Who got a surprise at Mt Surprise!!

Mount Surprise
is a small place south west of Cairns on the Savannah Way.  Its a strange name for a town miles from anywhere.  This article from the Northern Herald newspaper describes how it got its name

This is Ezra Firth The first European settler
who took up Mount Surprise as a sheep station in 1861The naming stories seem to vary because
I found another one here and yet another one here !! 

Right out the front of the van park we stayed in at Mt Surprise (July 2012) is the remnants of the local cemetery.  One morning we wandered over to take a little look at the very tiny ‘Mount Surprise Memorial Cemetery’ as it is called which is actually listed in the Australian Cemetery Index.

This plaque lists the names of some who are buried there but more detailed information is supplied here and a little bit more here which describes the cemetery exactly as it is – a forlorn patch of ground right beside the road..
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Seeing these Black Kites soaring about above us didn’t help with the mournful feeling there either lol  Too high to get ‘good clear’ photos – my little Canon only has a limited zoom so I’ve cropped this to give you an idea of their wing span and general outline.

Later the golfer asked me to come for walk with him down to the creek – we’d seen the sign for Elizabeth Creek from the road

and been told it (Elizabeth Creek) was just out the back, down the rocky trail behind where we were staying (Jo and Joe’s van park).

Just one problem tho’ – I’d been told there might be snakes around so tread carefully……and he wondered why I was getting further and further behind lol

I stopped along the way to ‘admire and talk to’ this lovely Red Winged parrot

Red Winged Parrot

So by the time I scrambled down onto what I thought was a dry creek bed

He was already waiting for me –

and nobody was more surprised than I was with what I saw
Supposedly a small creek but certainly not small by the creek standards we’d seen elsewhere!

Oh what a raging torrent it must be in the wet – see how the trees have been bent from the force of the water flow

Now I must tell you about my BIG suprise whilst I was down there – I’d been standing a bit further downstream from the golfer ‘trying’ to take ‘arty farty’ reflection shots like this not very good one

when I saw a bit of movement out of the corner of my eye to my left and heard a sort of muted splash  – yes, you’ve guessed it, moving around in the water close to the red blob I’ve put on the photo was a BL………y BIG crocodile!!  I didn’t stay long enough to take his picture tho lol

Lets just say I couldn’t get back up off the river bed fast enough – no worrying about snakes on the path or looking for pretty coloured birds – this scardy cat just wanted a sit down and a nice cup of tea.  Steve Irwin is not my name lol

PS. When we did get back to camp and I remarked about what I’d seen, one of the staff very noncalantly just said ‘ Oh yes they are there alright, but they are freshies and won’t do you any harm’ – freshies meaning fresh water crocs.

4 thoughts on “Who got a surprise at Mt Surprise!!

  1. Education and entertainment found here in abundance. I think, even with my health restrictions, that I could have scrambled away from the croc pretty fast as well. Good thing you got pictures on the way in.


  2. What a sweet little cemetery. Forlorn, perhaps, but those are the ones I find most endearing. Great photo of the parrot! And the crocodile? YIKES!! Mt. Surprise indeed.


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