Home alone on a Monday……

Yes, I’ve been home alone for the long weekend, the weekend of various Grand Final Football matches as well as various international matches. and the weekend the clocks do their annual ‘fall forward’ routine.  The Golfer is interstate for a volunteer comittment and I have been enjoying the freedom of being able to do what I like when I like with no questions asked lol

Mostly it’s been time spent outside enjoying some great Spring weather but also thinking and wondering about things.  Like how to get up and change the time on the wall clock and that mystery of mystery, how to change the time on the microwave – or how to cut off a tree branch that’s been bothering me and needs someone with a bit more muscle to do it – or how do I finish (without going to the shops) a small knitted cardigan with only one needle of the only set I had in that size (having sat on and broken the other plastic one) 😦

Wondering why we don’t wear our comfy well worn rubber thongs/flip flops to the shops – I always think of them as ‘house/garden/beach shoes’ and that’s where they should stay


Wondering why this Australian King Parrot who turned up early one recent morning chose to spend time on the roof beam instead of the nearby trees


More Monday Musings and Monday Memories
Also wondering why I can’t get the words to a song out of my mind.

There Must Be A Way sung by Joni James 1959
Words and Music by ~ Sammy Gallop, David Saxon and Robert Cook

Back in 1959 when it was re-released in the UK (Joni James version) I was a heartbroken 16yr old because I’d been ‘dumped’ by a really nice boy and I ‘related’ to every word of the lyrics. That memory popped into my mind recently when listening to a radio discussion on ‘young people and their love lives’ and reappeared the other day when I was wandering about telling myself ‘ there must be a way’ to do that branch 🙂

Enjoy and reminisce over those teenage years with me

There must be a way to help me forget that we’re through
There must be a way to stop me from dreamin’ of you
There must be a star in the skies that isn’t reflecting your eyes
I just don’t know how to disguise how much I miss you

There must be a song that doesn’t remind me of you
There must be a kiss that’ll thrill me like yours used to do
I look for a way to be happy, happy with somebody new
Oh, there must be a way but I can’t find a way without you

There must be a way to help me forget that we’re through
There must be song that doesn’t remind me of you
I look for a way to be happy, happy with somebody new
Oh there must be a way but I can’t find the way without you

How’s your Monday going?  Hope it’s a good one for you when it arrives.
I also hope to do some ‘visiting’ this week, see you soon.

10 thoughts on “Home alone on a Monday……

  1. I have heard it before, a long time ago. I can imagine it appealing to a heartbroken teenager who thinks her world has ended. Isn’t it amazing how little gets done when you have plenty of time to do it.


  2. We’re told in Hawaii not to wear those rubber flip flops so much because they’re not good for our feet. We do any way. How wonderful to have a weekend just for yourself.


  3. About the bird – beautiful! Maybe he’s curious about you? I can’t wear those rubber flops.


  4. Ear worm time.
    Enjoy your time alone. I am enjoying mine and, at intervals, getting quite a lot done.
    The King Parrot looked to be fascinated. Curiosity isn’t limited to cats.


  5. Yes, I wear mine to the pool, but after several falls at work, I don’t wear them there any more. Love the bird and the music. 🙂


  6. I wore my flip flops on holiday and made my toe sore,I wear toe posts all the time but the rubber flip flops rub,maybe it is because I have awkward feet ! the parrot may be tame or he is very curious .Isn’t it nice to please yourself sometimes ! x Dawn


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