney)


  1. I use winter to hibernate…and even more so this year, since i moved to a very easy to heat unit…somehow I have trouble even going out the back or up the driveway to the letterbox – I love my new place.

    that is one of the reasons I was worried about leaving for 2 nights even though I still in my city – just up the other end of it…


  2. I love warm weather (hot weather too!), but despise the cold. I know whining about the weather is a waste of time, however, so I’m trying to adopt an attitude of gratitude for any kind of weather—just so long as I am healthy!


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