Friday Fun

You all know that one of my likes is to be near water
Can be a river a lake or an ocean
Doesn’t matter
 Theres somethg about water that seems to clear my head and sort me out
 So for Fun this Friday I’m going to share some ‘Watery Jokes’ with you
The Magician and his Parrot
A magician on a cruise liner had a parrot who’d seen all the magician’s tricks a jillion times, long ago having figured out the magic behind the magician’s disappearing acts.
The parrot got bored, his owner growing stale and not developing  any new tricks that the  parrot couldn’t figure out.

One night in the middle of the magician’s performance, the ship hit an iceberg and sank.

Everyone drowned except the magician and the parrot.

The magician managed to swim to a piece of  wreckage and climb aboard immediately collapsing from exhaustion.

Soon afterward, the parrot flew to the magician, perched on the edge of the makeshift raft and stared at the magician.

For a whole day the magician was unconscious and all this time the parrot didn’t take his eyes off him. 

Eventually the magician started to stir.  

Looking up, he saw the parrot still eyeing him intently, not even blinking.

Another hour goes by, and finally the parrot squawks,
.‘Awright, I give up. What did you do with the ship?’

The Pirate and the Seaman

A seaman meets a pirate in a bar.

The pirate has a peg-leg, a hook and an eye patch.

‘How’d you end up with a peg-leg?’ asks the sailor.

‘I was swept overboard in a storm’ says the pirate.

‘A shark bit off me whole leg’

‘Wow! ‘said the seaman.

‘What about the hook?’

‘We were boarding an enemy ship, battling the other sailors with swords  One of them cut me’ said the pirate

‘Incredible!’ remarked the seaman.

‘And the eye patch?’

The pirate replied ‘A seagull dropping fell in me eye’

‘You lost your eye to a seagull dropping’ the sailor asked incredulously

.Naw’ said the pirate
‘It was me first day with the hook’

You know what they say
Smile and the world smiles with you –
I’m hoping I gave you something that made you smile today

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