Power to the People

The other week I mentioned that with all the rain we have had recently (this week our Victorian dams have a storage level of 69%) I noticed I have not been so vigilant with water saving.  It hasn’t been the same with electricity tho – everything that can be is turned off at the wall socket/outlet (and the plug removed from the wall) so nothing is on standby.

EXCEPT  for the PC where the wall socket is right behind the desk and in a very akward position – visualise hands and knees with arm stretched along the wall becuse it’s almost in the corner – His problem not mine lol – so it means there are always lots of little lights glowing even tho nothing is actually turned on and running.

That was until the other day when Dh answered a knock at the door.

Have any Victorian blogger seen these things?
Nifty little devices that turn the standby function off
after you’ve turned the PC or TV off with a remote


Seems the Vic. government via the power companies are giving something away – yes for free – no cost or catch to us or seemingly so.  The power companies are offering these in exchange for some green energy credits – same as those horrible light bulbs they gave away because the government wanted us to use them and we now have to use because none of the others are on sale anymore!

Dh was keen so credentials were checked and in no time at all they were in place.  They aren’t a permanent fixture so its a case of plugging your appliances into them – which has to be done by their accredited installer – and then they are plugged into the wall socket. There is an inbuilt surge protector which is reassuring but they do use a ‘minute’ amount of energy, hopefully nowhere near as much as all the things Dh had on standby overnight.

Anyway we shall see how they go – I’m not expecting miracles lol

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  1. Congrats on achieving your goal Cathy. I need to update your new blog on my blog roll. Hope you are having a great summer/winter?


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