Wordless Wednesday- Seen from my front door.

Spring arrives in two days time – on the first day of September

Not too sure about that – if the forecast temps and these photos are to believed

~ ~ ~ ~

 Sunday 27 August 2017 8.25 am – Freezing cold (3c/37f) Wet

 Blue skies masked by very black rain clouds.

 Monday 28 August 2017 8.25am – Freezing cold (3c/37f) Foggy

No sky to be seen!

 Oh, Spring – I’m really hoping you wrote that date on your calendar 😊

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Winter days in Melbourne….

Frost on the ground and the cars some mornings

Tingling fingers, toes and noses some mornings

Dry sunny bright afternoons – but where’s the rain

Oh yes,  it poured during the week

Heavy wet skies, strong winds, freezing cold rain

 Gosh I’m glad I’m retired and don’t have to go to work

That would mean having to go out in it 😒😒


I always enjoy the first one……

Oh yes, we had the first one of the season yesterday

It was 8 months since the last one

Oh it was delicious

Not loved by all – definitely enjoyed by me!

The North Wind did blow but we didn’t get snow

It wasn’t strong- just gentle which meant:-

We got a beautiful warm sunny day where the temperature went up to 30c / 86f

As I said – the first one for quite a while

Oh joy – my bones are feeling warm again 🙂


Spring stopped by…..

Spring popped in to say hello on Monday The sun shone – Kiera took up residence in her hammock on the deck and I picked the first rose of the season from the garden.  ‘Julia’s Rose’


Then things started to go downhill.


Storm clouds gathering on the horizon mean’t one thing for Kiera


A change in accomodation to a nice comfy chair further over beside the blind protected from the wind and the rain.  And who said cats are daft ??


She never fails to entertain me – If she didn’t have a name already I’d call her smiley – because that just what she does.  Makes me smile  🙂

Oh and Spring said she might be back on Thursday, is going to take the weekend off and hopes to pop in again next Monday. We live in hope !

(photos enlarge with a click)

I’ll leave the best ’til last…..

Life this week has been good.

Legs and hips have behaved themselves.  The warm water pool was warm.  I managed a short walk.

We watched ‘Sully’ at one of the local cinemas – my birthday treat.  It is one that has been fitted out with lovely big reclining seats plus footrests and big arms rests you can share.  They’ll be comfortable enough to nod off in if the movie isn’t that crash hot.  No fear of that with ‘Sully’  Thoroughly enjoyed it – a real ‘ feel good ‘ one.

The temperature tomorrow is going to be bright and sunny 21c/70f.  Sounds good – only drawback is it’s going down to 4c/ about 39f tonight.  Last night it was 2c/35f. Come on Spring, get your act together.  This messing around is not funny!!

And as promised, here’s the best. I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our family.  Meet Gt Grandson number 1.(name unknown)  He’ll be arriving early next year in a maternity ward in Brisbane.  Something to look forward to now  🙂

imageHow’s your week been?

Today is Sunday the 2nd of October 2016……

It has been a glorious day, sunny dry and warm, much drier and very much warmer than all the days since we arrived home four weeks ago.  Pity about the gale force winds we had all day wreaking havoc in our suburb – mind you they did dry the overnight load of washing I did within half an hour of it being pegged on the line 🙂

I was really looking forward to an extra hours lie in this morning until I realised it is Spring here in Australia – and what happens at clock changing time in Spring?  Yes, we spring forward so we lost an hour!   Changing the time in my car is such a hassle I didn’t do it six months ago – guess I’ll be able to relax now and won’t have to remember it’s a hour fast lol

Of course those of you who know me will know this is one time change I actually look forward to (when I get the forward/backward movement right) because it means there will be more daylight hours at the end of the day – which is when they are of more use to me.  And from that statement you will be right in assuming I’m not at my best first thing in the morning and extra daylight at that time would be a waste 🙂

And going by our overnight temperatures at the moment they (the extra hours of daylight) most certainly would be a waste.  They (the overnight temps) have only risen a degree or two since we went away.  Oh, what a shock to the system that was – arriving home to weather that wasn’t much different to that we left seven weeks earlier!  Of course I’m stretching it a bit, we have some warmish days coming up this week but the overnights are only just going into double digits.  10c is 50f and that or below is not my idea of fun to wake up to lol

The change of season is noticeable in the garden, the roses obviously appreciated their annual haircut along with the record winter rainfall.  Lots of new growth but bit early for flowers yet.  I’ve pottered around out there and taken a couple of short walks on days when we had some respite from the almost constant rain but that’s about it as for some reason after months and months of not giving me any trouble my back has been playing up.

My friend called ‘Sciatica’ (courtesy of the Spinal Stenosis I have) has been visiting recently – numb tingling legs along with that awful sharp electric shock feeling making me jump out of my skin doesn’t make me the easiest person to live with so I’ve been taking it easy tidying up all the loose ends associated with the knitting I did up north and staying out of harms way until things have subsided and I can move about without fear of being ‘shocked’.

And of course you know who has been most willing to help – when she’s stayed awake long enough that is.


It’s good to be back – I’ll pop in and say hello to you as I work my way round blogs.

Bye for now



Full of the Joys of Spring

Spring came to visit today – she brought her friend ‘Joy’ with her as well 🙂

It was such a great day, so different to the ferociously hot ones we had early in the month or ‘back to Winter’ cold ones that came with the cool change, both of which seemed to be accompanied with really strong winds.  Today was still, warm and sunny, pleasant temperatures (overnight 10c/50f going up to about 21c/nearly 70f) with not a cloud in the sky.  No need for the bistro blinds and no need for the shade blinds either lol

 Determined to make full use of it I wandered down to the park – I’m embarrassed to say my first walk since we got home last month.  Today could be the start of something big – like a change of attitude!

Anyway there were so many others out and about, dogs and children along with adults of all shapes and sizes, smiles on faces, heads up acknowledging others as they walked past I began to wonder if ‘Joy’ had been been working overtime during the night weaving her happiness and energy spell all over the neighbourhood.  Even the mumma ducks in the pond were looking around ready to say ‘hello’ and introduce their little ones to anyone who came near 🙂

Most of the photos were taken from afar – so click to enlarge




But that feeling of ‘Joy’, that energy and happiness, was best displayed by this Border Collie I saw off to one side in the ‘off leash’ area of the reserve.  ‘He’ is calm but seems to knows something good is going to happen.


Sitting and waiting – anticipating


And here is the moment he has been waiting for


So from now on there should be no excuses for me not to get up and go

That happiness and energy spell

aka ‘The Joys of Spring’ is here to stay for a while

I shall think like the Collie

Approach with enthusiasm, Anticipate the pleasure, and Enjoy 🙂

One plus one plus two more……..

One plus One plus One plus another = contentment


One plus one could mean a sunny day and the chance to read
Or maybe it could be knitting with company?



Put all four together and thats what I enjoyed one day last week.


A beautiful sunny morning with nothing planned meant I was able to sit out on the deck, read, knit and enjoy the sight of Kiera slumbering her day away.

Enjoying some of the late Autumn sunshine made warmer by the outside blinds – definitely welcomed by both myself and Kiera.

Knitting cotton dishcloths – special requests from several poolside acquaintances.  Means I can use up thinner ply by using two strands together and reduce my ‘stash’.   (I found mention of the Waffle pattern on one of Rhonda’s posts way back in 2008 but you can find it here.  I’m making these ones slightly larger)

Rereading ‘Chocolat by Joanne Harris’ – made easy by propping the page open with a coaster. :).  Life in a small French village changed by the arrival of a young mother who opens a chocolat shop right across the road from the local church.  It tells of her relationship with the priest and the villagers as well as their relationships with each other.


A good day indeed!

Linking to Yarn Along where bloggers share details of what

they are knitting and reading – hosted by Ginny at Small Things

Coming ready or not…..

We had weeks of sunny dry weather recently – there were days when I could wander up to the reserve and spend time doing nothing.  Sitting resting reading here as well as on our back deck – my idea of a spell in the paddock 🙂

Park bench march 2015

Not far from my spot is one of the small wetlands pools and for some reason there are four poles set right in the middle.  None of us locals know why they are there – these ducks don’t seem to care.  They just revel in the fact they are!

Sitting Ducks

If they turned the other way they would be able to enjoy the view.

Our beautiful city of Melbourne spreads out for quite a way, this area is in the far east.  Even tho there have been improvements to road and rail access we still tend to think we are about an hour away from the CBD.  Such a short time to move from the hurly burly out to the peace and quiet of these outer eastern suburbs.  There are good and bad aspects to life out here, maybe I’m biased but (sorry Andrew) there’s no way I could live anywhere else.  Now  I know I’ve shown this view to you before but really it is something to see. (Click to enlarge and enjoy)

Ducks Dandenongs Elizabeth Bridge  March 2015

Unfortunately nothing stays the same and not long after watching the ducks enjoying their pole sitting in the warm sunshine things changed.  The dry brown grass in my garden has now been covered by dry brown leaves from next doors oak tree.

Brown grass Brown leaves

 Yesterday there were more changes – it rained.  Real rain.  Heavy wet rain!

Disappearing act

This is what I saw on my way to the pet shop in Montrose.  Those beautiful Dandenong Ranges were masked by heavy cloud for most of the day. I’ve drawn a red line along the section where the tv masts are – or rather should be lol   They were completely hidden by the low cloud.  Same again today, much lower temperatures as well!  Reckon I’ll need a hottie for my toes in bed tonight 😦

Yes, these changes will happen whether I like it or not – they are coming ready or not – and those who know me well enough will know I am also not ready for these changes.

Linked to Nature Notes hosted by Michelle at Rambling Woods

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Want to build a snowman???

Summer returned to Melbourne this week.  Hot! Hot! Hot!

A phone call early this week to The Golfer’s aunt who lives in Nova Scotia determined it not to be quite so warm where she is.

We have been having o/night lows of about 15c/59f
they have been having o/night lows of about -15c/5f

And just by chance this fun image arrived the other day from a friend who lives quite close to her in the Annapolis Valley.  Right at that particular moment in time they had an awful lot of snow on the ground with a lot more forecast.

Later this month she is leaving to spend a few weeks in Florida and it would seem that right at that particular time as she looked out her window this was what her thoughts were.

I think there are a lot of other people who are thinking that as well 🙂

snow mowing the lawn

On again – Off again

Honestly you can’t say there’s no variety in the weather here in Melbourne.  We hung out waiting for summer during its on again – off again period before Christmas and now it’s warmed up it’s still on again – off again.  Warmish one day, scorching the next, cold enough one night to be scrambling around pulling a blanket up when the cool change came through 🙂 We’ve been promised rain for the next few days, seemingly more than we’ve seen for a while which is good. The garden is going to love it – might not be good for my walks though.

Since Christmas I’ve been good with the walks and have even made it to the gym a couple of times.  Putting a new program into action there using ‘stretchy bands’ instead of the equipment; much easier on the mind because they do the same (or similar job) with me not having to remember which machine to use lol  The ‘fun to be at’ water classes start again soon as well as Pum’p so maybe I’ll be back to being trim taught and terrific in the near future!

Am I committed?

Yes but it would appear only on my terms – I popped out for a quick walk up the road very early this morning on the shady side of the road and told myself that weather shouldn’t come into it as far as exercise is concerned – but we all know I’m kidding myself on that one.  I have come to the conclusion that thinking and telling myself I have to do something when my hearts not in it doesn’t so anything for me and that’s when I give up.

Of course there is another reason for me chiding myself over this- we are talking and planning our 2015 winter time away from home.  No overseas jaunts this year (saving that for next April) this year we’ll go back to the Sunshine State for a few weeks where The Golfer can golf  and I can walk the beach and enjoy just doing nothing.  Yes I know that’s what we do most of the year but it’s so much nicer to do it there 🙂

The fitness part comes into it because we are going to drive up there via The Red Centre, that is from here (Victoria) across country to Coober Pedy to pick up the Stuart Highway in South Australia and make our way up to Tennant Creek in the Territory (which we’ve done before) turn right and drive up to Townsville along the Barkly and Flinders Highway (now called the Overlanders Way) From there we’ll come down south a little and end up in Bowen which is just 2 hours south of Townsville and 2 hours north of Mackay.



So it quite a drive, there’s a few things we really want to see – Kings Canyon (which is near Uluru – Ayers Rock) being one of them.  Last time we were in the Territory the road up there was unmade and as it was a bit wet at the time The Golfer wasn’t too keen on getting bogged – it was his car we were in and from past experience ‘having words with each other’ isn’t a good way to travel when you are so far from home. 🙂 Since then the road has been made so we are good to go…. Or least we will be come July!

But it’s not just a case of turn up and all will be revealed

The Rim Walk begins with a challenging 500-step climb. But it’s worth every step. Upon reaching the summit, you will marvel at the breathtaking views of Watarrka National Park and into the canyon itself before descending into the green oasis of the “Garden of Eden.”

KC View


Now if I’m to climb those steps and do a 4 hour hike to take in that view – which I’ve set my heart on doing – I’m certainly going to need to be fit – well fitter than I am at the moment lol

Welcome to Sprinter……..

Yes, Sprinter
It’s that time of the year when Spring has begun
but it occasionally reminds you of Winter.

Today is the first day of September – officially it is Spring.

SEPTEMBER in Melbourne
September is the first month of spring, which is the most changeable season of the year. A full range of weather may be experienced within a few days, from warm, calm and sunny to cold, windy and showery.  The temperature usually reaches the mid-20s for the first time since April. Nights are cool, frost is fairly rare, and the lowest temperature for the month in the city being about 4ºC.  http://www.melbourneaustralia.org/climate-weather

So being Spring there are spring blossoms to look for 🙂

A few years ago The Flowering Cherry at the top of the drive was getting to be nuisance.  No matter how many times I trimmed it the lower branches still hung over the drive and out over the pathway at the front so we took it down to shoulder height and were left with just a chunky looking stump.  I wasn’t too fussed if it didn’t recover but look at this –  It has sprung to life once more shooting up from the base and still isn’t fazed by a dull day.

(all photos should enlarge with a click)

Flowering cherry

With its tiny little flowers it really is the forerunner of spring – sadly they wont last long as soon it will be covered in little purple coloured leaves.

Flowering Prunus

 The white Flowering Quince by the side fence has been just bare branches all winter, it is slowly showing us the flowers we look forward to.  The pink one beside it seems to be opening later this year.

Flowering Quince (Chaenomeles)

Small roundish flowers – initially on the bare branches.  Then the bush takes on a greeny white look as the leaves start to appear.

Flowering Quince close up

Once the bush is in full leaf the flowers don’t stay long so need to be enjoyed while they are there looking pristine and clean

Chaenomeles close up

Also known as Chaenomeles or Flowering Japonica
they are virtually indestructible.
This pinky red one was planted back in 1977, we chopped it right to the ground at one time but couldn’t remove it completely.  Within a few months it started to shoot up again and I didn’t have the heart to attack it another time.  I just give the branches on the right hand side a bit of a haircut now and then so we are able to get down the side of the house

Pink Chaenomeles

Yes I think Spring has arrived
The days are getting longer – earlier sunrise, later sunset
We have been teased with some warm dry sunny days
However I do wonder how long it will take for Winter to leave completely??

How are you coping with the changing seasons?

The Blahs plus The Blues = No Blogging

Cooler weather – later sunrise and earlier sunset – extra blanket on bed – knowing the clocks and the seasons will be changing very soon and my fingers and toes will get cold!Smiley gloves

Torrential rain that caused kitchen skylight to drip copious amounts on the floor – grrr, why didn’t a certain person get up and check it last time it happened!wet smiley

Not being able to find my camera that is in the house somewhere – I used it the other day so where on earth is it.  Think of the cost of replacing it!camera smiley

Hearing from Terry’s brother again and reliving his death – it will fade with time I’m surecrying smiley

Receiving some very nasty comments on the blog from several different people – no idea why and thank goodness wordpress has ‘first comment authorisation’ so nobody but me sees them.annoyed smiley

All of that has meant I’ve been in a slump all week

In the big scheme of life these are such minor minor irritablilties – but they are ones that affect me.  I know I should toughen up and take it all in my stride but sometimes I fold and buckle and retreat.

Big talk with myself last night over this pity party so I’ll see you soon – with a smile on my face 🙂smileys galore

Looks a bit like rain……..

I had to pop down to Boronia this morning and stopped where there is an opening on the side of Liverpool Road to catch this photo of the clouds over the hills.  Mmmmm, I thought to myself maybe ‘they’ve’ got it right for a change – it’s getting quite dark and there might be little bit of rain on its way.

~ The Dandenong from Liverpool Road ~ cloud over the masts ~ February 2014

~ The Dandenong from Liverpool Road ~ cloud over the masts ~ February 2014

Half an hour later down came a few drops so I stopped on the way home to peer through the mucky windscreen at the dark rain laden clouds over a the Dandenongs.  Of course this time its from a different angle.

~ The Dandenongs from Liverpool Road  ~ February 2014

~ The Dandenongs from Liverpool Road ~ February 2014

‘They’ did get it right because I spent the rest of the day listening to the rain bucketing down outside accompanied by thunder and lightning lol

Then as it grew chillier and I put on more clothes I remembered a sunny day two years before when I took a similar photograph of the same view

~ The Dandenongs from Liverpool Road ~ April 2012

~ The Dandenongs from Liverpool Road ~ April 2012

How good are your forecasters at getting it right?


Something that takes place

Not the arty crafty ones decribed here
the usual everyday ones that take place around my house and neighbourhood.

Gosh it’s been a while since I sat down and just had a little natter with you – things get in the way don’t they lol

You might be interested to know the cost of our fuel is slowly dropping to a more reasonable level – after the shock of the New Year jump of 20c a litre I waited a while and filled up at a more reasonable $1.55 (US$1.38) but as this article suggests it will be rising again fairly soon.  Our fuel costs are based on what happens in Singapore and not the US and for years we’ve had weekly cycles where it fluctuates up and down, unfortunately recently we haven’t been able to pick when the lowest day will be so have had to take pot luck and hope for the best.  I drove past yesterday and it was even lower!

There I was at the end of December saying how we’d enjoyed nice warm weather and blow me down if it didn’t change and give the impression autumn had arrived.  Really cool days and coldish nights meant the shorts and tshirts were back in the cupboard and I was beginning to think about turning the heating back on and then of course I managed to start coughing and sniffing at the same time so a happy camper I was not 😦

I wonder if that was the reason for all the spider’s webs around the place (the cooler weather not the coughing and spluttering)  We assume it was a Garden Orb that built the web I showed the other day (there was one hanging around in that spot on Christmas Day) and the poor thing must have got a surprise one day as it was quite cool out there and with rain forecast forgetting he was there I dropped the blind he had used for support – resulting in a very mangled web.

It’s still very quiet outside – most workers will be back to work this coming Monday, then as life resumes in the suburbs we’ll begin to notice the traffic going up and down a couple of nearby main roads.  We don’t have any young children living close to our house so the main garden noise is from lawn mowers although one wretched man has a leaf blower that he uses daily on his driveway whether there is anything there or not!!

They say as one thing ends another begins and thats the way our summer sports are.  The Australian Cricket team did well to annihilate beat soundly the English Eleven (5 – 0) so the Ashes returned home.  Now it’s the turn of tennis to entertain us – The Australian Open takes place here in Melbourne so the professional  ‘stars’ are starting to arrive.  There have been various tournaments played round the country as a lead up but the big one begins next Monday and last for nearly a fortnight.  Looks like i’ts time for the local commentators to refresh their memory on the pronounciation of all the weird and wonderful different eastern european surnames that are going to crop up over that time 🙂

This time of the year is entertainment time when all the new releases arrive – I’ve been looking at several films that are on at our local cinema – there are some that appear to be ‘normal’, not vicious or bloo.dy war types or mystical ala weird spooky ones – I’m only into ‘nice’ ones these days which means The Golfer and I disagree occasionally but hey – I’m entitled to my opinion aren’t I and theres nothing to stop him going on his own.

The library has been sending out ordered books so there are several waiting on the bedside – looks like my goal to ‘read down’ some of those I selected from our bookcase last year might go on the back burner for a while.  I’ve downed four already this year so will fill you in on them soon as well as our cruise and the time we spent in Singapore last year.

And then I had a chat on skyp.e the other day with my sister who lives in Cyprus – that was a lovely happening – after the confusion of the last phone call I wasn’t sure she’d answer.  Thought I’d call to tell her some news, they only use a mobile so I wondered why it was taking so long to get an answer, heard a very groggy hello from her man, I laughed and joked about being in bed at this hour of the day, then the penny dropped.  She told me months ago they were going to have Christmas with family in England – he was not happy at being woken at 5.30am!

Anyway amongst other things we discussed our visit with them this coming September – yes I’m organising more travel.  From here to Athens then Cyprus back to Athens to cruise the Black Sea (ports in Greece Romania Bulgaria Ukraine and Turkey) back to Athens and then home.  Lots to plan in the next few months – maybe some shopping to be done lol

Ooops, as usual I’ve done a lot of gabbing, my health and the temperatures are back to normal, we have a week of sunny warm days coming up that will keep me and The Golfer content and all the mums happy (means kids can play outside) so better be off before I wear out my welcome.  Do tell me about the happenings in your life at the moment.
Bye for now

ps – I meant to say I haven’t been reading many blogs or answering any comments recently, hopefully that will begin to happen again soon
C x

What goes on there stays there…………..

There is an old saying something along the lines that ‘what goes on “there’ stays there’ – well heres proof (at my expense) that that is so true.

Having been to Darwin previously we decided not to do any trips but just pop into town on the bus and have a look around some of the shops.  Lovely idea says me, lets just have a quick cup of coffe and catch up with home as this is our last Austalian port.

Tell me more!

Tell me more!

So looking very casual and hopefully not too much like a tourist off
we trot down Smith Street Mall
in and out of shops not really fancying anything at all.

I think I'll go this way!

I think I’ll go this way!

Oh look at that says The Golfer – lets take your picture.

Pose for a photo - of course I will.

Pose for a photo – of course I will.

And another one he says – just as I take off my hat
Not a good move on his behalf.
Voila – a not very elegant, (buggered) pooped out and dripping wet Catherine
courtesy of Darwin’s hot humid weather and all that walking around doing nothing

Don't take one now - I'm sweltering!

Don’t take one now – I’m sweltering!

They say the camera doesn’t lie – just wish he didn’t use his quite so frequently

Hello there……………….

Home again – still trying to sort my sleeping pattern out – for some reason or another my brain thinks 4am is waking time lol

Kiera came home from the cattery and hasn’t left my side – the washing is all done – ironed and put away – must be a record for me!

Everything is so green – so very different to when we left in late August.  There are leaves on all the trees who shed them including next door’s big oak tree and the some of the roses are actually blooming.  The foliage of the winter bulbs is hidden by the rose foliage – which  means they can rest and die down peacefully till spring next year.

photos enlarge with a click

Green grows the Oak

Green grows the Oak

A garden coloured green

A garden coloured green

Winter bulbs hidden by rose foliage

Winter bulbs hidden by rose foliage

The weather was great for the first couple of days we were home – sunny and warm and then the winds picked up and picked up some more to gale force and the rain started which meant Victoria has been through a couple of days of rather nasty weather more in keeping with winter than spring. This link is for inland today but could also have been for the city and suburbs yesterday –   http://www.abc.net.au/melbourne/weather/warnings.htm

Roofs off – trees down – some of them  onto houses and cars – some over roads which has caused more problems.  And the temperature has plummeted so bang goes my idea of not turning the heating on again 😦

We had fun, shed a few tears and gained a few kilos – I’ll tell you about it another day
Bye for now

It’s a waiting game……..

The overnight ferry we were to take has been rescheduled……..

Forget about sailing at midnight this evening,  the ships going in both directions will be taking to the seas about 11.45am instead tomorrow morning…..

. So it looks like we’ll be staying another night with the Deer Lake friends but we’ll need to leave at 5.30am to be dockside for the recommended time – seems a better idea than trying to get a bed in Port aux Basque when there will be other travelers trying to do the same thing…….

. Going to be a long day – with an unknown sailing time (could be roughish seas and a head wind) followed by a 6 hour drive down to the valley – might be Sunday morning before we get home lol

Just taking it one minute at a time!  Hoping for slight winds and calm seas!

Never rains ………

Theres an old saying ……

It never rains but it pours……….

We are due to take tomorrow nights ferry from Port au Basque back to North Sydney in Nova Scotia and guess what…….

There’s a severe storm coming across from New Brunswick that’s due to make its presence known about then……..

I can’t win can I lol

Will keep you posted

Once again – this time with feeling

IMG_6796Another week nearly gone and it’s almost been like a repeat of the previous one.  Rain rain and more rain – some really cold days with a promise of that white stuff……………..not actually in my suburb but very close by.

Remember the nearby hills (aka The Dandenongs) visible all round the neighbourhood and also from our front driveway – well up there.IMG_6792


Thank you for all your ‘get well wishes’ – unfortunately there were more days this past of feeling weary and offcolour, so I stayed off the computer and was in bed early most nights – wake feeling fresh but go downhill during the day.  That’s it – no other symptoms so I’ve no idea what’s up.  Sounds like I need a holiday lol

I’m so glad I did start preparing early as I don’t have much left to do now ,  It’s such a palaver getting things ready and packed, mainly not knowing what the weather is going to be like on the other side of the world but also with an airline luggage limit of 23kg/50lbs to contend with,

We’ll be in Nova Scotia to begin with, then spend two weeks seeing more of Newfoundland, then its back to the mainland for another week.  Accuweather provides a monthly forecast but as we all know things can change from day to day, at the moment the forecast is for days up in the high 20sc/70sf and others down in the teensc/50s-60sf so I’m going along my usual line of layers upon layers and if really turns nasty then I’m not going out!!

Must go now – I may be able to say hello now again but am not promising anything, being with family means we are busy and on the go a lot; we will doing B&B in Newfoundland and you can’t always use the host’s facilities – and anyway I’m going to be having so much fun I won’t have time to be writing blog posts 🙂

After we leave NS we’re spending a few days in the Toronto area with one of The Golfer’s old school friends which will be nice – will be great to see Niagara again – then its home again.  Will be the end of September by then and hopefully by that time Spring will definitely be here.

Bye for now – I’m not the worlds best traveler so am mentally preparing myself for all the long flights – leaving very early this Sunday morning, 7am flight to Sydney then 14hrs to Vancouver, 4hrs to Toronto and then another 2 to Halifax.  I’ve got my knitting sorted and reading on the iPad so all I can do now is hope all the hosties (air hostess/ flight attendant) are in a good mood and they treat me kindly 🙂


See you then