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Last post I referred to knitting during the summer so I thought you might like to see what I had achieved

My CWA branch is having a stall later in the year and here are some of the garments I been working on during that time.  I choose to knit small garments – could be baby sizes or young children mainly because they aren’t big sizes, they are easy to pick up and put down, can be finished in a few days and then I can go on to something else

As well as other ‘stuff’ out there in our garage I have an enormous stash of yarns I’ve been given by well meaning ‘friends’ and some days my mind is working overtime thinking of things to do with it – styles, colour combinations, stripes or zig zags you know how we are – its not unheard of for me to have about 4 garments on the go at once lol’

clicking the photo will give better clearer view  
These are babies sleeveless jackets similar in style to the ones I did for a stall last year see here
Mostly sized 3 – 6 – 9 months they can be worn for quite a while depending on the thickness of the shirt/skivvy/dress worn underneath
These 3 are a group of 0 -3 month old jackets worked from a pattern found on the internet but an easy one to actually come up with yourself.  Skirt is all in one piece, divide for fronts and back, sleeves set in down to the start of the opening, then pick up neck and after that pick up along the fronts.
When I got fed up with the smaller jackets I made some cardigans – these ones are for 12 month babies
Some mums like them – others feel they are old fashioned. – but we find they do sell.  This is one of the easiest (and oldest) patterns I have (from my children) and about the only one I use for this size.
Then I went on to different styled sleeveless vests for older boys or even girls
The heart jacket was a blast from the past – when our children were little I would do lots of 2 coloured knitting, I love adding the motifs, it can be challenging at times – not to be attempted when animals or husbands are around and want/need your attention.  I haven’t done any traditional fairisle/scandinavian either for quite a while so may put more traditional ‘patterns’ onto the next ones I do. 
The chunky one is a very simple pattern and as its written in rows I can use different ‘thick’ yarns even two balls of ‘a finer ply’ together to make it ‘thick’ and get different sizes

The one on the left is knitted in the Jet 12 ply I found in the Op Shop last November. It knitted up like a dream, so soft on the hands and moved along the needles so smoothly.  Unfortunately theres not quite enough to do another that size so sometime or another I’m going to have to play around with the stitch numbers to make a smaller one

The right hand one in the next photo is a larger size from the same pattern and I’ve no idea what brand of yarn it was.  I was given an enormous bag of it a while ago – it feels and looks like 12ply wool so I gave it a go.  And theres enough there to make at least one more in a larger size again:))
Someone (not very close to me) made a remark about how she disliked Nana knits
Seems you could always tell when Nana knit something as it was an old fashioned style
I will and do knit some modern styles but I find not all of them sell
Nana’s recognise these (above)
and it’s the Nanas who buy them lol

8 thoughts on “Summer Knitting

  1. You have done a great job with all that knitting. I love knitting but don't have grandkids yet to knit for but when I do they will have heaps of knitted garments.I knit mainly for myself or the home for now and i can often have a few things on the go at once :0)


  2. The little jackets and cardigans are lovely. There is a real movement back to knitting (and other crafts).And Cathy – my Nana taught me to knit when I was 10.


  3. Beautiful baby jackets. I noticed the "gull lace" pattern in many of them, which is the same pattern I'm knitting into the February Lady Sweaters.


  4. I love each and every knit item here. I was so very fortunate in that my mother would knit sweaters for my daughter when she was younger. My Aunt Jean has made me several of the February Lady Sweaters, of which I am a huge fan.


  5. Hi Cathy, Lovely looking knitting.It seem I am pretty local to you. Is that the Belgrave Branch of the CWA or is there another in the area I am not aware of.Kind RegardsBelinda


  6. Hello! I just left you a comment on your most recent post, but before I clicked away, I HAD to check the knitting link. It will get me every time! I love to knit. I love to look at what other people knit. You have so many sleevless jackets pictured here that I can't pick a favorite, yet. There beautiful!


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