Cool Weather Walking……….

Cooler weather last week meant a trip to the local park with all its twists and turns and its views of the nearby hills.
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Park bench

Twists and turns

The DandenongsWhere people put the world to right while taking walks with their dogs

Walkies anyone

There is a bridge with rails that allow children to see the ducks

The BridgeChilds eye view

There are wetlands masquerading as a duck pond along with a children’s play area.  There is a a special place there for little ones armed with stale bread.1 Whats going on at the duckpond

2 Is there something there3 Of course there is

Further round you can take a path to see my favourite bench (see header)  – only this time coming from the other direction.  It’s a few years since I took the header photo and things have grown, other plants put in – enlarge to see the bench nested in amongst the trees and bushes. Favourite bench from other side

and it was near here that I spied these two ‘Little Corella’ guarding a hole in a tree.  One flew off so I didn’t go too close – not sure if there was a young one in there or not

Wonder what they are hiding

Oh hello

I'm watching you - crop

Sentry dutyGallery of Crops 

The forecast forecast for this week is back to warmer weather so I think my walking will be in the gym.

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29 Replies to “Cool Weather Walking……….”

  1. Thank you for the walk today. It’s been chucking it down here all day so we’ve been in most of the day apart from a trip to the supermarket. The scenery in there wasn’t a patch on your scenery today!
    Love from Mum


  2. I would have thought the wonderful looking park would be much drier. A hole in a tree like that must be like a Toorak mansion for corellas.


  3. Glad you had a cool spell to walk outdoors. I cannot get over those beautiful birds being just wild there. I only see them in cages.


    1. Sharon, they do make you stop and look. They can be quite cheeky – hanging on branches etc. But there are some birds that we don’t have, the beautiful cardinals for a start.


    1. I’m glad I managed to get it in the other day Christine – forecast for the rest of this week is for high 30s Celsius that is lol


  4. I did like the tree shapes…
    It is jolly hot here…so any walks I take are in the early morning, just in time to disturb the vultures on the tree down the road spreading their wings to warm up for the day.


  5. Beautiful scenery and I love the pretty Corella. I would enjoy a walk around there, thanks for sharing your visit. Have a happy week!


  6. We only experience a little cold on the 20sC during these months as spill-over colds from the winter cold North countries. And i agree with you, in cold temps it really is lovely to walk, watch the outdoors, and photo shoot.


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