A cloudy day….

What with one thing or another I’ve been feeling moody all week
It’s been continually raining and we still can’t go far….5km ruling
to do or even look at anything different
So what better thing Is there to do when you’re moody and can’t go anywhere.
What else but look at …..

A collection of tiny drops of water or ice crystals so light they can float in the air!

These clouds were seen in Far North Queensland – in Glacier Bay Alaska –
and close to home in Victoria
Fascinating to look at – hard to capture – do you look at the land or the sky?
~ ~ ~ ~

Clouds reflected on the wet low tide sands of Queens Beach Bowen 2011

This was what we saw two years earlier (2009) on a trip further north to
Charters Towers Qld
The whole of the town spread out below us….under a cloudy sky

2010 saw us cruising Glacier Bay Alaska under a heavy grey sky.
Very quiet & eerie!

Close to home later the same year (2010) I was driving past and saw this big build up of fluffy clouds over the The Dandenongs

If you are interested there are several basic sites online
with easy understandable information

As well as :

The sky and the sun are always there. It’s the clouds that come and go.
Rachel Joyce

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16 Replies to “A cloudy day….”

  1. Nice cloud photos. I used to know the names of the different clouds but important things like that leave my brain.


  2. Nice cloud chart. As much as I love clouds, I’ve never taken the time to learn the different kinds. The photo of the Dandenongs is beautiful!


  3. now that’s something to “look for” for sure…and what I find when I’m looking at landscape photos I have taken is the “mood some evoke” and often as you have noted the sky and what it’s saying on that day…


  4. Today the sky was just grey and yucky
    With lots of rain and wind
    Blue sky with clouds sounds wonderful


  5. I do love looking at the sky and wish right now that we had more clouds because it’s so hard and actually we could use some rain. Alaska is certainly beautiful. Your photo is gorgeous!


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