A round of golf anyone?

It’s Friday and we’ve done a lot of living, loving and travelling recently.  Maybe it’s time for some fun and laughter.  Yes – No.  What do you think?

Inbox jokes, no matter how old come in handy

This one is for all the Golfers out there 🙂

50 Shades of Golf

Four friends, long time mates, had been going on the same golfing trip for many years.

A couple of days before the group was to leave Jack’s wife puts her foot down and tells him he is not going.

Jack’s buddies are very upset that he can’t go, but what can they do?

Two days later the three get to St. Andrews only to find Jack sitting at the bar with four drinks set up!

‘Wow, Jack, how long you been here, and how did you talk your old lady into letting you go?’

‘I’ve been here since last night!

Yesterday I was sitting in my living room chair and the wife comes up behind me, puts her hands over my eyes and says ‘Guess who?’

I pulled her hands off and there she was wearing nothing but a see-through nightie.

She took my hand and pulled me into our bedroom.

There were candles and rose petals all over the place.

Well turns out she had been reading 50 Shades of Grey and lying there on the bed were handcuffs, a blindfold, and ropes!

She told me to put the blindfold on her, then tie her up and cuff her to the bed.

So I did.

Then she said ‘Do whatever you want.’

So…..here I am!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I have to admit The Golfer has been on my mind this past few weeks – he is fine and well now and yes, back on the golf course.😊

It was a case of men and their (very topical) internal physical problems.  So all you fellas out there don’t ignore unusual symptoms- get things checked out.

Thank you for all the comments and email messages you’ve been leaving – not only have I been lax in replying to many of them but I have also been very lax in visiting you.  I certainly hope to get back on top of it very soon.
Bye for now

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  1. Hi Cathy, so good to have you comment on the blog, I lost you somehow and couldn’t remember your address, have added you to my list now so will keep in touch through posts.


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