Row Row Row your boat….

Row Row Row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily Merrily Merrily Merrily
Life is but a dream

I’ve been plodding along living my life peacefully this past few weeks.  The days are getting longer, lighter earlier and staying light a bit later each day and even getting a (tiny) bit warmer.  Warm enough some days for open doors and windows and even – not have any heating on 😊

Not warm enough for salads yet – still a bit of stewing going on

All of which means I’m slowly emerging from my winter hibernation, starting to paddle about, leave the house willingly and actually enjoy being out and about.

With the arrival of better weather I’ve returned to choir after a break during those cold wet weeks – night driving in the wet was beginning to worry me so best not to do it.  I missed that weekly sing song so if we ‘winter at home’ again next year I’ll try to tee up with someone and arrange a lift.  No chance this year – locals close to me were either away or crook  Our ‘flu season is still going strong, thousands have been struck down with several unusually young ‘healthy’ deaths.  So I’m not sure if it was due to our ‘flu jabs or good luck the virus didn’t strike either of us.

A trip to the cinema last week to see Victoria and Abdul meant we were finally able to use the balance left on a gift card from last Christmas – the cinema at Chirnside Park has lots of little theatrettes so we thought it might be fun to mix and match…..two visits in the standard but very comfortable $10 seats and two in the more upmarket recliner $15 ones 😊

The Golfer decided on American Made & Dunkirk –  La La Land along with Victoria and Abdul were my choices.    So many ‘fabulous’ reviews for V & A and I’m probably in the minority here but it was a bit so so for me.  A truish story line, beautifully set and wittily acted but it didn’t seem quite right.

Honestly this change in seasons seems to have filled one of my friends with a sense of the ridiculous – she had me in a fit of giggles as she entertained me at lunch the other day.

Some of our supermarkets are having facelifts and installing these carousels to hold the plastic bags.  As one bag is filled the cashier gives it a turn and starts to fill the next one, after a few turns the bags reach the customer who then lifts them off and puts them in their trolley.   It appears the young cashier didn’t quite see the funny side when B asked if she could have a ride on the roundabout.  B is well into her 80s and not quite the slimmest of people!!

And then when she returned from visiting the “ladies’ she asked me how long there’s been a gents urinal over the lavatory pan.  With no idea what she meant I had to go and have a look.  The café had installed one of those water saving sets – a new special hand basin over the cistern unit.  Push the button to flush and the water comes out of the tap draining into the cistern – there’s no plug and it’s a regulated fill amount (same as any cistern) no need for a separate sink unit.  Only drawback I could see was washing your hands with cold water and remembering to put the lid down.  Wouldn’t want to lose a watch or bracelet while leaning over to get to the sink.

And I certainly seemed to be living in a dream the other day.

Put a load of washing on – came back expecting it to be finished – yes I’d put it on but didn’t close the lid (top loader) which meant it got as far as drain and spin then stopped.  Safety feature – doesn’t spin with the lid up.   Senior moment all right 😊

Didn’t help I’d been up to our local supermarket (one without the wiz bang plastic bag carousels) and as the young lad who was serving filled each bag he actually placed them straight into my trolley.  Now that’s never happened before – they get usually filled and put on the shelf beside the till for you to pick up.

When I said Thank You he replied – “I thought you looked rather weary today so decided you’d be my ‘good turn for the day'”  I wasn’t sure if I should be pleased or upset – he really did do me a good turn but did I really look that tired and weary??

So how are you all?
Have you been merrily rowing down the stream of life?

What are you dreaming about today?

24 thoughts on “Row Row Row your boat….

  1. Lol. I think I would have fun with your older friend.
    What a nice hung man to put your bags into your trolly. Yes i would of been slightly upaset that I looked and tired. But then again. I really am that tired so I’d take it lol


    1. Oh shee’s a fun gal at times. To look at her you’d think Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth but come the time and place and she shows us otherwise 😊


  2. A weird type of toilet. looks a very awkward sort of basin. I’m going to have a helluva lot of acclimatising to do if I ever get back down under. Twirling trolleys and bag fillers and so many choices at the cinema. I’ll need a native to lead me by the hand.

    Have done that with the washing machine myself. I have to go back and check on myself!!

    Still warm enough for salads here but thinking of stews

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    1. You are definitely in for a shock if it’s a while since you’ve been back Linda 😊 The natives you’re hosting at the moment could fill you in I’m sure.


  3. Nothing like a comment that you look weary to cheer you up. Japan has had those basins over cisterns for many years. Odd really, given how profligate they are with water.


    1. I did look them up Andrew and saw some strange versions online. The set in the photo is made by Caroma – the Australian company.


  4. I also have been plodding, but in a different direction as the cooler weather begins. DH has a nice roast going in the crock pot today – is actually a thick steak, but no urge to put it on the grill. Slowly considering hibernation. 🙂


    1. Thank you Sharon, you’ve planted the idea of using the crock pot for a roast when it gets really hot and I don’t want to put the oven on. Sometimes there’s a need for real meat rather than cold cuts from the Deli


  5. We have those whizz bang carousels too. Sometimes there is even a staff member at the check-outs which have them. (Our supermarket is trying very hard to encourage everyone to use the self-checking facility).
    I am tired and weary and grateful for any help I get. Though mind you, when a friend told me I looked like sh*t as she carried my shopping I felt bad all day.


    1. Hello Dora. Nice to see you. Pea soup – one of my favourites. Pea soup – causes too much embarresment so I’m not ‘allowed’ to eat it 😊


  6. Yes we all have those senior’s moments and I did that also – forgot to put lid down on washer. That would ruin my day if someone said I looked tired. LOL! Wait until he gets our age and I can imagine he will look the same.


    1. Yes there are some weary days in amongst the lively ones aren’t there Germaine. Must keep in mind that old adage about early to bed early to rise 😊


  7. I’m dreaming of Spring, but it’s just a dream for us here in Minnesota right now. I’ve seen Dunkirk, but not yhe other three films you mentioned. And the sink/ toilet…I aam glad to have a peek at it, but I think I would still dissolve into a fit of giggles if I were to come across it.


    1. Can’t have the cart before the horse can we Gram 😊 It’s our turn for Spring now yours will come all in good time lol
      Last time we were in that particular cafe there were renovations going on so when we visited the other day the ‘new loo’ was quite a novelty. We could hear the other ladies nearby laughing when they came back and wondered what was going on, then of course when B returned i just had to have a look as well. Smiles all round 😊


  8. I envy your lengthening days, Cathy.

    I sent the weekend making apple sauce for the grandkids after a trip to the apple orchard.


  9. We have nice young men to pack our bags and take them to the car…after several years it is still a treat!
    I took mother to see Dunkirk for her birthday…she remembers the men coming back from that. She remarked that the actors were remarkably clean for men who had been retreating for days and that she remembered the sound of the Heinkel bombers…having been straffed by one on her return from the sanatorium where she worked before joining the ATS.


    1. Oh the joys of a smallish supermarket where the packers walk your groceries to your cars. Individual packers disappeared a long time ago Helen, the ‘check out boys and girls’ have to pack as well as scan.At least that’s the advantage of shopping in our two largest chains – it’s pack your own in Aldi’s (where I refuse to shop for various reasons)


  10. I don’t merrily row my boat down the stream. I simply sit in the boat and it floats down the stream by itself or more often I do what the Zen Master Basho Matsuo observes: ““Sitting quietly, doing nothing, Spring comes, and the grass grows, by itself.”


  11. Well it might be fineing up where you are – but here it starts with a whoosh…and then a few days later some big storm comes gliding over the ditch (Au–>NZ) and back to winter time and stormy as…


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