Life in Colour on a Sunday

Jude at Travel Worlds has a new photo challenge for this year (2021) entitled Life in Colour with a different colour chosen for each month. This month (February) the colour has been YELLOW…….one of my favourites 😊
It’s a bit like Sunday Selections (found here at Elephants Child) in that photos can be old or new, taken recently or a while ago, the difference being the chosen colour is featured. Also the use of the tag #colour2021 so she and others can find you.
Jude (and others) have been posting weekly on Sundays but I’ll probably keep mine to the last Sunday only. Which is today!

I found some yellow wandering down the street – a lonely looking recycling bin.
Must have been a Monday!

Just down the road from the school.
No children in sight but I did find a Dandelion and Chinese Lantern.
aka Taraxacum and Abutilon

Down the road a bit more and round the corner a sprawling mass of yellow Gazania
making its way round another corner

And speaking of children – here’s one from many years ago.
Two happy little vegemites enjoying the rain in their yellow macs’.
Both now in their early 20s

Then there are these well known signs to look out for on the way to Rockhampton.

There’s also the one you don’t want to see

And you didn’t think I’d not include some yellow knitting.
Complete with fancy mother of pearl buttons sewn on with matching yellow wool

Joining EC and others for this week’s Sunday Selections.
Life in Colour February can be found at Travel Words.
Maybe you’d like to join in some time

22 Replies to “Life in Colour on a Sunday”

    1. It was a fun post EC. Love yellow, yes sunshiny yellow is good to see. Two favourite ‘flowers’ are yellow – Wattle and Daffodils.


  1. The two kids look so fine in yellow macs. Maybe it is my computer screen but the Crossing Ahead sign looks dubiously green. I should know really.

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  2. Thanks Cathy for joining me – once a month is a grand idea! I love those road signs, they are so amusing. Another blogger friend once posted the signs that ask questions and then give you the answers further on. I suppose it all helps keep you awake on those long drives!

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    1. lol yes we’ve passed those trivia signs as well 😊
      I’m going to enjoy this challenge same as I did your bench one from years ago and the windows one of Dawn’s – also years ago.


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