Butterflies Flowers Volcanoes and Kangaroos

Undara National Park 
where we saw it all
Before we went down into the caves we’d climbed the long trail

To the top of the  Kalkani Crater

We were walking along minding our business looking out over the area below

And there it was
I was lucky enought to see this beautiful brown spotted butterfly
sunning itself on some grass and definitely not bothered by the group of people walking by.

Euploea core
Goes by the name of:
Common Australian Crow Butterfly Common Crow Butterfly Oleander Butterfly

The Common Crow (Euploea core) is a glossy black butterfly with brown underside with white marks along the outer margins of the wing. The wingspan is about 8–9 cm and the body also has prominent white spots.

The Common Crow is distasteful due to chemicals extracted from the latex of the food plants consumed in their caterpillar stage.

There were plenty of them around

The adult butterflies only have four normal legs, as the first pair of legs is not fully developed
source: http://australianmuseum.net.au/Common-Crow-Butterfly

Don’t ask my why but I’m always surprised when I see the wild cousin of plants we have been used to and tend to think of as cultivated garden plants.
More often than not the ‘wild one’ is just as interesting as the cultivated one
like the Australian Native Pandorea.

Heres Julian talking to us about the smallish bush we came across
Pandorea pandorana

Pandorea is a genus of 6 species, of woody climbing vines and creepers in the family BignoniaceaePandorea pandorana ranges in habit from a scrambling plant to a vigorous vine, growing on larger trees in forested habitats
source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pandorea

We had a great walk round the top of what was an extinct volcano and look what we saw as we were driving out of the park
Is this my good side?

No I think this is!

Great day out and I wouldn’t mind going back some time
For a clearer look all photos will enlarge with a click 

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  1. Beautiful country, though I can’t say I’m into butterfly chasing. The only butterfly I thought to be truly magnificent was found in Queensland and had blue wings. Stunning!


  2. I am terribly behind on reading about your trip. Crazy busy around here. Will be trying to catch up over this weekend. The flowers on the bush are beautiful and I’m going to have to show my granddaughter your photos of the kangaroo!


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