All I want is a beach somewhere……

Last week I mentioned The Golfer wasn’t too well.

What I didn’t mention is that he is incredibly generous 🙂

Because of his generosity I haven’t been around this past week

After missing his golf last Wednesday he was generous enough

to give up his Friday game – to nurse me! 😦

My lovely GP says I’ll be fine in another week 🙂

~ ~ ~

To put it mildly – i’m getting fed up with this cold winterimageOh, wouldn’t this be loverly!

13 thoughts on “All I want is a beach somewhere……

  1. Hope you feel better soon. Yup it’s been bitterly cold and it’s apparently going to get colder. So stay warm


  2. You are so lucky that you have the golfer!
    Happy to hear you are on the mend.

    Loverly – warm hands, warm feet!


  3. You have a good bloke Cathy. Get well quickly then head north. The sun is waiting. Had to laugh at our weather forecast last night they are all doom and gloom “get your winter woollies out, wrap up” they say “it is dropping to 15deg next week!!!” We’ll wait and see…. Maybe we will be going north too…


  4. I hope you’re feeling better by now too. I could use some of your cool weather here in Hawaii. Sigh. Very hot and muggy here.


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