Words for Wednesday

Words for Wednesday

Words for Wednesday is a weekly meme using words or pictures as prompts            Bloggers are encouraged to make what they will of them

These are the words Lee has provided for the first Wednesday in June
Comedy – Shadows- Loss – Rainbow – Emotional – Heart 
Contradictions – Sensitive- Legendary- Engage – Forever – Never ending 

And this is what I made of them – perhaps you’d like to have a go also
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Thoughts of an old Thespian

Paul stood outside the doors of the local Little Theatre company thinking of all the times he had been onstage relishing the applause that came as the curtain dropped.

The night before he’d been to a special performance of the current production. A revival showcasing one of his favourite roles; a comedy about a young man in a country village who seemed to have all the young girls trying to catch his eye. The young man is portrayed as being sensitive and understanding but also a little slow on the uptake.

Paul’s thoughts went back to his time as leading man remembering how difficult that role had actually been. There were the never ending rehearsals, constant script revisions, a director whose instructions were full of contradictions; there was no wonder he, who was legendary for breaking the heart of more than one young actress had suffered the indignity of having taken forever to engage with ‘that woman’.

He had never forgiven his agent, he was the one who had been responsible for introducing her to the director, which resulted in Paul’s latest ‘young lady’ not getting the part. In his mind there was nothing worse than an emotional female and there he was having to cope with two of them!

Trying not to slip on the wet pathway he was all smiles as he made his way down to the coffee shop. It was a foggy damp day and there waiting for him, walking towards him, no, almost floating towards him, from out of the misty shadows was Rosie.

Once again they chuckled and recalled how on the night the show closed all those years ago, he had dropped into the jazz club to ‘drown his sorrows’ as well as ‘heal his wounds’ and there she was!

Sitting on the edge of the stage a la Judy Garland; singing her heart out; loving every minute of it.

Her loss went on to be his (and her) gain – she hadn’t left town but stayed to persue a different career.

Oh yes, there really was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and he’d had no trouble engaging with it!

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Almost Wordless Wednesday……seen in Kavala

Seen in Kavala Greece 
8 October 2014

Oh my goodness, you never know what is to be found in some towns
We knew there was lots to see here but nobody mentioned :-
The Kavala Aqueduct

Seen early on our way into the town centre.

One enormous structure right there ‘in your face’ no way of avoiding it!

Seen from up at the top of the castle – meandering it’s way through the town.
We didn’t have time to see where it began or ended but what we did see was inspiring.

And seen again on our way down.

Here in Melbourne there was an old saying’ meet you under the clocks’ meaning the clocks out the front of Flinders Street Station….. I wonder if the locals here say ‘meet you under the arches?’

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Wordless Wednesday occurs all over the internet each Wednesday, when bloggers let photos speak for themselves.
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Almost Wordless Wednesday – Seen in Alaska

Cruising the Glacier Bay Basin
South Eastern Alaska, United States of America
26 August 2010

Grey skies are going to clear up – well that’s what the Captain said 😊
It didn’t quite work out that way though.

Early in the morning it looked a bit ho-hum

Is that a little bit of blue sky I see

Didn’t last for long tho’ 😟
Margerie Glacier
 Later in the day
Sunset coming from behind very low cloud over what looks like an ice field

But is in fact is a bank of even lower cloud low on the horizon

Covering 3.3 million acres of rugged mountains, dynamic glaciers, temperate rainforest, wild coastlines and deep sheltered fjords, Glacier Bay National Park is a highlight of Alaska’s Inside Passage and part of a 25-million acre World Heritage Site—one of the world’s largest international protected areas.  Source

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Wordless Wednesday occurs all over the internet each Wednesday, when bloggers let photos speak for themselves.
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Daily Life

Slow TV…..How was it for you?

Look at this, I said to the Golfer.

There’s a rerun of part of our big 1992 trip on SBS

Oh yes, he said.  25 yrs ago, that was the year of your ‘big birthday’, when we went up ‘The Track’.   Remember we took the train from Adelaide to Alice Springs with the car trailing behind on the motorail carriage, then drove 1500 kms on up the middle of The Territory to Darwin, stayed a while and then made our way home slowly over the next four weeks.

So this past Sunday evening I settled down to have a look at ‘The Ghan’ a programme about the train that now runs all the way from Adelaide past Alice Springs to Darwin.

Slow TV on Australian television screens for the first time.  Tell you what, it was slow alright.  3hrs with no commercial breaks, no dialogue, 90% of the time the only sound was of wheels going along train tracks.

I’d watch a bit, turn over to sport (cricket or tennis) turn back again, then back to something else, turn back again, do a bit of channel surfing, then back again.

I wanted to see more but it was so slow and uninteresting.

And we still hadn’t arrived at Alice Springs!

Did anyone else watch it.  What were your thoughts?

Has anyone had other experiences with ‘slow tv’?

Good….Bad….or Indifferent?

It seems some viewers liked it:-


And some didn’t:-


Me – lets just say I was glad when the train finally pulled into Darwin 😊

~ ~ ~ ~

I have great memories of our time on The Ghan.  I know we had fun – we couldn’t afford a sleeper so sat up all night and ate the food we carried onboard with us.  Coach passengers only had access to a little kiosk, not the dining room. The passenger mix was just that – a mix of oldies and young ones and families with littlies.  One young man in our carriage had a guitar and there was music and singing.  Left Adelaide one morning – arrived in Alice Springs the next.

Yes, we have looked at doing it again…..don’t think so.  It’s now run by a private company and for a journey of 4 days/3nights is priced well out of reach.  Best just have our memories eh?



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I’ll just be a little while……….

I won’t be reading or commenting for a while

I’ll just be a little while

Have a few things to do

Mostly involving suitcases, airplanes, hotel rooms, cruise ships 😊

My Gt Gt Grandma Jane Gatherer (of Scottish descent so known as Jean) might have said

I’lll just be a wee while……..

Have fun – and play nicely while I’m away 😊😊

~ ~ ~ ~

And for tomorrow’s  Musical Monday – Ella Fitzgerald sings On A Slow Boat to China

Technically we ‘are’ going to China – sort of –

however our slow boat is not going to but coming back from lol

(Oh, and as I’ll be having a little break when we get back my wee while may be longer than you think)


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Polar Bears we have met on our travels…

Even though we are in the throws of ‘gathering things together’ for time away in November lots of little chats have been going on here at home about whether we’ll have a ‘big’ holiday next year (or not) because with the cost of travel being what it is – expensive – we usually try to fit as much in as is possible.  We aren’t that well off and it often takes a fair bit of planning for some things to happen but so far it has been achievable

The other thing discussed is what time of the year shall we travel.

Early in the year outside of Australia is usually cool…..later is warmer.  Early is cheapish….later more expensive   Oh decisions decisions 😊

It’s often the later trips that provide the most entertainment.

Like seeing the Pandas and Polar Bears at San Diego Zoo in October 2000

~ ~ ~ ~

I was talking to a friend about that trip a couple of weeks ago and she mentioned the Polar Bear mother and her cubs in the Frozen Planet series made by David Attenborough. I laughed and said ‘that was on tv just after we got back from seeing more of the same’  All that planning…..and saving …..had allowed us to vist The Golfer’s family in Nova Scotia with side trips to Newfoundland and Alaska during September/October 2010.

We were in Ketchikan Alaska when we came across this big brute.
I can’t remember which store it was in but look at the size of it.  Take it down on ground level and it still would make The Golfer look short.
You wouldn’t stand a chance if he caught you by surprise and you certainly wouldn’t want to shake him by the hand 😊

This one who looked more like a cub than an adult was reclining on the floor of the Grenfell House Museum St Anthony which is up on the far northwesterly tip of Newfoundland.

People were saying how lovely and soft and cozy he looked until they had a proper look at the head.  Even as small as it was by comparison I still thought those teeth were on the large side Lol

Another beauty lives in the Durrell Museum in Twillingate which is in the northeast of the province.  This stance really does give you an idea of being up close and personal with a Polar Bear.  Look at the size of those claws!!

And this is the Frozen Planet episode I referred to. I’m hoping the Summer link works.  If not try the veoh url

 Ep.3 Summer


The polar bears are at the beginning, finishing about 10 mins in and if you don’t want to watch the whole episode do fast forward through to about 10 mins before the end.  There’s a section called Freeze Frame which shows (and explains the ins and outs of) the crew filming – very interesting.

~ ~ ~ ~

Facts and figures


OIf you’re interested YouTube have a section called Polar Bears International
Videos related to polar bears, the Arctic, sea ice, and climate change by Polar Bears International, the world’s leading polar bear conservation group. 

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It’s The Real Thing….

I think I’ve mentioned a few times over the years how much I like lighthouses.  There are some that are tall and ‘graceful’ – others are short and aquat – and even more  that fall in between.  All flashing their lights in a regular fashion, playing their part in keeping those on the sea safe.  If we’re anywhere near the coast with a lighthouse to be seen it’s a sure bet there’ll usually be a picture or two coming home on my camera with me 😊

This one is down on the south west coast of Victoria at Port Fairy – just a short walk from town, sitting there facing the Southern Ocean complete with a bench to take in the view.

The one below is on Stone Island at Bowen Queensland.  There is a great carnival atmosphere in town the day of the lowest tide for the year because that’s the day The Walk to the Lighthouse takes place.  Click on the photo to see the line walking over on the exposed sandbar – we certainly had lots of fun!
Coincidentally they both have a football team (albeit different codes) called The Seagulls 😊

Tucked away on the south coast of the Canadian province of Labrador (which is across the Strait of Belle Isle off the north west coast of Newfoundland) you’ll find the Point Armour Lighthouse.

According to  this website as well as this one, at 33m/109ft it is the tallest lighthouse in Atlantic Canada and the second tallest in all of Canada.  It was on our list of ‘things to see’ during our 2013 Canadian trip.  As we drove up the gravel drive we mentioned to each other that it didn’t really look all that tall. But once we’d clambered out of the car into the gale force wind and struggled to reach the original keepers house we’d changed our mind.  It was enormous !

Point Armour (near L’Anse Armour) Labrador

I’ve just finished rereading The Light between Oceans – a tale about a young lighthouser keeper and his wife stationed on a light just after the First World War.  It was situated on an island quite a distance from the coast of Western Australia and these are some of her thoughts about the waters the lighthouse ‘guards’


Here the Indian Ocean washed into the Great Southern Ocean and together they stretched like an edgeless carpet below the cliffs.  On days like this it seemed so solid she had the impression she could walk to Madagascar in a journey of blue upon blue

Reading that reminded me of the seas at Point Armour.  They also seemed to stretch on and on forever.  Unfortunately the wind was so strong (and cold) that day I only took a couple of photos outside and for some reason I didn’t take any from the top of the building – there was so much to concentrate on (climbing over a hundred steps to the top for one thing) I was worried I’d drop my camera.

As I said reading Isabel’s description of her seas looking like a carpet of blue stretching out into the distance reminded me of the the waters below this lighthouse.  They just went on and on – not to Madascar – but north to the Atlantic and south to the Gulf of St Lawrence (and all ports in between 😊)


It was a bit like reading the book and seeing the film.  Similar but not the same.  Somehow I think ‘the real thing’ is going to stay there in my memory long after the words in the book!

As usual click photos for a different view.


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Through the window glass …………….

So here we are in Dunedin, another stop on our 2011 New Zealand cruise, ‘you must go and see the railway station’ we were told; it is a must see historic building that was opened in 1906 ans still used (albeit for tourist trains) today.  The exterior is fantastic and there are windows everywhere but the really special treat is inside

all photos enlarge with a click

1First thing I see in the foyer are these lovely archways on the wall that at first I thought were windows but they turned out to be the ticket office unglassed ‘window counters’ along with some benches in front.  Maybe Jude would like this one lol


Still in the foyer I noticed small paned windows in the doors leading outside as well as a balcony with a brightly coloured window on one end.

There in the middle of the balcony was a stain glassed/leadlight window – a window depicting mainly a locomotive (steam engine).  Very difficult to photograph that particular day because the balcony space opposite that would have given a better view was unavailable

Below the engine was the cipher/logo of the New Zealand Railways
with two heraldic lions on either side


 Just a fabulous thing to see – so realistic.
You could almost hear, smell and taste it thundering down the tracks 🙂


Blogging 101 – Events

This is my contribution to A Lingering Look at Windows – January 2015


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Seen on a Sunday #4

A couple of days ago Pommepal who blogs at Gypsy Life  had a post about benches which I commented on.  What she had actually done was reblog an earlier post from one of her other blogs, a post about benches – reblogging it (similar to reposting) to use in a meme on another blog highlighting benches.   Seems all the world loves benches 🙂

Benches – one of my favourite items to photograph.  The snaps I take of them don’t always turn out the way I want them to but they are usually reminders of places we’ve been and things we’ve seen.  Like these unusual shaped ones near the City to Sea Bridge in Wellington or the wide shaped wooden ones we saw in Vancouver while walking the False Creek Seawall.

Click on photos to enlarge

Wellington 2011
Wellington 2011


Vancouver 2010
Vancouver 2010



And just by chance I can now add another post to my earlier Seen on a Sunday series from a couple of years ago where I told you – well, what else but about some things I’d Seen on a Sunday lol

In the first one  – Seen on Sunday #1 – I mentioned benches we’d seen made from recyled milk bottles.  Look at what I found while trawling my travel photo folders from another year.

Seen on Sunday August 26th 2012
Near the Cafe on Flagstaff Hill Bowen
Far North Queensland

More of the Whitsunday’s Recycling Scheme

Whitsunday's recycling scheme

Recycled bench plus view of Bowen
Recycled bench plus view of Bowen


Two different styles of the bench this time – the simple one above and this one with formed back and small table structure in front.  Perfect place for your cool drink while taking in the view

bench with back
Flagstaff Hill bench back Bowen

Cafe and Lookout Flagstaff Hill Bowen FNQ
Cafe and Lookout Flagstaff Hill Bowen FNQ


Did you know

The energy saved by recycling one plastic drink bottle will power a computer for 25 minutes.



Still travelling the high seas


Here we are in the Port of Benoa (Bali) – this lovely ship has been our home since leaving Sydney and I’ll be sad to get off in few days when we arrive in Singapore.

The sun has shone every day – I’ve eaten much too much – the seas have been kind – there has been some rain – the humidity is very high – but we are in the tropics so that’s to be expected lol

See you all next week some time

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Never leave home without it!

And what would that be I hear you say!
Hold on I’ll tell you in a minute 🙂

 Something I’ve learn’t about travelling is that even with the best weather forecast in the world you never quite know if it will turn out the predicted way.
My Dad used to think that way as well
So there was one thing that always accompanied him on his travels
and that was his Pac a Mac 

Once he retired, nothing – especially a little drop of rain – was going to stop him being out and about enjoying himself (cringworthy at times Mum would say lol) He favoured the long raincoat style, it keeps me bum warm he’d laugh!Wet day at the wishing well


Having fun in the street on a wet day

Anyway he taught me well – the first thing I hunt out when we are gathering things together is my Red Jacket.  The best bargain I ever got – $5 in a sale many years ago.  Windproof and showerproof, Light (weighs less than 200gms) and Loose (so I can layer beneath it) and packs up flat into that little bag. My Red JacketSo much easier than the swish red Rainbird Stowaway one I have thats lurking in a cupboard somewhere – yes, I’ll agree it (R/bird) is more tailored and has a wicking lining but try as I might there was no way I could fit the whole coat into the pocket (as was suggested when I first got it years ago) and on the very rare time I ever managed to do just that all I ended up with was a lumpy roll lol  Now they come with an extra bag but you still end up with a bulky roll thats hard to pack!

Anyway it (my Red Jacket) has  been here, there and everywhere with me, fits nicely into my carry on bag when o/seas or comes along in the car for travel in Australia. Not always needed but reassuring to know its there.   A brollie comes too and they are great but can be lethal in the wind 😦

Heres a few of the places I’ve found it
Cruising along in the rain on its first trip to Alaska in 2006, where it visited the Mendenhall Glacier.  (Notice the layered clothing lol)  The Golfer came along as well. He had his own special jacket with him

Then it was spied in Newfoundland in 2010, firstly at the film set of Random Passage (tv series adapted from a book of the same name).  Another day it was seen walking along the boardwalk of The Tablelands in the Gros Morne National Park, later with its hood covering another warm fluffy hat it braved the cold on Western Brook Pond.   It found its way to Quidi Vidi Battery – an historic place near to St John’s – then on to contemplate the hard life of the early settlers near the cold Atlantic Ocean.  Thankfully as the wind dropped for a little while it found time for a laugh and smile with a blue jacketed friend

It’ll be tagging along with us when we’re up north in Queensland this coming Winter.  Hopefully it won’t put in an appearance then 🙂

To see the photos full size click on the first photo of each gallery,
it will open to a slide show, scroll down to ‘view full size’