It’s all go….

Well we are setled in to our ‘little house’ (the one I showed you in the last post) here at the van park in Bowen


Having the same cabin each time we are here means it’s almost like coming home lol. It isn’t a big room and now I know where things fit I have to work hard at putting them back into allocated spaces or it seems to get untidy very easily. ¬†I do so wish ‘tidy’ was my middle name ūüôā




After a quick Hello to our neighbours I took a very little walk to reassure myself that Queen’s Beach – 5kms of flat sand running alongside the Coral Sea – was still there. ¬†One of my daily must do’s while we are here is to walk along those sands in one direction or the other.




We’ve been taking things quietly this past week. ¬†The Golfer has golfed and I’ve rested – reading and knitting and just enjoying the winter sun.

Mind you there was lots of excitement in town this past weekend when the Superboats (offshore powerboats) had their meet in Bowen. ¬†I’m sure getting to see them up close and personal on land at the street display Friday evening was more of a highlight for little kids than seeing them in the water. ¬†It was for me – they are enormous (and very noisy) ūüôā




As the internet connection using my ipad is not that good out there I have to come into ‘town’ to the library (or have a 50c ice cream to get a connection at Maccas lol) so will only pop in now and again. ¬†When I can drag myself away from this lovely little secluded spot called Rose Bay ūüôā

imageSee you soon

oh and the photos will enlarge with a click

Just not up to it…..


There was a time when I could have done it

in fact I’ve done it several times before in various forms

however this time I just wasn’t up to it ūüė¶

Mage has been blogging every day this month and I was going to do the same but it all came to a crashing halt towards the end of last week.  First there was the headaches and the sore itchy eyes, I began to think I had a case of this



 But then the  fatigue set in as well as Рwell you name it I felt it lol.

Feeling really out of sorts all I craved were quiet days minus anything remotely like thinking of subjects to blog about so I went into hibernation. ¬†Minimal screen time! ¬†And even though (just now and again) I did take very quick sneak peaks at various places ¬†I didn’t think about Still Waters once over that time. ¬†That certainly doesn’t sound like a dedicated blogger does it lol

My GP is of the old fashioned sort – he sent a swab from my eye to the lab. ¬†Nothing unusual so suggested rinsing in warm salt water which does seem to be helping. ¬†I’ll stay away from here for the rest of the week and come back with an every other day routine unless there’s something I ‘just have to’ show or talk about ūüôā

As for today – feeling lots better


 Bye for now

Forever in Blue Jeans………….

I love pressies¬†when they come looking like this – and when the¬†actual time to use them comes¬†I love them even more ūüôā

A darling daughter combined Christmas and Birthdays and gifted this event to me and The Golfer


imageSo we couldn’t not go could we ūüôā

The stage looked good – even when the rest of the crowd turned up.


imageAnd Рeven better still when the man of the moment arrived!

image image‘What a beautiful noise’
Loud ones – soft ones – fast ones – slow ones – we loved them all
It’s the sound that we love even more when¬†sung in person in front of a mostly ‘mature age’ audience who loved it all first time round.

imageAn evening with Mr Diamond, what more could anyone want,¬†with ‘Sweet Caroline’ being one of the encore numbers we all¬†went home singing and feeling good (plus wondering where those 40 odd years went to)


That was Tuesday evening and here it is Friday morning and I’m still humming away while I think about doing the washing – and the blue jeans I wore are in the pile.

One plus one plus two more……..

One plus One plus One plus another = contentment


One plus one could mean a sunny day and the chance to read
Or maybe it could be knitting with company?



Put all four together and thats what I enjoyed one day last week.


A beautiful sunny morning with nothing planned meant I was able to sit out on the deck, read, knit and enjoy the sight of Kiera slumbering her day away.

Enjoying some of the late Autumn sunshine made warmer by the outside blinds –¬†definitely welcomed¬†by both myself and Kiera.

Knitting cotton dishcloths – special requests from several poolside acquaintances.¬† Means I can use up thinner ply by using¬†two strands together and reduce my ‘stash’.¬†¬† (I found mention of the Waffle pattern¬†on one of Rhonda’s posts way back in 2008 but you can find it here.¬† I’m making these ones¬†slightly larger)

Rereading ‘Chocolat by Joanne Harris’¬†– made easy¬†by propping the page open with a coaster. :).¬† Life in a small French village changed by the arrival of a young mother who¬†opens¬†a chocolat shop right across the road from the local church.¬† It tells of her relationship with the priest and the¬†villagers as well as their relationships with each other.


A good day indeed!

Linking to Yarn Along where bloggers share details of what

they are knitting and reading – hosted by Ginny at Small Things

Comfort dressing………..

It’s up and dressed!
The tree that is ūüôā

You can see I’m a creature of habit
because the little tree has always  gone on the hall table.

~ 2014 ~

~ 2014 ~

~ 2010 ~

~ 2010 ~






And the big one has a spot near the lounge room window.

~ 2014 ~

~ 2014 ~

~ 2009 ~

~ 2009 ~







There seems to be comfort in bringing out all the little trinkets collected over the years.¬† There are handmade ornaments, ones gifted from friends, others¬†reminders of travels¬†–¬†this Ferrero Rocher tree we saw in Orchard Road Singapore last year (Dec 2013) was¬†a comfort of a different sort ūüôā


Even tho’ I don’t have one in the house this¬†nativity setting at the front of what used to be the train station in the small town of Corinto, Nicaragua¬† is like my Christmas Trees – a mixture of all things;¬†look closely and¬†you’ll see Santa in there as well as a Snowman!¬† One local told me it was placed there every year and certainly is a comfort to all who pass by.

~ Nativity setting in the front of the old train station.  Corinto Nicaragua Dec 2012 ~

~ Nativity setting in the front of the old train station. Corinto Nicaragua Dec 2012 ~

And here is one very large Nativity setting that was hard to miss –
set by the roadside in Aruba December 2012

~ Nativity setting Aruba Dec 2012 ~

~ Nativity setting Aruba Dec 2012 ~

Yes there is fun and laughter at Christmas but there is also a message
Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.

Merry Christmas everyone ūüôā

Those in between days…………..

I’m talking about those precious days – the days that start with the most precious of all, ¬†Christmas Day and¬†end on New Years Day.¬† To me they are inbetween –¬†between an ending and a beginning.
The days when the house has been cleared of all the holiday excess – the visitors have been and gone – some reminders are still there – but generally life has slowed down to almost a crawl.


So far this year there are memories of a quiet Christmas Day picnic by the river at Buxton.  On one side the Little Steavenson River, behind us the mountains, families playing and having fun at their gatherings in the park along side.
click to enlargePicnic spot

picnic spot 2MountainsFamilies

Melting moments

There has been the feel of really hot days when I thought the little snowmen as well as the kitchen window sill flowers would melt
Those have been the days of us just being lazy, listening to the Boxing Day cricket test on the radio, books and drinks at hand.  Marvelling at how quiet the neighbourhood is and of course having Kiera close at hand.

Warm sunny days

Of course we haven’t lounged around all the time – there have been slightly cooler days
some things must be done ūüė¶
This is what I class as healing time so
Food has been simple leftovers – housework basic.
If it’s not necessary it doesn’t get done lol
Blowing in the wind

And so it goes.
The New Year will be here soon and it will be back to reality.

How do you spend those ‘in between days’

Time to smell the roses……………

Yes, back a couple of weeks and already starting to flag
‘where’ve you been’ was the question asked in the email.

Taking time to smell the roses I replied! 042 1

027 1026 1Home a couple of weeks now, sleeping well but weary so slowed down – not actually dropped out, just slowed down enough to enjoy doing nothing.

So what else? she asked in the next email

Well, says I – I’ve been…….

Doing some gardening in the on again off again weather¬†minus the awful leg pain that’s dogged me for the past two years.¬† I’ve been walking round¬†planning –¬†what needs cutting back, ¬†moving or even¬†taken out, remembering (and now experiencing ) what it is like to be able to get down to weed.¬†¬†With the last horrendously hot summer we had coupled with the wettest winter for years that was something that went by the wayside

Wondering what I will actually do with the washing line lavender which after it’s near death by Catherine’s hands escapade still insists on only growing on one side – might have to cut the ‘good’ side right down to give some light to the other.¬† Bit of a shame as¬†it’s justing starting to bloom ūüė¶

October 2013

October 2013

Read all about it below:

Working on the knitting I told you about recently
Reading a couple of library books by ‘new to me’ authors – those pick off the shelf ‘wonder what these’ll be like’ books I take home sometimes.
Going out for coffee in¬†a ‘new to me’ but has been there for years ‘chocolate¬†cafe’
Driving out to a very cool wet and misty Healesville golf course.

Oh that’s great she said, ¬†not exactly the nothing you said you were doing – you have¬†to tell me more about those last few things.
Right you’re on – says I

Taking the good with the bad

‘You can‚Äôt always have what you want‚Äô
That’s something my Mother impressed on me from a young age.

Another saying of hers was
‚ÄėYou have to take the good along with the bad‚Äô

Some winter days in Far North Queensland are great
Like this day in Queen’s Beach, Bowen

July 25th 2011
Sunny skies with a hint of cloud reflected in the watery sand
as the waves roll in and out


And then there are others that are not so great
Like this day walking along the same beach

August 4th 2011
 Very grey skies with lots of dark clouds
Definitely not reflected in the cold looking sand as the waves thundered in and out

As you can see the weather had a mind of its own on that trip
We didn’t always get what we wanted
and certainly had to be content with the bad along with the good

Wonder what will be in store for us this coming July and August?

Window Dressing #6

Clean kitchen windows meant fresh¬†flowers were needed for the¬†window sill – sadly there aren’t¬†a lot to choose from at the moment.¬† The constant winter and spring rains have made the Azaleas all mushy and the majority of the Camelias¬†seemed to have dropped quickly¬†but those that stayed for the game are all brown round the edges.

Except for these few I found this morning

There are ‘Old Friends’ to chat to whilst I’m doing the washing up – Curly the permanent resident¬† of the window sill,¬†the Lucky Black Cat as well as the sleepy¬†black¬†cat from Zenstone Sculpture in Devon.¬† Sleepy¬†has been with me for quite a few years – cheeky thing¬†jumped¬†into my carry on luggage during a trip to England¬†and insisted on coming back to live here.¬†¬†¬†

I felt at the moment I needed ‘Memories’ to look at so there are¬†a few¬†of the shells and a little piece of coral I found¬†in Queensland that made the journey home to Victoria this year –¬†as well as¬†the last photo taken¬†of my Dad and us¬†before we left Uk in 1972.

And of course this view¬†couldn’t be complete without the sight of¬†lazybones herself.¬† Sound alseep as¬†usual¬†– testing out another of the chairs on the deck.

All is well ūüôā

How do you dress your kitchen window?

Hello again!

Yes, the wanderer has returned – back home from the sun sea and sand and all places beyond.

It would appear to some¬†who will remain nameless (‘cose he takes photos when I’m not looking) I did a lot of:


Picture taking

and Eating

But best of all I re-acqainted myself with a favourite beach where I took long walks each day.

Somehow I don’t think this¬†beach babe is going to make the¬†grade as a Bond Girl in the way Ursula Andress did lol!

However I did do lots of travelling to places never visited before as well as have loads of fun with he who will remain nameless:)

I’ll be back another day to tell you more
Bye for now

June finishes – Christmas gifts

A friend¬†of mine has just become a Gt Grandmother¬†which (after getting the ok from her)¬†gave me¬†the chance to cut down on the large amount of wool I have tucked away –¬†and as¬†one of our large chain stores had children’s clothes at give away prices¬†I was able to¬†tailor the colours¬†and make¬†several¬†mix and match sets for the little one.¬†¬†

They all live in Canada and what with postage time and seasonal differences I decided it would be best to knit these in a larger size (20″/51cm),¬† I’m going to put them in the post¬†later in the¬†year so they¬†arrive¬†close to Christmas time when¬†Holly will be about 7 months old.¬†¬†They shouldn’t sit in the cupboard for too long but if she is a small baby the material is¬†lightweight enough for Summer and Autumn wear.

The pink wool is almost the same shade as the flowers Рthe choice of the grey or purple pants means there are 2 different looking outfits.

To begin with this jacket was all white but looked very stark so I added the lavender stripes which seems to have softened it.  And here as well the choice of grey or purple pants means there are 2 different looking outfits

I’m not going to tell how much the 4 garments¬†cost (‘cept to say I had change for $20) plus I the¬†wool I used was gifted¬†–¬† so you have to admit they do look good for a bargain don’t they!

15/30 June Post a Day

More winter wonders for the window sill

I grizzle and groan at this time of the year –¬†its cold and miserable and there are no flowers in my garden.¬† Now we all know ‘cold’ is relative to where you live ¬†– compared to other countries our cold here in Victoria is not really cold (winter lows of 4c which is about¬†39f) ¬†– I can’t remember the last time we had a frost – so when I complain its not really about the weather, its more about the fact it hinders whatever it is I want to do outside.

And believe it or not I do have some flowers in the garden during Winter – not in¬†summer abundance but in ones and twos.¬†¬†I think its because I don’t spend that much time outside I don’t really notice them and then¬†I’m flabergasted when I do lol

Take my little Lasiandra bush at the bottom of the garden Рit died off during the drought so I pulled it out Рor so I thought.  Its shot back up again obviously from some roots that were left behind in the ground.  Look at all those lovely purple flowers and the green velvety leaves bringing a touch of colour to the garden .  I took this on a very wet rainy day last week Рand as much as I loved what I saw and wanted a photo I will just say I was safe and dry about sixty foot away on our back deck lol

The purple flowers just helped lift the little arrangement of lonesome blooms on the window sill.  Rummaging around I found those little daffodil flowers I spoke of before, some more of the tiny fuschias, some tiny lavender colour Brachycome flowers, a single blue cornflower that appeared from nowhere and some of the long blooms from the Salmon coloured Tryphylla Fuschia thats tucked away out of direct view in another corner of the garden

Today was one of those dreary drizzly winter days I dislike Рnot really cold but certainly not pleasant.  We did very little Рin fact this is where I spent most of the day.   Snug and warm in a comfy chair next to my favourite friend, sewing and knitting close to hand.  It looks bright outside but inside was dull so I opened the vertical blinds which gave a lovely feel to the room, enough light from the window to work from without having to turn the lights on.

9/30 June Post a Day

Weekend Away

We have just come home from a lovely weekend away with friends.  We popped down to Port Fairy which is in the south west of our state.

There I walked¬†along the¬†sandy beaches with no shoes on – talked to a dear friend I hadn’t seen for 12 months who¬†as you can see¬†enjoyed this peaceful time walking the beach and taking in the sea air as much as I didMuch to my delight I got to see a lighthouseWe saw swans we thought were rocks – till they lifted their heads.and a Marsh Wallaby who was totally unconcerned with us walking by whilst he cooled off in the water.

More to come another day

some of these photos are best viewed enlarged