It’s arrived….

It arrived about 8pm this evening  – The Winter Solstice that is

The half way mark of the year – for us in the Southern Hemisphere                         ‘the shortest day’

From now on the days will become longer – the hours of daylight will lengthen

Look – this week it goes from 9.32.28 to 9.33.19

We gain 16 secs of daylight 😊

Just wish it would get warmer 😎  

Information source

Hello Winter….

As always no amount of wishful thinking will change anything.  Yesterday June 1st was the day…..the day that is deemed to be the first day of Winter here in Australia.

Not cold enough for snow here in Melbourne but definitely cold.  Cold enough to see your breath oozing out of your mouth like the steam from a boiling kettle.

Well that’s what it was like at 7.30am when I drove down the the pool.  I know it sounds strange going to the pool in the Winter but I’ve got to keep this old body mobile and that’s the easiest way for me to do it.  The young lad on the desk said they’d turned the gas up so the water was a bit warmer….30c instead of 29.5c lol  Still felt cool cold to me when I got in 😟

What was good about the day – and quite a few others over the past couple of weeks – was the way the afternoon turned out to be quite warm  A bit like what I call desert weather……. Really cold overnight then dry sunny and warm(ish) as the day goes by.  And by the look of last night’s forecast that’s the way it’s going to be for the next few days

So all there is to say is:-

Where’s my thermal undies and it’s Beef Stew for dinner 😊

C & A weather….

Poor Andrew was feeling it cold last night

He should have been at my house 😟

Our heating went on for the first time

This morning there was an added accessory to my ‘going to the pool wear’

A beanie to keep my ears warm 😊

~ ~ ~ ~

For many years C & A was a department store in the High Sreet where we lived

So C & A weather – was one of my mum’s expressions when it was cold.

C&A meaning Coats and ‘Ats!

On a day like today

On a day like today,
We pass the time of day
Writing love letters in the sand

Oh I wish, but it certainly wasn’t beach weather first thing yesterday morning.  The view from the bedroom window was a bit on the grey side bordering on black.

Instead of the beach I had a ‘date’ with a friend for coffee at the Chocolate Shop in Montrose.  Arranged about a month ago we thought it would be dry enough to enjoy some of the new outdoor seating – no such luck!  In fact there was no such luck with the coffee either because she didn’t arrive.  Car trouble!

After she called I decided not to order but came home to enjoy some of the lovely soup I cooked up the other day.  My version – so easy to cook!

  • Butternut Pumpkin
  • Onion, Carrots and Potatoes – sometimes sweet potato
  • Potato Stock from the freezer – kept from when boiled for mash
  • Vegetable stock powder
  • Nutmeg

Peel and cut veg, soften onion in a little oil, add veg and toss around over the heat.  Add veg stock and nutmeg.  Bring to boil – cook till soft.  Puree until lovely and thick with no lumps.

Being Wednesday The Golfer was ‘you know where’ so when it warmed up a fraction and there was a break in the clouds I cleared the outside table (thank goodness for covered decks) laid it with a fancy supper cloth and had me a little lunch date of my own.
Piping hot pumpkin soup with dry crackers 😊

Followed by some oatmeal crackers (butter and jam) along with one of those lovely finger type almond cakes from a Dutch Shop in a nearby suburb.

And coffee!

Don’t worry – I made sure The Golfer had his when he got home

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

‘On a day like today’ better known as Love letters in the Sand – sung by Pat Boone was a song I loved back in the 1950s.  What I didn’t know was that it was originally published in the 1931.  I know Patsy Cline (and others) recorded versions but Pat Boone’s was THE one as far as I was concerned.

Pat Boone (1934 – )

Looks familiar…

It’s a Saturday afternoon in July, grey skies and too cool temps to sit outside so I’m wasting time flitting round the net from one place to another and this little scene catches my eye.

Gosh that looks familiar, I say to myself.  Doesn’t that look good.

Sun Sand Surf and a Book.

Where oh where have I seen something like it before?

Oh yes, I know.

Think back 12 months, to mornings spent at Rose Bay in Bowen.

Our annual 6 weeks of Winter away from home 🙂

And why aren’t we up there in Far North Queensland  again this year?

‘Cose we were away in April and there’s another trip coming up in November and I can’t have everything!

Dare I say it – Roll on next Winter lol

He’s a big boy now……

Or is he ?

My love has a red red nose
A cough and sore throat too
I gave him the chest rub in a container coloured blue
Irish Moss that makes you go ‘yuk’ as it slides down your throat
making its way to your toesimage

As well as honey and lemon along with paracetemol to drink
There are tissues beside the lip cream to use I think

To hear him last night you would think he was at ‘deaths door’
It’s a cold I told him
Rest up – keep warm – read, drink liquids,
You’ve had one before 🙂

Today is Monday – golf takes place on Wednesday and Friday
My love’s other name is The Golfer.

This is the weather forecast for the week – for the golf course area
A half an hour drive away and slightly cooler than where we live


Look at Wednesday – it will be 4c/40f overnight with a slight risk of frost!
(Bl** cold as far as I’m concerned)

The course is in the foothills of The Great Dividing Range surrounded by trees, they (him and his other old golfing mates) tee off before 10am.  Even tho’ it says mostly sunny and the high forecast is 13c/55f it certainly wont have warmed up by then especially with a 90% chance of rain.

Oh dear, I certainly didn’t say the right thing when I suggested he ring the others and tell them he ‘might’ not be there on Wednesay.

I thought he was a ‘Big Boy’ ‘
grown up and accepting of all things thrown in his way

From the semi tantrum I witnessed then
Maybe not lol

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Like a teenage girl…..

Do you ever have them?  Those ‘seek and yee shall find’ weeks.  That’s how last week was for me although I’m more inclined to name it a ‘Hunt and Gather” week.

One morning in the hot pool – hunting down some warmth, no way was I going in the big pool.  Way too cold.  Gathering my thoughts on the week to come as I enjoyed the gentle exercise.

Op shop volunteer morning  – very quiet, spent most of the morning gathering and sorting donations while hunting for bargains in the stock.

Charity Knitting, fireside sitting – gathering finished garments together, then hunting through patterns and looking for suitable wool for next round of knits

View Club lunch on Friday  – hunting for a seat at a table (late getting there), then gathering lots of info on a new (to me) Probus club

Chocolate shopping – one of our girls is associated with a company that manufactures chocolate.  Open day at ‘The Shop’ meant we were hunting for yummy things to buy then gathering them into a big box to take home – after paying that is 🙂

A little bit of gardening one day – spent time gathering all the rubbish strewn around by the wind and hunting out the small bulbs that are starting to bloom

Then on the news one evening our lovely news reader Ian Henderson or Hendo as he is sometimes called mentioned that Winter had tightened her grip….oh yes was he right.  BTW, isn’t he lovely 🙂 ian-henderson

It certainly was a bit on the chilly side last week and there was one night when the temp went down to freezing I was hunting around and gathering up an extra doona to go on the bed.

So where does the ‘Like a Teenage Girl’ come into all this?  Well, while I was in the hot pool I was chatting to the lady who was walking back and forth beside me and she laughingly said – this winter has been like a teenage girl.  Bright and sunny some days – wet, watery (tearful) miserable – enough to make you feel down in the dumps on others.

Thankfully we shouldn’t have to wait too long for it to change for the better.  We are over the hump in the year now – the winter solstice was yesterday – yes, the days will probably be cold for a while – then they will gradually lengthen, there will be more daylight and I will feel better.   Sounds good doesn’t it 🙂

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First Five….

June has arrived which means Winter has arrived here in Australia.
So what were the first five days like?

Monday June 1 was the first official day of winter and this year it certainly lived up to it’s name. Coldest first day for 38 years – a chilly 4c/39f at my place first thing and even tho the rain filled grey clouds moved away for a very while and the sun shone for about an hour it didn’t get above 10c/50f.   Cold wet days need soup for lunch.

Supposed to be Bacon Thyme and Parsnip soup (recipe here)  I had to take a little bit of culinary licence though, I did have the bacon but as the bag of tiny parsnips I picked up at the greengrocers wasn’t enough I added the turnip and swede that was destined for another meal later in the week.  All out of thyme so I tossed in some dried mixed herbs – well thyme is one of them isn’t it?? I also used the chicken stock made from the carcass of our last rotisserie chook and added some milk rather than cream.  Nothing like the original but very tasty if I do say myself :). image
Tuesday was also cold, maybe a smidgeon warmer than Monday but still C&A weather as my mother would call it (‘coats an ‘ats’ fondly referring to a very old department store we used to shop at years ago.  Sadly now closed in UK).  Too cold and wet (for my liking) to walk outside so to the gym I went.  So did every other senior in the eastern suburbs – it was packed with oldies!  I spent part of the afternoon playing around trying to master the new microwave – who remembers my Thursday post from last week?  Yes, something else happened lol. Not the same brand as the last one, this has different bells and whistles which means I need the manual (going to need it handy for a while I think 🙂

The Golfer got to wear his new pair of ‘little boy ski pyjamas’ overnight – so called because our boys always wore this style when they were little.  Much more stylish than the grandpa button up flanelette ones lol  He’s beginning to feel the cold – so different to the man who always slept in the nuddy until just a few years ago.



Little boy pyjamas

The chilly start to Wednesday fizzled out by lunchtime and the afternoon was sunny dry and warm – not summer warm obviously but warm enough for me not to grizzle about finishing the annual rose prune.  This was the last bed – not a perfect cut I know- I lost my patience with some of these ones so will have to get the saw out on another day before we go away.  Look at the early spring bulbs showing their greenery.  Oh, and I picked up two fabulous ‘silk’ scarves from the op shop in the morning.  They are an easy way to dress up a plain windcheater.

2015 June 3image
Thursday started off dry and sunny with a distinct ‘nip’ in the air.  Apart from making sure I got to the gym really early (to beat the crowd ) there was just one little job I definitely had to do and that was to spend part of the day finishing off (sewing up and placing the last of the buttons on) these small cardigans.  I managed that and had them packed and handed over to my contact who delivers to the ‘Knit one Give one’ charity. by noon.   Maybe not as many in this half yearly parcel as in previous years – I was aiming at using lots of ‘left overs’ – half or small balls of various colours for the girls cardigans…..I had oodles of 3ply and 4 ply (plain colurs and white) and as that’s not my favourite ply to knit with I combined 3ply + 4ply together or 4ply + 4ply (plain colour plus white) to knit the boys cardigans.  Same size pattern – different designs – different sizes.  I’m sure there are some little 6-12 month old babes in need and KOGO will find them.

That little nip turned into a full blown bite later when the sky clouded over and the rain came down.  It was back indoors for us both – a repeat of Jag and unplanned viewing of the ‘delights of afternoon television’ for The Golfer and the start of an old book Soldier of Fortune (Ernest Gann) for me.  Our protected deck is great in winter when the sun is shining and there is little wind – not so good when it is really cold and miserable.




It was just getting light when I got up on Friday – there was a hint of sunshine over the houses at the back which had turned into more than a promise when I looked out the front at 8am.  That was all I needed – The Golfer left to meet his ‘mates’ and (what else but) golf – and as soon as the usual ‘chores’ were done, it was on with my walking shoes and I couldn’t get out the door fast enough to…… walk.  There were so many ‘regulars’ in the park taking advantage of this break in the weather that, what with talking to the humans and their dogs as well as taking piccies of anything that looked interesting, I was out of the house for a couple of hours and, guess what, my back and legs didn’t play up once.   After an afternoon pottering around in the garden I declared it to be a glorious day 🙂


 This was the forecast on Friday morning for the coming week
we do need the rain – but are really happy when the sun shines
and it’s not freezing cold 🙂


Temperatures Celcius Farenheit

What were the first five days of June like where you live?  Sun Snow Rain Hail?

What else did you look at?

Once I recovered from the tiring effects of the recent virus I succumbed to and the spells of vertigo lessened (plus the sweats, the shivers and the shakes) I had quiet times on the iPad.  I wasn’t in the mood for blog visiting or answering comments so had a go at adding a Twitter and Facebook page to Still Waters which as I haven’t previously been a user of either media was quite a learning experience!  They are there on the sidebar now so I guess I just need to work at getting some followers 🙂

My friend Bonnie had sent me this picture of the front of her house on the day she forwarded the funny cartoon about not wanting to make a snowman so as I was travelling the world via webcams (mentioned in this post) I decided to drop in on Nova Scotia courtesy of this set of webcams:-  – – and see what else was happening near to where The Golfer’s rellies live.  I do know they had more snow as B tells me that she has to look out the upstairs windows if she wants to see down the street!!


There are two places on our ‘must visit’ list each time we visit NS – they are Peggy’s Cove with it’s lighthouse and Halls Harbour with it’s tides that can see the little fishing boats up alongside the wharf or lying flat on the bottom of the sea bed.  It was only after several years of visiting I finally got to see the harbour with water in it lol


 This is the big roundabout (which they call a traffic circle) in Halifax that has a knack of confusing certain of TG’s cousins so we rarely go that way.  The resort at Ski Martock offers night skiing with trails lit for the purpose (looks like a popular pastime) and the view from the Harbour’s Edge B&B in Yarmouth was definitely chilly for this warm weather sunshine lover.  You can see the same view minus snow here  








So that was my international travel for one of my ‘off’ days – this would have to be one webcam site that has the most amount of information about the areas covered.  Have a look and visit one of the beautiful Canadian provinces.

And of course all those little screen shots will open with a click

I don’t think so…..

Wouldn’t this be lovely?

At the beach – Vickie Wade

At the beach Vickie WadeAt the beach 2 Vickie Wade

Weather at Frankston beach at the moment is 7c/44f
High of 10c/51f and a chance of a shower or two

It’s even colder at our place plus
there’s an awful icy southerly wind blowing out there

Shall we go to the beach – no, I don’t think so.
Not just yet 🙂

Not a chocolate to be seen ……………..

Life and Chocolates

That quote about life being like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’ll get, always makes me think of Winter in Melbourne.
You never quite know what you’ll get – this morning certainly proved it.

Looking out the window first thing I couldn’t see the end of my nose through the dense fog  – two hours later it was entirely different. Blue skies with not a cloud in sight.  If it hadn’t been so cold (1c/33f, yes, a bit nippy) I might have gardened in a tshirt lol

Winter sunshine at its best!

Not a cloud in the skyBathed in winter sunshineNot to be though – things to do, places to go.
As I left Kiera enjoying the fresh air and sunshine on the back deck.

StretchContentmentSleep in the sun
I drove off down the road with this tune running through my mind


It’ll cheer you up ………………..

Come on let’s go down to Frankston
a walk on the beach always cheers you up, he said!

The beach in winter – Mmmm….maybe.

Why would you go though – there won’t be a soul there
It’ll be blowing a gale – the beach will be empty
and the water too cold to paddle

photos enlarge with a click

Empty beach on a cold day Frankston

You can walk along the pier
and possibly see the cars in the distance going up Oliver’s Hill
Mmm…. maybe

Oliver's Hill from Frankston Pier

 Not a soul over there either
the sky looks so heavy I think it could fall down to earth any minute
and that water definitely looks cold:),_Victoria

Oh look there’s the footbridge over the Kananook Creek
With some very hardy fools folk all rugged up, battling the gale
to be able to ‘take in the rather cold sea air’

Foot bridge over Kananook Creek

Not a soul to be seen in the foreshore park
and certainly nobody sitting on the rather nifty bench
complete with what looks like a boat hull underneath

bench with metal hull underneath Frankston

Why on earth would I leave my lovely warm home and drive for an hour
just to go to the beach in winter?


To see my baby brother’s boy – aka my nephew Lee
He lives interstate and was visiting Victoria for the first time so ‘our little girl’ arranged a super surprise for us by arranging to meet up with him.

There was a lovely meal, a long chat
and then (as the wind had died down)a short walk
Complete with coat, scarf and hat. On the sandy beach of course 🙂

Such a pleasant way to end a yucky week
I did draw the line at paddling in the cold water though lol,_Victoria

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