Good idea …..or not

Isn’t this the softest squishiest comfiest looking child’s jumper/sweater – I thought so when I started to knit towards the end of last year.

I even mentioned it in a post I wrote last November for one of Ginny’s Yarn Along memes.

Well, I’m beginning to think that might have been the last time I actually handled it.

Until I ‘discovered’ it a few weeks ago – and it really was a discovery because it was bundled up with some other ‘ideas’ put to one side to be worked on during the winter.

Never one to be beaten I did a few rows now and again over the winter months.  I can truthfully tell you it turned out to be not quite as an endearing a knit as I thought it would be.  The four row pattern  was ‘stuffed up’ more times than I’d like to remember and as for that cowl/shawl neckline – best not repeat some of the words that came out of my mouth.  Let’s just say I won’t be knitting this again anytime soon!!


So that’s another one in the box ready for next years cold season.

And for a little bit of fun I’ll show you there’s still a bit of life and devilment left in the old cat named Kiera and here’s what I have to contend with.


The other day when I was sewing up the cable one I brought this one out to record (yes I’m weird like that. I often take photos so I can see how I’ve adapted patterns/designs).  There were other half knit projects in the bag so the table was a little crowded – then my brown shadow arrived.  Annoyed at being ignored that brown paw kept creeping closer and closer only to retreat when I growled at her.

18 thoughts on “Good idea …..or not

    1. I think she was pointing to the spot she’d like to place her glossy sleek body. No way Jose 😊
      EC I’ve just found your comment in my spam box (5.40pm) Did you do anything different this morning?


    1. Thanks Germaine – perhaps I should give her something to lie on, trouble is she just moves closer and closer to what ever it is I’m doing.


  1. It’s pretty, but doesn’t look as squishable as that on the cover, maybe because of the color. I made very few pieces for my little ones in light colors, haha. Variegated yarn is less spill obvious, haha.


    1. Out of three boys I only had one who kept things reasonably clean. I even knit him a cream coloured jumper/sweater once. Have to agree on the variegated line though 😊


    1. Lets just say it might have ended up a ‘good ‘un’ if she’d tried a bit harder Cathy. Thankfully I managed to keep her off it – nothing worse than trying to get cat hair off woollens Especially ones that are to be given away 😊


    1. Cathy, the collar was knit separately then sewn (eased around and pinned) into the neck. It was placing it with the crossover in the right order that was awkward – hopefully you understand what I mean. Over 150 stitches knit in double rib with several ‘short rows’ to shape the collar. Definitely never again 😊


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