I’ve no idea

What the fuss was about!

It all started with a little scratch
I lifted my back leg and scratched my belly
Then I did it again a little while later
Well I had an itch and thats what you do
Isn’t it?

And from there it all went downhill!

Out came the brush and comb
That part isn’t too bad because it gets rid of all the dead hairs
‘Cept she kept saying thats not what she was after.

Then she got a little tube from the packet that lives in the laundry
And the wet stuff got squeezed on the back of my neck
Happens every month about the same time
Don’t like that – it’s cold and makes the hair on my back bristle!

Then my lovely warm fireside bed and the cushion I lie on went into the wash
Water as hot as possible
with a little bit of disinfectant as well as the washing powder
Had to be dried on the line outside
Luckily  it was a dry sunny day

Out came that thing that makes a noise and sucks up dust and fluff
And anything else left on the floor
It must be a great place to play Hide and Seek
because when its being emptied all I hear is
“so that’s where you’ve been hiding’

Anyway, I could tell she wasn’t happy about my scratching
because she kept muttering about going away soon
and she’ll have to ‘bomb’ the lounge
Whatever that might mean!
Doesn’t want to come home in two months time to a carpet thats alive
Whatever that might mean!

So it looks like I am forgiven  – I’m allowed back in again:)

and even tho I like my fireside bed this is my preferred spot

Yes – right here slap bang in the way
no one else can stand in front of the fire when I’m here.
But look what happened to my cushion
It’s ripped even more – no I didn’t claw at it!

You know those things she was looking for?
whatever they may be
Well – I wonder if they came out of there?

Oh hang on a minute
I’ve got another itch – I’ll have to have a scratch!!

28/30 June Post a Day

5 Replies to “I’ve no idea”

  1. We are going through the same thing here. I too will bomb the house so that when I get back it will be nice and clean and critter free!


  2. Slim has finally learned to hold still for the flea treatment but there was a time she could detect the odor the minute the tube was opened and was off like a shot. I guess she has learned that it helps her.


  3. I’m sure you expressed exactly what your cat wanted to say. I should try that with my dog. 🙂 It’s amazing how well we get to know them and how they are so much a part of our lives.

    Good luck in keeping your home pest-free!

    What a fun read!


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