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Is it just me

Often when toilet blocks get renovated they sometimes get fancy murals painted on the outside in lieu of just a quick coat of paint. We came across these on a drive through the Pioneer Valley in a place called Marian about 25kms from MacKay. Fun to look at sadly no name to say who painted them.

Lloyd Park Marian Qld August 2009

The Ladies section was empty ….or so I thought….and being the city girl that I am gave a little squeal of surprise (to put it mildly) when I saw these in the bowl.

During cooler and drier months, the green tree frog can often be found hiding in toilet bowls across Australia,  source
Checked the other stalls – same again – and as there was no way I could have lasted until the next place up the road learnt that where there’s a will there’s certainly a way. I now know I can pee almost standing up…..with trepidation and difficulty 🙂

Do you know you can find a toilet block online? I was trying to place where these were in relation to Dame Nelly Melba’s house…..there in Marian not here in Coldstream…and discovered a site called ‘The National Public Toilet Map ‘- A project of the national continence program – and each block has a number. So if you’re travelling in Australia and ‘need to go’ that’s where you can find the nearest one to where you are.

But look what else I also found on the site. The mural is no more – it’s reverted to plain paint . Don’t laugh but I felt a little disappointed…and sad that it had gone.

I’m beginning to think that as I get older I’m becoming more intolerant of change. At one time I’d have just shrugged my shoulders and not thought anymore about it. The weather up there decides a lot of things and it was probably due for a repaint anyway.

I’m not slow to accept change if it’s needed but it’s what seems to be the change for change sake or to benefit others I’m starting to get crook at…..those doing the change will probably ague their case (oh no it’s not money/profit related) but it’s things like rearranging supermarket layouts….knocking houses down to build units….resizing products. This week three of our utility plans have been scrapped – ‘new plans suited for us’ will give us more…..but if you actually read the fine print will cost a little extra in some way or another.

So that’s what I’m thinking about and trying to get my head around this Monday morning – are there ways to accept that which you have no control over….apart from taking a deep breath and sighing each time you think about it (or moving to new providers). Am I mourning a loss, is this just the result of months of ‘you know what’, the slow change of our season…..proper constantly warm spring seems to be a long time coming …..or am I just becoming a miserable moaning old woman!

On the bright side, there’s one thing I do know about the new look at the supermarket…..I’ll be able to add a few more steps to my daily total walking the aisles trying to find where they moved things to 😊

How about you? Is it just me or does anyone else feel like this?

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A cloudy day….

What with one thing or another I’ve been feeling moody all week
It’s been continually raining and we still can’t go far….5km ruling
to do or even look at anything different
So what better thing Is there to do when you’re moody and can’t go anywhere.
What else but look at …..

A collection of tiny drops of water or ice crystals so light they can float in the air!

These clouds were seen in Far North Queensland – in Glacier Bay Alaska –
and close to home in Victoria
Fascinating to look at – hard to capture – do you look at the land or the sky?
~ ~ ~ ~

Clouds reflected on the wet low tide sands of Queens Beach Bowen 2011

This was what we saw two years earlier (2009) on a trip further north to
Charters Towers Qld
The whole of the town spread out below us….under a cloudy sky

2010 saw us cruising Glacier Bay Alaska under a heavy grey sky.
Very quiet & eerie!

Close to home later the same year (2010) I was driving past and saw this big build up of fluffy clouds over the The Dandenongs

If you are interested there are several basic sites online
with easy understandable information

As well as :

The sky and the sun are always there. It’s the clouds that come and go.
Rachel Joyce

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If you’re ever……

if you’re ever up Queensland way be prepared to see some fun things.

These are from trips in 2009 – 2012 – 2015

Rockhampton –  sometimes called the beef capital of Australia –  slap bang on the Tropic  of Capricorn.   A  fair way from anywhere.

Tully –  920 kms further north up the Bruce Highway.  In the Wet Tropics so it gets wet a lot 🙂

Cooktown – a further 450 kms  north up on the Cape York Peninsular is a place of it’s own. And there too you will see some very unexpected things.  

But where ever you go and what ever you do just make sure you have enough fuel in your tank because when you’re out and about (like at the caves in Chillagoe 2015) it’s not a good feeling when you come across a sign like this 🙂

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Wordless Wednesday…..Seen at Granite Gorge

 Granite Gorge Nr Mareeba Far North Queensland

2 September 2008

Rock Wallabies and me  –  plus a bag of food pellets provided by park owners

A little tentative to begin with……them not me  😊



Meanwhile, across the way – Please sir, I’d like some more!

Closed borders means I can’t travel

So I’ll be travelling virtually (and possiblywordlessly) for a little while

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