I was thinking…..

I was thinking early this morning.
As I sat outside on the back deck enjoying the warmish air
Give me a chair….a book….and some sunshine.
And I’m as happy as Larry

It really doesn’t matter where I am
Give me those three things
And the rest of the world …..along with all it’s problems
are far from my thoughts

Early morning Rose Bay Qld August 2019

What/Where are your ‘happy’ spots?

7 Replies to “I was thinking…..”

  1. I have neither a deck or a deck chair but if I did, I too might like to be outdoors with my gadgets at my side. It’s not possible to have, as I’m not the owner.

    I think what I truly like of late is the “amble I can take daily” around a small perimeter of streets here about. Sometimes I hurry, but mostly I don’t – which side of the street today – up/down or only part way up/down.
    There is one really nice stopping place – an old stone type wall (edging a house section) with large overhanging really old trees – a little above the road, so you are looking down on cars … I will often sit there are survey the “long hill slope” that awaits me, that leads to my street…or I will just muse on this semi quiet oasis in a bustling suburban area.

    Today, an unusual occurrence, I think this is the first time in around 3 months not “taken” due to, non-delivery of some groceries (they came around 6pm, a text earlier about thanking me for my patience) … I feel hard done by!


  2. Hello! Good to come to your blog for a visit. I learned a new phrase “Happy as Larry’. I had to look up the explanation. Love your view from the deck and you chair. Looks lovely! If I were to be sitting outside the last three days, I would be very wet! Rain, rain, rain.


  3. This has been the week I cannot get out into the yards to work–too much smoke and ash. Even sitting on the porch, which makes me happy, cannot happen in that bad air.


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