You never can tell….

if you had been in my garden today you might have begun to wonder what on earth I was on about a couple of weeks ago when I had mourned the loss of summer.

Today we had a day of blue skies warm breezes and a high of 22c/71f – which is not exactly normal for May.  When I popped down to the library in Montrose I was rewarded with a view of the Dandenongs bathed in sunshine.

Montrose Dandenongs War Memorial May 2015

The little War Memorial was surrounded by flowers and wreaths laid in honour on Anzac Day, and apart from a few clouds on the horizon it was blue skies all the way.

It would appear the reason for my weariness wasn’t evident through pathology – ‘these results indicate you are quite healthy’ said the GP so we are trying another tack.  It was suggested that Catherine make an appointment at the sleep clinic!  I might be waking during the night and not knowing it!

The answer could be anywhere I was told – you just never can tell where 🙂


20 thoughts on “You never can tell….

  1. Insomnia (and/or sleepwalking) is so important to take care of. As we get older, we realize a good night’s sleep is worth a pot of gold. Hope you figure it out!


    1. I can only try Gigi – restless leg was a problem in the distant past but didn’t give me these symptoms. Iv’e felt like death warmed up some days recently lol


  2. cathy, you had unexpected sunshine, while we on the 1st of May has large hailstones that would cut your face, It did dry up later on, but it was a grey day with a sharp chill in the air.


    1. Oh dear Gm I’m not complaining – strange that we should be cooling off and you should be warming up yet this year it’s reversed. Was there a local May Day march ?


      1. Not in my area, that I am aware of Cathy. I spent a good few hours in Carrickfergus, and it was like a normal working day. Monday will be a holiday, but the weather will be much the same: wet and windy!


    1. If thats what they come up with Dianne, I’m not sure if vanity will prevail and I’ll turn down the machine. Anyway first step is to make the appointment and take it from there .


    1. Those are the nights I loathe, sleep, wake, look at clock, groan, sleep, wake, look at the clock, groan. When I go I’ll find out if that is causing my fatigue. Do the broken nights affect you at all

      Anzac Day was last Saturday Jerry so some of the ‘real’ flowers were starting to fade. There were some poppy wreaths plus some of those awful artificial flower wreaths that really shouldn’t be allowed near the place. This little memorial was erected in the 1920s to honour the few who didn’t return to the little ‘village’ in the foothills after WW1. Of course on Anzac Day Australians honour all servicemen/women past and present.

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