And the problem is …………

Not quite what I expected

Yesterday I went to the GP for the follow up appointment and results of the blood tests. 
Chatted away for a while and then he got the results out. 

Ticking them off one by one, this is fine, that is fine, nothing wrong with this, nothing wrong with that
Thyroid levels are good – means the dosage is correct

Then he said, oh yes, this is what I wanted to tell you.
This level is a bit lower than the norm.

My ears pricked up
Oh dear, whats up now I think

Seems many GPs are now ordering a Vitamin D test to assess your levels as well as the ‘usual lot’ when they are doing a health assessment and mine were a trifle below the norm.  Nothing to worry about but as a precaution he suggested I take Ostelin as a supplement – something to do with calcium absorption, brittle bones and possible Osteoporosis.  I knew that but didn’t realise it all came back to Vit D.

Have to definitely lose those extra kilos – no complaints there but theres only about 5kg/11lbs to go and its becoming increasingly harder to shift them.  He did remind me (nicely) that theres a reason we often refer to ‘Fresh Air and Sunshine’ giving us a helping hand in dealing with so many of our problems – seems like chasing the blues away, blood pressure and weight issues as well as acquisition of Vit.D can all be put right by walking in my case lol

Will test again in  a few months. 

As someone who knew all about sunshine (as well as some food) being the place where the body obtains Vit. D this came a bit of shock.  But then I thought about it and realised I haven’t been outside as much as usual recently – this past summer I have stayed indoors and knitted a lot, have been to the gym rather than walk, done very little gardening and used underground car parks close to the entrance of a shoppng centre where before I would choose an outside park furthest away and walk to the door – using that as part of my exercise for the day.

So being the person I am I’ve spent a lot of time on Google checking this problem out – had my eyes opened I can tell you.  Over the past few years a lack of that little vitamin has been related to so many diseases its not funny :-

Vitamin D deficiency is known to be associated in osteoporosis, impaired immunity, diabetes, high blood pressure, ‘stroke’, heart disease, liver disease, depression + other disturbance of mood, body muscle mass wasting, gum disease, & certain forms of cancer.
Taken from this site

If you are interested here is a list of links you may like to have a look at –

Asthma and allergies

Weight loss



Now where did I put my runner/trainers/joggers ??

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  1. Glad your blood work came back okay. Vit. D is important. Thank you for listing these sites as well, a lot of work to share with us……be well….:-) Hugs


  2. I just found out recently that I am very Vit D deficient, I was also told to take Ostelin (but there are other brands of Vit D supplements) and to get out in the sun more, and like you, I thought about it and realised that I had been spending a lot of time indoors, plus I was going for my walks before the sun was up properly. So now my walks are done in the sunlight making sure to expose my arms and I'm taking a Vit D supplement (oh and calcium too)


  3. I didn't know all that, and I for one, don't seek out the sun, and when I am in the garden I cover up as much as possible.Thanks for the info…..Gill in CanadaP.S. No I haven't found the money tree, it's tax time over here and we are in for a refund!!


  4. You really are quite healthy and the solution to the vitamin D shortage can be very pleasant, i.e. get out in the sunshine and do some fun things in the fresh air. I understand your concern for your thyroid. My mother and my grandmother had myxadema, the stop functioning of the thyroid. They took thyroxine. My grandmother had to get up out of her death bed and go to the doctor to get this replacement drug when it was experimental. My mother was in her 30's when she needed it. The changes in her were dramatically back to normal within two weeks. Ever since I have always asked the doctor about my thyroid. No problems yet, "touch wood".


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  6. I too recently had my physical and one of the tests was for the Vitamin D. Mine came back below normal and I am taking a supplement now and will be retested next month. However I am outside in the sun all summer long as well as almost daily walks the rest of the year. I have been hearing so much about Vit. D the last couple of months now. It seems to be a "hot topic".


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