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On my mind….

What’s on my mind this week is that recently I’ve been having a little trouble getting the sleep cycle to stay ‘asleep’. It tends to think 2hr blocks are the norm rather than sleeping through the night all in one go. Not content with that it then goes about teasing me with time awake wondering why I can’t go back to sleep again!

When we were children, Bobby my next sister was one who dropped off as soon as ’lights out’ and was always running late in the mornings, wanting to stay abed rather than get ready for school. I sent her an email the other day…..mid morning our time/ night time hers …..not expecting a reply until late afternoon, and was surprised when one arrived not too long after.

Here’s part of her reply plus part of my follow up

  • B – So it’s 1:30 am I have odd sleeping habits these days – 9pm can’t keep my eyes open. 
    10:30 turn in – midnight wide awake and mentally solving word problems  – 2am thinking have a quick look at phone check emails look at weather and newspapers hope to go to sleep soon I got to be up and at it at 7am.   Then 7am dead to the world  – 8 am oh no is that the time already I’m late again 😂😂😂 – 9 am sod it. Can wait I’ll do it when I’m ready .
  • Me – I’ve been there done that with sleeping patterns- isn’t it a lovely surprise on the odd occasion to wake and realise you’ve slept through the night.  
    Often sleep in 2hr blocks so tried telling myself ’try for 4x2hrs’ before I settled down…..didn’t work. 
    Turned the clock/radio the other way – took it out of the bedroom- didn’t make much difference- I’d see the time on my way to the loo and realise how long I’d slept/ not slept.  
    Won’t get back the time I’ve lay there thinking do I need to pee again or can I will myself to go back to sleep….get up go drop off almost instantly…not going to happen
    Yes I hear your pain xxx

For the time being Mr Insomnia – the evil one who stops you dropping off to sleep in the beginning – has left the building but his little friend – the one who who wont let you go back to sleep – the one I have discovered goes by the name of Middle of the Night Insomnia – has been having fun in the bedroom recently. I certainly didn’t invite him and there’s no apparent reason why he’s come visiting



~ ~ ~ ~
So if you are familiar with those times when your mind wants to carry on at full pelt instead of closing down –  look carefully at the fun going on below – it is possible the answer to my and maybe your problem lies there 😊

I have absolutely no idea whereabouts on the internet I found this – Entitled ‘A Womens Brain’ or ‘Why Women find it hard to go to Sleep’ –  (which is a bit sexist) but I can totally relate to all the stuff going on. 
It’s a hoot – Keep your eye on those little blue balls and follow them down the line

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On my mind……

Oh dear, its a very personal thing on my mind this week – my bathing costume is starting to sag – and I’m beginning to wonder ’does my bum look big in that’

This one is a few years old (minus 2 for non covid use) and cost me what I thought was a small fortune at the time. Chlorine played havoc with previous ones – body shape means many dept store ones don’t fit well – this one came from what I call ’a specialist shop’ – so as I paid well over $100 then; goodness knows what I’d be up for now.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I can remember years ago deciding to add water to my exercise plan ( I did have one in those days) putting my cossy on at home, being a bit concerned with what I saw in the mirror. Then rocking up to the local indoor pool and seeing it full of like minded oldies all doing their laps with exercise classes in the shallow end – needless to say nobody was too fussed about exposing their body and all its rolly polly bits to other people who all looked the same 😊

~ ~ ~ ~

By the time I got down yesterday all the early birds had been and gone – just a couple of energetic young men doing laps and lots of babes and toddlers having lessons in the ’tiny pool’ – so I had all the exercise area to myself. No worries about showing off my saggy baggy rear end!

Schools will be back next week…..and that’s something else. The noise 35 active children make is unbelievable but its great to see them in their groups learning water safety while laughing and having fun. One bus load arrives as the other is drying off – planning and dedicated swimming teachers plus parents and staff willing to allow/encourage youngsters the chance to become competent swimmers. A necessity here in Australia – as well as elsewhere in the world.


On my mind….

are bread tags – the new all singing all dancing cardboard ones – and the fact that more and more bread and bakery manufacturers are moving away from the plastic ones, using these on their products instead.

When these two came out of the freezer the other day – attached to bags of fruit loaf and hot cross buns – I noticed that as well as the use by date there were other pieces of information on them.

What I thought were flowers on one turned out to be the recycling logo…(bit thick aren’t I😊…plus the words ’place in used envelope’ on the other
That one baffled me.

Going off on a tangent here…..a few years ago I heard of a charity that collected all shapes and sizes of the plastic tags

Simple plastic one

to raise money to buy wheelchairs for children – Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs
and I wondered what effect the use of the wizz bang carboard ones was having on their fundraising. Couldn’t find an answer to that but did find this on their website. 👇

Not realising there was a problem putting them loose in the yellow recycling bin it seems that from now on the few we get will have to go in the green waste bin – finding an intact used envelope is rare in our house….mine usually get cut up to use for ‘notes and lists’!

Another thing on my mind is….the new tags are not multi coloured. Without checking each tag how will I know how fresh the products are? 😊


On my mind…

Is the fact that last week I whinged about seasonal changes and then the ’season’ did a u-turn and became all summery again.
Very warm days – warm nights – certainly not autumnal at all.

And with petrol prices soaring far higher than I’ve ever known It’s become an almost daily mind game wondering how far can we stray from home ‘just for a cup of coffee’

Our treat this week was coffee with friends at the one place I never complain about ~ the shady spots in the gardens of ~ ‘ this lovely little chocolate shop’ ~

~ which at Montrose ~ is really really close to home 😊

Also on my mind ~ is the prediction that ~

those lovely cups of coffee could rise in price to about $7 by the end of the year ☹️

On my mind…

Well, at the rate our nights are cooling off I’m wondering how long it’ll be before I have to bring the woollen blankets out of summer storage. And then how long before the Doona joins them for those ’OMG it’s bl**dy cold’ nights

(it’s surprising what you can unknowingly ’capture’ when you’re lying in bed playing with your iPad on a cold Winter’s morning in 2021 😊)