Closer and closer……

So once it was obvious my very generous man had shared his germs with me all I wanted (besides curbing the coughing and associated peeing of pants – really must do something about that pelvic floor) was to lie about and do nothing.  Food was the last thing on my mind.  I was relying on The Golfer for sustenance so was glad he had sort of ‘learnt’ from my ministering ways to him the week before. Soft boiled dippy eggs with soldiers tasted so good as did the last of the chicken soup I had in the freezer.  One sunny day I sat out with Kiera in our protected spot enjoying the warmth and lunched on cheese and crackers with the mid winter luxury of cucumber and hot house tomatoes.

Over those couple of weeks I tried to read that 100yr old man book – i tried I really did – but there was just too much going on, too many words, too much jumping around in the story line.  Humorous in parts but ridiculous in others and with the storyline jumping back in forth in time I just lost interest.  You win some – lose some.  This one went back for someone else to enjoy. imageThank you all for your ‘Get Well’ wishes after my post last week, in the end my lovely GP was right on the money when he said – give it another week and you’ll be much better.  Mind you it took 2 different courses of antibiotics, a ventolin puffer and lots of rest to do the trick.  My mother warned me that the ‘Thompson Chest’ (reference to her father, Grandad Thompson) could be a problem as I got older; seems any cold virus she happened upon always ‘went to her chest’ and that’s exactly what happened to me this winter.  The Golfer was over it after a week – double that time and more for me.

So what’s getting closer and closer?

What else but the time when I can sit by the sea in the sun on this bench 🙂

image6.30 am tomorrow we’ll be off up the Newell Highway on a 2,500 km (four day) drive to Bowen in Far North Tropical Queensland where we’ll take it easy for several weeks.  Then do a bit of travelling to see some caves west of Cairns before turning around and coming back home, arriving at the end of September.  I’ll drop a line here and there and let you know what we’ve been up to.

Queens Beach here we come!

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  1. Glad To hear your on the mend. It’s horrible when we are sick. I’m envious of your trip to the heat. I don’t normally worry too much about winter. But this year I’m feeling it in my bones lol


  2. I am so glad someone else is putting off having the bladder thing done.
    I can’t bear the thought of not being able to drive for a while.
    What a wonderful trip ahead.
    Have a super time.


  3. Glad you are well and getting ready for a trip! You can get some sunshine and warmth. Sounds wonderful! Have a good, safe trip!


  4. Good that you are nearly well before you begin your trip. Have a wonderful time and I hope the weather improves for you as it is quite cool way up north too.


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