Family Friday…..

It’s certainly been a strange week or two, on top of loads of other happenings our internet has been what you might call ‘touchy’ so I’m saying thank goodness for post scheduling because without it Sunday and Wednesday’s would still be sitting there

Anyway there were days of forgettable weather…those middle of last month warm days a sweet memory now, daylight is fading and lights are needed from about 8pm, some nights were dominated by a very large shiny bright full moon that lit up the house so much it had you thinking a light had been left on. Middle of the nights punctuated by a symphony of weird and wonderful sounds from one side of the bed accompanied by cries of ‘oh oh bl**dy cramp’ as I leapt out of bed holding my leg in agony. My friend Mr Insomnia came visiting for a while but I seem to have shown him the door, which is good because there’s nothing worse than trying to relax and let your mind go blank hoping that sleep will come back.

At one stage I was beginning to think I was falling apart – what with the non sleeping issue, the night cramps and the funny turns. well not turns as such but wavy things in front of my eyes. The first time I thought – well I didn’t know what to think – my sight was sort of distorted, clear in all but one area, with a strange cloudy shape with jagged edges there. No pain of any sort, just this vision thing that lasted about 20 mins… thinking ‘might have to see the Dr in the morning’ later I remembered something I’d read years ago (when I got full blown migraines) about no pain migraines. Looked them up and yes, very similar so not life threatening and ‘oh well if that’s what it is I’ll put it down to experience’. When I saw the GP last week and mentioned there had been several episodes over a couple of weeks he wasn’t concerned at all – linked them to the stress of my sister’s illness and her death.

She arrived back in England last week and her funeral was this past Monday. This might sound ‘wrong/insensitive’ to some but my other sister mentioned that Patsy and the funeral director had been good friends for many years so he ‘reported’ he’d been there at Heathrow in good time for the meet and greet and made sure she was comfortable in his limo for the drive back home. A lovely lighthearted touch that was appreciated by the family

A sign of the ‘strange times’ is watching a funeral service being streamed into your living room. It felt very cold impersonal – ‘short and sweet’ and so very sad for those few allowed to be there, masked and sitting so far away from each other. Covid restrictions meant there was no gathering afterwards. That will come whenever it’s possible and she will be toasted and talked about for many an hour, day, years to come:)

But enough of the moaning and groaning- the whinging and whining.
It hasn’t al been gloom and doom ……I found Minnie
Remember Minnie?

I thought she was lost but now she’s found
and she wasn’t really lost at all.

And that’s a tale for another day 😊

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  1. I hear you on the pain and insomnia fronts. There is a reason so many cultures use sleep deprivation as torture. It is.
    I haven’t (yet) had to do the streamed funeral caper. My heart goes out to you.

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    1. Thanks EC….it certainly was a bit of a caper. Due to our signal the feed kept dropping out so I was forever trying to make sense of what was going on. There is a video available which we watched and it all fell into place.

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  2. I was supposed to attend my Mum’s funeral via streaming service (pre-COVID by a couple of weeks) and couldn’t get the dashed thing to play. It was a couple of weeks before I found a computer i could open the link and play it on. Most of it was the backs of heads – so not a well made recording of the service. You are right about impersonal but at least you don’t have to try to keep it together to acknowledge all those people who ave travelled a long way and want to tell you a story about the deceased.

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    1. That was what was so strange Mr T (and F) all I could see were people’s backs and heads…..and how still everybody was. Nobody moved it was like they were in a trance….and whoever chose the music should be shot. All mournful nothing lively Patsy would have hated it…anyway they say funerals are for the living so it must have meant something special to them

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  3. I was offline when your sister died, so I want you to know how sorry I am. I lost my sister a couple of years ago and it is a very difficult loss. There went someone who had known us all of lives, and there won’t be a replacement. I have appreciated the streamed funerals here which have focused on the service and ignored the attendees.


    1. My family has seemed to pass away in batches, and it’s been awhile since the last lot left. It will be good to be rid of Covid before we begin checking out again.

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  4. While it hasn’t helped my neck pain, a few days in Echuca in a cabin at the excellent NRMA caravan park was terrific. The weather was nice and warm without being hot. I can highly recommend a stay to restore the spirit.


  5. I am sorry to hear you lost your sister. At least we are supposed to get one shot of vaccine by the end of June but we still have to wear masks. I don’t know if this will be with us forever or not. Insomnia is no fun. I have to take meds for depression and insomnia. Hope you feel better soon

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  6. We call it “monkey brain” when our sleep is interrupted by thoughts that cannot be erased. You have been in my thoughts since learning of your sister’s death. I have finally managed a time to see my sister on March 24th after my second COVID vaccine. I cannot wait. Meanwhile, glad you found Minnie. My grandmother was always thought to be named Myrtle only to learn her name was Mary in the genealogy records.

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