Words for Wednesday (on Thursday)

Words for Wednesday is a weekly meme using words and/or pictures as prompts. Bloggers are encouraged to make what they can from them. Messimimi is hosting this month – April.

Here’s what I made from her suggested words.

Money makes the world go around….

Tommy had gone down the paddock with his dad and had come back yelling about trees being chock a block with fruit. She thought (guiltily) how lucky they were…..unlike some on neighbouring properties….the dry conditions hadn’t affected them too much……..and it was a pleasure to walk through their orchard abounding in fruit filled trees.

So the decision was made.  Quince jelly it was to be!

‘Don’t make it too sloppy Mum – I like it to spread not pour!’

‘Come on Tom, time for a quick wash. Uncle Billy will be here soon honking the horn on his new truck; he’s going to give you a lift to school. Dad is getting the driveway graded today so it won’t be such a bouncy ride down to the bus stop from now on’

‘Oh and don’t forget to clean your teeth as well. Be careful when you squeeze that new tube of toothpaste, I don’t want to find it all over the sink. And don’t forget to turn the tap off, the water truck won’t be able to deliver until the driveway is finished.’

She knew she was sounding like a nagging mum but she had to remind them both, the handsome debonair man she married as well as her loveable son that money didn’t grow on trees and they couldn’t fritter away every cent they had in the bank.

Watching them leave she wondered how her grandparents had coped when Pa went blind.  Family lore had it he was so depressed after losing his sight he was unable to play his priceless violin, the instrument he loved and treasured, the one brought with him when they arrived as refugees all those many years ago; the one that was going to auction the next week. With luck, she thought, the proceeds would be enough to pay for the driveway…… but in the meantime she had to get on with the quince jelly.

Thanking her Gt Grandparents for planting the trees….. and Hoping money ‘did grow on them’ – she contemplated the sales she hoped to make at Farmers Market in a couple of weeks time.

Money that would go into the bank……. to help pay for the delivery of fresh household tank water!

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  1. A great use of the prompts. I can remember as a poverty-ridden student being too poor to purchase water, and showering at friend’s homes and carrying bottles of water home for teeth cleaning, and cooking.


  2. What a great story, I loved it. I like how all the threads came together and she could reflect on the lives of her grandparents.



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