What do you think…..


'Our big girl' and me 1963
‘Our big girl’ and me 1963

I had coffee with ‘our big girl’ last week and in amongst all the other chat she mentioned looking at her teenage daughter’s twitter account.   That had me wondering if girls these days ever had problems with their mothers checking up on them.  I suppose it’s no different to what happened years ago when mothers surreptiously read a daughter’s diary that was tucked under a pillow. 🙂


'Our big girl' and me 2014
‘Our big girl’ and me 2014

With two children over 50 and another heading that way later this month
I’m beginning to feel like a dinosaur chatting like this lol

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  1. Love Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with grandkids and so far none have given me reason to be alarmed. Love both of the photos of you with your girls. Looking forward to a coffee chat soon with my daughter.


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