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He must think I’m daft…..

Oh I’m wise to his games
Trying to get in my good books
Thinks these’ll do the trick

Choccies  and Allsorts
My favourites!

Oh wait, could be he’s trying to cheer me up

Maybe I’ll crumble 😊

What little gifts would you crumble for?

~ ~ ~ ~

It’s Monday June 22…..(Winter Solstice time)…we’re on the way up or is that down … hours of daylight might be on their way up but our winter temps have yet to reach their lowest.

 Coffee (and chocolate) later will buck me up no end


Hidden benefits….

Your know some of that time spent sitting around watching tv during the lockdown did actually have hidden benefits.

I discovered that the old adage about never being too old to learn was true😊

Courtesy of Millionaire Hot Seat  one evening, in the short space of one hour I learnt that:-

  • Polar bear females are called sows, not cows
  • Young turkeys are called Jakes and Jennys
  • Mangos are in the same family as Cashews and Pistachios
  • The stumpy bits on a giffaffes head are called Ossicones
  • Dolorous means sorrowful


  • If I want to go on a really really long trip, the distance from Earth to the Sun is about 150 million kilometres.  How many days drive do you think that might be??

Maybe I’d better hang on to the bit of paper I jotted it down on because how long I’ll retain all that information is anybody’s guess 😊

~ ~ ~ ~

Won’t be long ’til breakfast time when I’ll sit and ponder, wondering if the lockdown was good for anything else….apart from welcoming back my homesick weight loss.  Yes some of those kilos returned to take up residence again !

Here’s hoping…..

WordPress has a special filter that picks up spam comments and places them into a seperate ‘folder’.  Sometimes it gets confused and comments from real live blog readers end up there –  which hadn’t happened for a little while until the other day when unfortunately  Linda from Poros got dumped in there 😦  It leaves me with a guilty feeling  – as though I personally was ignoring their comments.

As well as the ‘business opportunities not to be missed’ and ‘I love your blog, come and see what I can do for it ‘ plus those offering weird and wonderful pills and potions to enhance you know what, there are  those ones written in strange languages that we’ve all experienced.  In amongst all of them there has been a recent revival of the ‘hate baby boomers’ comments (updated to COVID-19 times) and also what I’ll just describe as ‘porn offers for people of all sorts of persuasions’……not nice at all.

Nobody else gets to see them and seemingly the folder will empty itself after 30 days but because of those previously misplaced comments I check …..just to be on the safe side.

Now apart  from those obnoxious ones I’ve had another strange seemingly harmless one always targeting the same post……day after day, multiple times a day.  Same message from different usernames using different addresses.

This is what it says:-   Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?  – which seemingly is Spanish for ……Thanks a lot. how can i log in?    Strange indeed!

So I thought “if it stops it maybe I’ll just delete the post and have done with it”……but was loathe to do so because I actually liked what I’d written that day.  The other option was to see what happened if I just move it to the trash folder…..which takes the post away from the blog but doesn’t actually delete it.

The post went Into the trash  with the result that none of it was in the spam folder for several days.  OK, so I thought maybe the bot or whatever it was had been removed, except when I reinstated the post there it was again.

Nobody saw it so why was I bothered about something so perfectly harmless ?  It was so repetitive it got to the stage of being annoying –  there it was, taunting me, same thing over and over again (up to 30 times a day) ……spam spam spam!!!

Yesterday I did what I should have done earlier and checked online support.  One answer that turned up seemed obvious once you thought about it  – stop comments on that particular post!

It’s not going to stop all the other stuff but hopefully it will stop that one!

Just wondering on this Monday morning – How everyone else cope with this problem?

Welcome to Winter…..

Cold and wet at 7 am when I opened the curtains this morning…….still dark so nothing to be seen except the shiny surfaces of the cars in the early dawn.  An hour later it’s not much better!

Monday , 1 June  – officially the first day of winter 2020 in Australia.

I wonder what is in store for us this year.

Hopefully nothing like this ‘poem/carol'(In the bleak midwinter) remembered from my childhood that’s been going round and round in my mind since I got up.

In the bleak mid-winter
Frosty wind made moan;
Earth stood hard as iron,
Water like a stone;
Snow had fallen, snow on snow,
Snow on snow,
In the bleak mid-winter
Long ago.


If the forecast is to go by, today will be cool – the end of the week not so.  But then this is Melbourne so it could be anything!

Whats the year round weather like in Melbourne – this might explain – but 4 seasons in one day is quite often the way it’s described 😎☔️⛱⛈☀️💨

~ ~ ~ ~

Right, I’ve had my morning cuppa tea now it’s on to my porridge. My Monday looks like it’ll be wet…..what’s in store for you??

Answer me……

If there were three words that put the fear of God into me as it a child it was – Answer me child!  Coming from my mother they were sure to have me clam up and do the opposite.  I still have the memories of those ‘conversations’ to this day – whatever I said after those words would never be what she wanted to hear.

The Golfer tells me I speak to myself,  asking myself all sorts of questions,  which I sort of acknowledge and  jokingly tell him ‘at least I’ll have the answer when I remember it’  It appears I also talk to inanimate objects like the tv and the microwave…..that last one I’ll agree on.  Doesn’t everybody say….’ I know you’re finished, just wait a minute ‘ when they hear the ding?

Now because of this rotten virus we’ve been ‘together’ as in close company for the past eight weeks or so and I didn’t hear him mention this at all during that time – but last Friday when he’s away at golf I heard myself exclaim ‘well I never knew that’.  The library sent emails about a home delivery courier service they were trialling and how well it was being received.  First I’d heard of it!

I distinctly heard the words ‘Come on, what do you think you’re playing at’ when the corner of the bottom fitted sheet wouldn’t pull off so it could go in the wash.  And then there was the conversation with a button……

See the little button on the floor.  That’s where I found it.  I was so surprised I even took a photo.  See how small it is…no wonder I didn’t see it earlier.  There was no answer when I asked ‘what are you doing down there, I bet you’ve been hiding there all the time’  

You see when I discovered  I had a bit of time up my sleeve for closing the donation box I knew I had time to finish off one last tiny baby cardigan.     Three buttons on…but where’s the fourth?  Nowhere to be seen so a quick rummage through the button bag for another and all done.  The box is now sealed ready to go….there’ll be no need for buttons for a while…..I’m eyeing up round neck 2yr boys jumpers/sweaters as a  change from all those little things.😊

So later on after my morning coffee I’m thinking it might be a good idea to give the button bag a bit of a sort out.  It’s like Aladdin’s cave…..a big bag filled with little bags of buttons.  All shapes and sizes and colours.  I should show you sometime….well, maybe not.  There’s a limit to what readers will accept – or is there?  I wonder what your answers would be 😊

I wish……

Yesterday was Mother’s Day here in Australia – all the talk is about how it was a different occasion for mothers in different states.   Some states are relaxing restrictions and allowing gatherings of various sizes. The ‘state of emergency’ here in Victoria ends today which is when all these rules and regs. will be reassessed and we’ll learn what we can and can’t do as we slowly bring our lives back to normal…..whatever that will be.

Last week there was much talk and news reporting about VE Day – lots of archival sentimental singing and British street parties as well as those taking place there and then in real time.   The celebration was for the ending of a war in Europe – of course we know it certainly wasn’t ‘all over’……it was business as usual in other parts of the world.  My mum,  her extended family and me as a 2 yr old were in Portsmouth……my dad was way way away with an RAF runway construction unit in Burma, then later in Hong Kong so for him VJ Day (Victory in Japan) later to be known so VP Day (Victory in the Pacific) was more relevant.

We’d all seen the infamous photo taken of dad in khaki along with the ‘bar room hostess’ – I’m sure he was stressed by what was happening and this was a way to let off steam.  Those times had a deeper effect on mum,  courtesy of bombing raids thunderstorms would see her in the cupboard under the stairs, there’s no way she would have climbed up onto a gun for a photo shoot with her daughters.











Somehow/Somewhere my brother found an old photo of Dad to put on a VE Day post on Facebook – one I’d never seen before.  Taken during those war years in the Far East – I see a man I never knew, a young  Irishman aged 25.  He looks fun, an attribute he never lost, gosh I wish I’d known him then, before he became ‘just our dad!’

One extreme to the other

Andrew was so right last week when he mentioned in comments to look out for unseasonable weather that was on its way.  After the beautifully warm and sunny week before the days certainly went downhill from Wednesday – cold very wet and very windy,  turning into the coldest start to May for a long long time.  There was even snow up at Lake Mountain just an hour and a half from here.



Then Elizabeth bemoaned the fact she had to resort to google to change celcius figures to fahrenheit – I’ll let you into a secret Elizabeth…..lol so do I. Australia had turned metric just before we arrived in 1972 and the ‘new to me system’ was so much easier to use so apart from giving dual figures for blog readers I never think about converting.  We did learn the equation at school but that was a very long time ago so like many things in my life I take the easy way out now and get help 😊

Bet you don’t have one of these in your house

See what happens when I rummage through things  decide I’ll do a little clear out.  This was the end result of the day I found the Mother’s Day card and the ID badge.  Things I was going to put into their proper place had sort of graduated to the spare bed, add to that the boxes I was looking through plus the Hoover that lives in a cupboard directly opposite not being put away….because it was going to be used when I’d tidied up the room……the spare wool blanket that lives in the same cupboard just dropped and not returned when we decided to put the weighted blanket on our bed instead…..

It’s not that I have a short attention span – it’s more like I want to move on to other more interesting things – so if that’s the extreme you ‘may’ get to see the other but in the meantime until the mood is right I just glance (and shudder) as I’m passing and leave the room looking like a bomb hit it 😊

I will just show you another little treasure I found in one of the boxes.  Many of you will remember my Aunty Pam who I wrote about for a few years .  Her slide from a perfectly normal beautiful (in more ways than one) person to one with dementia (Alzheimer’s Disease) was awful to see.  I’m still on the mailing list of our local association and this arrived in the post the other week.  A puzzle book to keep your brain active.  25 pages with lots of different sorts of puzzles…..all I can say is thank goodness they put the answers at the end  😊








I did get the Play on Words one!








Its Monday morning here, it’s raining again outside, it’s nearly time for coffee then what….maybe I’ll take a look in that bedroom door again ….or maybe……..

What are your plans for this first Monday In May?

Star Wars Day.

Whatever you do ‘May the 4th be with you’

What did you say…..

Last week Kay was wondering ‘what day is it‘ – JayCee was asking ‘what shall I do today
Linda was talking about ‘Good Orthodox Friday’
While Cat was curious about ‘the annual flu vaccinations’  

And here at our house?  Well there’s not a lot going on at the moment.

Life is quiet, restrictions will be in place for another month (at least), shopping has been fast and furious…….trolley sprayed and cleaned by a lad at the door, list in hand , up and down the aisles, only shortage last week was soap and cleaning products, oh and powdered milk.  Friends have asked why I’ve not gone with home delivery – well I did consider it, our children and some grandchildren offered to do it for us but in the end decided it was easier (and quicker) to do my own.

Every country is different, our case load here in Australia is very low compared to many other countries. (6606 confirmed with ‘just’ 71 deaths nationally on 19th April)   I personally do not know anyone with or who has had the virus, we are very aware of what needs to be done,   people do not seem to be scared or panicking,  we really do (with some exceptions) seem to be doing the right thing.

There haven’t been any recorded cases here in the eastern suburbs, and yes I realise one shouldn’t be complacent, there’s always a first and you never know what’s in the air….or on the shelves…..   knowing the layout of the shop helps,  meaning  I’m not ‘pottering around searching for things’ and I’m of the opinion that getting it picked for home delivery (from there or elsewhere) means one more person (maybe more) handling the goods.  Plus if what I want isn’t there I’d rather it was me choosing alternatives for myself – or not

Communication with The Golfer some days is getting to be a bit like that Peter Dehany recording from the early 2000s.  Sort of Dunno Nothin.…..very much like talking to a teenager

Where are you going – nowhere

What are you doing – nothing

What would you like for lunch- don’t know

He’s not sulking – apart from being a bit lost and restless and having finished nearly all his books on hand (apart from those on his iPad) he’s just crook that Victoria put a restriction (ban) on golf.   All the other states and territories decided there would be no harm playing as long as recommended precautions were taken.  What’s the betting he’ll be up there the day after restrictions are lifted 😎

Hope nobody else is having to deal with a moody teenager 😊

The first of many

These days the beginning of the new year often sees us thinking/discussing how to spend our time, will we try several mini breaks of a week here and there or stick to our couple of months away in the winter?  Yes I know, first world problems 😊

At the moment a week in Mildura later this month is on the cards and all being well we’ll once again do the four day drive up to Bowen to enjoy the winter sun.   Anyway all this ‘holiday chat’ brought back memories and had us laughing and reminiscing about a trip we made a long time ago – well over 25yrs in fact.

A little bit of background:-  Quite a few years ago I used to contribute  posts to a now defunct website – one of those ‘follow the prompts and tell us a tale’ sort of things.  My mind seems to have gone to pot these days and there are times when I find it hard to string two words together but it was fun while it lasted.


It’ll be fun, they said.

‘They’ being friends who wanted to go but not on their own and now were suggesting a very long drive. Two couples together for a few weeks – it’ll be fun.

I’d grown accustomed to the idea and was planning likewise, we’d all use their car and they would do most of the driving.

Then they pulled out; we could all do it another time they said, but our leave was arranged and we needed a break.

We’ll do it ourselves he said, but we only have a six cylinder sedan not a 4wheel drive.  Don’t worry he said, most roads are sealed these days.

What about petrol and water, no worries he said, roadhouses and homesteads about every 200kms, fill up car and us there. Have cans boxes esky in the car and carry spare fuel, food and water.

So off we went, us who’d never been further than Adelaide or Sydney (and we thought they were a long drive away) we were going to be more than a month away from home by ourselves, heading north to the Territory.

Took the easy way to begin, a quick drive to Adelaide,  put the car and us on that fabulous train The Ghan to The Alice (which is as far as it went in those days)and then began The Long Drive – Up the Track – Alice Springs to Darwin (on a highway with no maximum speed limit at the time) and then lots of other points along the road on the way down again.

We tented, we on site caravaned, we moteled, we cabined, slept in rooms tunnelled into the ground and I even got one day and a night (my ‘big’ birthday) in a flash very expensive hotel at Uluru where I was able to lounge in a bath for the first time in four weeks.

We sat for long hours in the car between places, saw nobody on the road for hours, waved at passing motorists when we did see them, took turns at driving, listened to many books on tape, stretched and ran about when we stopped, saw wildlife galore, viewed paintings on rocks by people who were in those places so many years before us, climbed that big thing in the middle of the country (that’s what you did then), were wary of road trains,  watched beautiful sunrises and even more fabulous sunsets and experienced so many other things in a part of Australia I knew existed but never thought I’d see.

Came home exhausted but so fulfilled and wanting to do it again.

Can’t remember the exact length of the drive – it was a Very Very Long Drive.

As well as the enlightening moments there were the lighthearted moments – I’d do it all again in a flash – Just to see a petrol/service station like this

Or drive on roads like this.  

.or be scared s………..less by things like this roaring up the highway behind you

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We’ve done many ‘long drives’ since then but this one was special

One for some reason we’ve never repeated.


How about you? Have you ever repeated ‘special’ events?  How did it go?

Giving the girls a go….

Each January for the past few years (just for the fun of it) I’ve been giving myself little reading challenges. Not an original idea I know but things like A to Z of author’s surnames or A to Z of book titles (sometimes known as the Alphabet Soup Challenge)  Among other things,  last year was about trying to finish more books from series I’d begun…..finally getting to the last of the Ann Cleeves Shetland series was one.  If you’d like to see what I’ve read over the past few years I’ve gathered all the previous ‘books read pages’ together and placed them in a seperate page which you can find up there under the header picture.

And this is last years in a different format – https://www.goodreads.com/user/year_in_books/2019

This year I’ve decided it’s all about the titles!

Trying to find books with one word titles corresponding to letters of the alphabet is going to be fun – following on and extending that theme I thought The *plus* titles would also be fun.  Just by luck I found two in the ship’s library that fit the bill – Devotion (Louisa Young) and The Disappeared (M.R. Hall) both quick reads which meant that where ‘that’ challenge is concerned I’m off and running at a good rate of knots 😊

But what I’m really excited about is Giving the Girls a Go!

Reading books with a description of a female status in the title!  There seem to be more and more of them in the library catalogue so I’m aiming for one a month…12 in all.

I read The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter ( Hazel Gaynor) last week so that’s January taken care of 😊

A tale of two women and their involvement with lighthouses about a century apart.  Two stories with lots of twists and turns linking each to the other.  Lots of social statements on female roles and current (at the relevant time) attitudes to ‘the way things were’  Good read!

The Clockmaker’s Daughter (Kate Morton) has been sitting on a shelf here at home for a few months now. It’s another of the Historical Fiction genre I enjoy, I’ve set it aside for February and as it’s a fairly thick book it might take me most of the month to finish.l


I know there are lots of books about Mothers, Sisters, Nieces, Wives and Widows out there  so there’s  bound to be one for each month of the year!

Do you plan your reading or do you just go with the ‘pick a book any book’ method?

To give or not to give….

So……talking to a friend about  the modern trend of selecting a personal ‘word’ to focus on and guide you through the year,  I happened to mention I felt I’d been quite self centred over the past year, there’d been a lot of ‘me, me, me’ going on in my life in various forms so had chosen Give for 2020.

‘But you’re always giving she said, maybe you should try taking something back instead’

‘That’s not the idea, I said. Doesn’t work that way’ 😊

There are so many ways I can give but what I really need to think about is  how I give, who I’m giving to,  why I’m giving,  what I’m giving,  whether what I’m giving is right for that situation.

I’m hoping that by taking time and contemplating all that I can give, I’ll be a much happier healthy more loving peaceful person than I am at the moment.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

How about you?

Resolutions- goals- words to live by?

What do ‘you’ think about at the start of a new year?

Do you do it….

Late last week I was at a function with The Golfer – the end of year breakup meeting of a ‘mixed’ airforce group he belongs to.  Mixed meaning both men and women who had served.  Partners (if they are interested) are welcome at the monthly meeting/get togethers – which clash with my monthly book club….and as I was born into the life (yes I was an airforce brat……Born Raised and Travelled ) then married a serving airman, I’ve seen and heard it all before and don’t need to relive it month after month😝

Being the end of year/Christmas breakup some of the men had brought their wives along so there was a lot of kissy kissy, my goodness how long is it since we’ve seen each other, that long, we should get together more often, and so on.

A ‘very casual’ do….in a small hall……catered for out of funds available… not bring a plate……(sandwiches, some hot finger foods plus some seasonal nibbles) …..not overly posh.   Hot drinks available at a do it yourself machine , drinks if you wanted them at the small bar on the premises.   The caterers would call in later to pick up the ‘plastic’ serving platters.

As I said it’s not sit down but move along the spread that’s been laid out on four tables in a square, covered with Christmas clothes, paper plates, napkins and disposable cutlery in hand.  Then stand around talking or sit down on the chairs arranged meeting style with a few small tables to one side.

So things are drawing to a close, people are getting up and making a move to the door when I noticed ‘stuff’ just left on chairs as well as the big table.  They were saying their goodbyes and leaving without clearing up after themselves.

Having a chat with a long time friend who is now the secretary I mentioned how this was a change from years past…..even as recent as this time last year…… when everyone (that would be most of the people in the room) chipped in, putting their rubbish in the bin and generally helping return the room to the way it was.

“Oh the committee decided that as they are our guests we aren’t expecting that of them anymore.  We wouldn’t expect guests in our home to clear the table after a meal”

As I (also a guest) wandered about the room with a black bin bag in my hand I wondered what had brought about this change in attitude.  How did something that people did automatically…..pitch in and help at ‘gatherings’ like this….. suddenly turn into a ‘I’ll just sit here and let others do that’ situation.

Do you automatically offer to help or do you feel it’s not ‘your job’….you’re a visitor not part of the group.

If you’re invited to a meal in someone else’s home do you offer any help at all or just leave it all to the ‘host’

There comes a time….

And it looks like that time is about now.

Are you prepared? I was asked the other day.  Prepared for what? I replied  Don’t be daft, you know what I mean was the answer to that one.  Oh yes, I said, those preparations

Seasons come and seasons go – and intertwined within those seasons there are other seasons.  As we get older (in my case especially) we notice the time between those seasons within seasons seems to be shorter and shorter so no sooner have we celebrated one event than the next one has appeared on the horizon.

It would appear that preparation Is the key to enjoying those seasons.

Crafty people in a online craft group I belong to are well into their preparations with their novelty tiny Christmas hats and baby Santa woollen sets.  They look like fun don’t they ……..Can you just imagine how cosy and warm the babe would be dressed in that red coat, hat, bootees and mittens – makes me smile to imagine it

Obviously for little one’s in the Northern Hemisphere 😎






But not for me this year – no seasonal knitting.

I’d occasionally knit miniature stockings which along with other miniature craft items (made by other volunteers) would go on the foyer tree at the nursing home.  ‘Proper’ as in shop bought ones are going on the tree this year!

No seasonal crop plantings this year either
We’re giving the small amount we did do (mainly tomatoes and green beans) a miss.  Aches and pains, time and effort, plus planned time spent away from home all came into the equation and the result was – shop, market stall or even gifts from friends will be the way to go this summer.

No seasonal cooking – which these days means Christmas puddings
Most years I’d cook up a storm earlier in the year before we travelled up to Bowen.  Using Aunty Pam’s recipe – I’d gather all the ingredients together, mix the dry , then the wetand in no time at all (I lie – after several hours boiling)  one big one and several little ones would sit around maturing until the designated eating time.  I’d offer them as gifts knowing they are an acquired taste – last year just one son in law said yes to the offer, everyone else declined.

NO offence taken but I did wonder what they had done with the ones from years gone by I’d just ‘given’ to them.  So this year I haven’t made them.  We won’t be able to take them with us, yes I know they keep and we could eat them ourselves during the year but I suppose I just couldn’t be bothered.  Never mind that fact we’re not supposed to be eating all that rich stuff 😥

Actually there is some preparation going on at the moment that I am involved in and can honestly say I’m enjoying.  The choir has begun rehearsing Christmas carols and songs!  And depending on the ‘situation and intended audience’ in amongst all the traditional ‘serious’ items we are belting this out 😀

How’s all your preparations going?

Are you an early starter or an ‘it’ll be right on the night’ person?

PS:- If you are interested there are 44 days to go until December 25th


Linking to Senior Salon 

From the Arctic to the Amazon to the Antarctic……

All in the stretch of a couple of weeks 😎

I promised myself I’d not mention the weather for a while…. BUT………this is just ridiculous – from days of ‘cold enough’ to have the heating on……progressing to hot (as in over 30c) and humid enough for several days to have the cooling on….. then reverting back to cold enough for heating and a hot water bottle in the bed accompanied by pouring rain!

The Spring Racing Carnival began last Saturday- watching the Derby Day punters on tv trying to keep out of the torrential rain I discovered that from what I could see of the crowd huddled under cover, $2 plastic ponchos are made in many more colours than clear 😊🌂

Tomorrow is the first Tuesday in November otherwise known as Melbourne Cup Day.

That’s the race that used to stop the nation –  it’s still a public holiday here in Victoria but many shops are open especially in large shopping centres.  It’s a day usually filled with fun and frivolity, frilly dresses and posh hats for the ladies, champagne in the car park (https://www.flemington.com.au/social-news/2019-10-29/carnival-in-the-car-parks) and a punt on the big race.  Lots of restaurants and pubs have Cup Lunches for groups who want to have fun and watch away from the course – everybody dressed to the nines, with the ‘race’ on big screens and a sweep in progress.   The forecast is 18c/64f with a chance of rain.  Not very nice at all.  Usually the weather is warm and sunny so there’ll  be lots of ‘changing their minds’ over the dresses they planned to wear and how the car park picnics are going to be arranged.


Well we’ll be in front of the telly and if it’s as cold tomorrow as it is today (10c now at 3pm) it’ll be a mug of hot chocolate and a slice of fruit cake in front of us instead of the usual flute of champagne accompanied by cold chicken salad.

Who do I fancy?

Well here’s today’s run down on the field https://www.news.com.au/sport/superracing/punters-life/melbourne-cup-2019-the-ultimate-form-guide-for-race-that-stops-a-nation/news-story/8cefffc8b2bce14dc5b617ce29902b05.

Last years winner has come back for another go but will be carrying extra weight so may not manage it.  There’s a whole swag of Irish horses there, the Brits are back in town along with a load of others.  24 in the field…..at the moment the Japanese horse is the favourite, it could change dramatically by ‘horses at the barrier’ time tomorrow – somehow I think it might be stab a pin in the paper time as I’ve no idea who the winner will be.

Right, I’m off to look for penguins – won’t find polar bears here in the Southern Hemisphere – even if it is cold enough for both of them outside!

What are your plans for tomorrow- oh, and what’s the weather like where you are?

Do you ever wonder…

Cars never played a part in my life until we came to Australia.  There was always a bus at the end of the road or you walked.  We (well The Golfer) did own a car…..which went with him to work so the option for me to use it wasn’t there.  Or the funds to buy another one just for me!

Andrew has just retired and did what many new retirees do,  bought a new car, trading his reasonably newish one for one higher of the ground (easier to get in and out of)  which made me think about one of the cars I owned back in the 1980/90s

Not new then, couldn’t afford a new one, but I treated it like a new one and it certainly was a well loved one.  Sleek and shiny, compact with everything close at hand (remember I’m only a little lady with short arms), a heater that worked (usually) certainly no aircon (unless you wound down the window) and a manual drive….none of this automatic stuff that’s the norm these days 😎

I loved my little Holden Gemini coupe that…..if I’m remembering rightly….no pictures were taken to remind me….looked like this white one….’cept it was coloured this exact shade of yellow.  Fairly low, with two doors and a detachable black louvre across that sloping back window, room for me and my parcels, it went like a bomb.  Or at least that’s what it sounded like before I had a new exhaust put in.

Then in 1994 The Golfer accepted a position interstate and treated me to a ‘brand new car’ – my first Lance(r).  Of course I couldn’t say ‘no thanks darling I’d rather drive my 20yr old one instead’ so he was accepted gratefully.  I will always remember Lance mark1 with fondness – I wrote about the day we said goodbye as a sort of tribute.

Yes I know a car’s a car, it’s just there to get me from A to B, safely and in reasonable comfort, such as is expected now in 2019

BUT I do wonder what happened to my little yellow bullet.  Was she looked after by the young lad who bought her from me all those years ago.  Would I be comfortable to drive her today- never mind be able to get into her 😎

What about you- do you have memories about previous cars…..share the good, the bad and the ugly if you dare….or care to remember 🚕🚗🚙


Have you read?….









‘When you want to, you’ll find a way to do it’

My mother’s words when she decided I needed to sort out a problem myself.

Those words always come to mind when I use the above trick of using the coasters to keep my page open….so I can read and knit at the same time.  It can get a bit windy on the deck and I couldn’t keep the page open so a long time ago came up with the idea of propping the book against the circle of friends and using the coaster.  I found a way 😊

Reading’s been slow since we got home, after devouring (10) books while we were in Bowen, I’ve only read two in the last three weeks.  Two I thoroughly enjoyed.

Written by Australian author Joy Dettman and set in Melbourne I wizzed through   The Silent Inheritance (2016) in just a few days.

It started slowly as all the characters were introduced- then became more interesting as each of their stories developed and their lives became entwined.  A serial killer, bits of humour, past lives, families plus a lottery windfall,  with an ending I thought was possible yet was surprised when it actually turned out that way.

Page 9:-  For 20yrs the company had rented spacious rooms in an elderly building where an elderly lift made frequent requests for retirement.  It appeared too to be losing it’s memory.  He’d hit the ground floor button but was delivered to the basement car park

~ ~ ~

 The Girl in the Ice (2016) written by Robert Bryndza (a new to me author) was completely different.  Described as a crime thriller/mystery it certainly was a page turner with short chapters that added just enough to the story to keep you wanting more.

A new police officer (with a past), police procedure, families, more murders brought into the mix, red herrings, little bits of ‘thoughts,’ from the murderer and an ending I certainly didn’t see coming

Book Blurb:- when a young boy discovers the body of a woman beneath a thick sheet of ice in a South London park, Detective Erika Foster is called in to lead the murder investigation.  The victim, a beautiful young socialite, appeared to have the perfect life.  Yet when Erika begins to dig deeper, she starts to connect the dots between the murder and the killings of three prostitutes, all found strangled, hands bound and dumped in water around London.

~ ~ ~ ~

Talking of endings, its coming to the end of a coolish Monday, the last Monday in September….gosh where did this month go?  After a quick walk this morning I met with a friend and passed on both books for her to read (and hopefully enjoy).   Then I spent a quiet afternoon trying to decide what would be my next charity project.

And of course being Monday I took a little time over my afternoon green tea (giving the morning coffee up for while) wondering, wondering when I can get hold of another of the Erika Foster series (7 in all!) and whether Joy Dettman will  bring those same Melbourne characters to life in another book?  There ‘was’ a finish to the storyline yet it was a very open ending which could lead to series.

Oh and back to my original question- I’d be interested to know if any of you have read either of these books?  If so what were your thoughts?

Nothing stays the same…

Things change – we know they do.  Nothing stay the same forever. Yet when some changes happen we aren’t always pleased… are we.

We’ve been coming up here for over 10 years now and much has changed…the weather (cyclones and storms) has changed much of the infrastructure.  Money comes and money goes from this little community…..many business’ have closed… and yet others that seem to cater to tourism seem to be thriving

A great deal of the film/movie ‘Australia’ was shot here so it gained a bit of publicity from that…..some businesses are still ‘trading’ on the fact the ‘stars’ were regular customers and I’m sure some locals are still using their ‘extras’ work as ‘dinner party’ conversations 🙂

The lovely place we stay in each time we visit has changed hands.  Previously owned by a local couple, they purchased it (2005) as a very run down caravan park and transformed it into a clean welcoming friendly place with a 4* rating in all the tourist brochures, almost a home from home.  We did know it was up for sale – no investment money around – so each year we’d turn up and be met by Craig and Donna and know we were in good hands.

Anyway last January, just four months after we drove home in the September the new business owners took over.  Now it has a commercial feel about it.  No smiles in the office, a penny pinching feel about the place.  Lots of ‘signs’ about the place….do this, don’t do that.  Washing machines are now xx$ to use, the free to use BBQs are not free any more.  There is some free internet provided, we feel they changed providers because the  service is nothing like it used to be (‘better’ deals are not always better – they service is ‘lousy’ to put it politely)

Items in ours and the other cabins have been depleted, tiny things that ‘made’ the place different to any other cabin we’ve staying in during our travels.  We’ve used the same cabin for the last 8 years so were very familiar with the inventory.


~ ~ c~~c ~ ~c

So I wrote that after a ‘run in’ with the office.  I’m still ropable but coming back down to earth.  I’m in good health, the sun is shining, it’such much warmer than at home, and…..I’ll get over it.

Monday Musings are just that!  Non Verbal ‘Thinkings’ not meant to be Whinges….. but today I’m not in good form.  How’s your Monday shaping up??


One thing leads to another

Have you ever experienced an earworm – A tune/ song that gets into your brain –  going round and round in your mind, being there at the most unexpected moments

Mine began…..if that’s how you could describe it with a simple email.

Sunday last week I had a photo forwarded to me……taken at the end of our last choir concert.  You know the ‘fun’ one where everyone is supposed to be silly….only some didn’t get the cue….me included.  Smiling broadly, thinking why aren’t we finished, others had moved…..leaving me (lower level far right) looking as though I’m in the spotlight 

Wednesday at the last coffee morning for this half of the year,  just after B had entertained us with her impersonation of a gypsy woman trying her hand at fortune telling by attempting a bit of palm reading,  Janet went on to describe how her young neighbours reacted with almost horror at her placing a coin in their newborn grandsons hand.  “Surely they’d heard of the Irish custom of crossing the baby’s palm with silver”

I listened to others talking about windy days and trying to walk up hilly streets, mentioning the fact the wind was in the right place …….right behind them, pushing them up the hill!

Then blow me down that afternoon at the last choir rehearsal for a while Mary reminded us to take care of ourselves until we meet again (a longer time in my case than the others)

Thinking back now I can now see all those little hints were conspiring with each other and making secret  plans to upset my ‘quiet times’ and ‘peace of mind’ for the rest of the week.

Can you guess what little ‘tune’ has been going round and round in my head since then.  One we sang at the concert!  Not quite as loudly as the clip below……not all of us were there that day and – well, there being far more in the clip choir……but we did sing with just as much ‘love and gusto’

Irish Blessing

May the road rise up to meet you
May the wind be ever at you back
May the sunshine warm upon your face and the rain fall soft upon your fields
And until we meet again, until we meet again 
May God hold you in the palm of his hand

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 It’s very early Monday morning here – how was your week…..do you have anything special planned for this  week?    Personally, if I could persuade the last two lines of that song to leave my brain and take a hike I’d be happy 😎

Another word for…..

Another word for computer problems…….router!
After another week of Internet dropping in and out, ending with nothing at all, we’re now back in business
I just say….thank goodness for scheduled posts.  And it’s good to see The Golfer smiling again 🙂

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A couple of years ago I wrote a post .. A Way with Words …describing how some people use words in a way that gives a slightly different meaning to reality.  Making it seem more important than it is.

You’ll be happy to know it still goes on!  Just in another way.

Last week The Golfer took us out to lunch…..at his club…the golf club that is.

Now and again my daughters and I get together for lunch in a local cafe, this time they thought they’d like their Dad to come along..  He’s often occupied on those ‘ladies who like to lunch’ days and what with us being away ’til September, then both of them away soon after it’ll be a while ’til we see each other, so last week we all tootled off up to Healesville (yes again) …..because they had persuaded The Golfer to treat us….us being our ‘big’ girl, our ‘little’ girl and me 😊

Winter time means a new menu with lots of sections to look through.   Local produce is used – which often produces what could be described as ‘interesting’ dishes  – this is just a little of what’s on offer.

The girls poured over the slow section……asking about Paris mash, a term they weren’t familiar with ….ParisMash  the waitress said,  is basically creamy mashed potatoes with oodles of butter.

Then she added ‘Sometimes the chef here will add chopped Spring Onions for a bit of a bite!’

Added Spring Onions –  I couldn’t believe it.  Oh you mean like champ I said.
Doesn’t your chef know that’s basic Irish fare.

Champ is an Irish dish,made by combining mashed potatoes and chopped scallions (or spring onions)  with butter, milk and optionally, salt and pepper.

On the odd occasion my Dad cooked dinner champ was always on the menu.

Some would be delighted with this little snippet – they could go home and wow their families with Paris Mash and Champ – to me it will still be plain old mashed potatoes……sometimes with a little bit extra added to give it a bite!

With the spuds on the menu now having a classy name – certainly one that makes them appear more important than just another staple vegetable – what other veg do you call by a gastronomic term?

A Healthy Attitude…

I didn’t let busy times stop me from getting to the gym a couple of times last week plus having a dip in the warm water pool (which definitely helped my ‘difficult back) so hopefully I’m back in the swing of things again,

I really wonder why I get so lazy and can’t be bothered, then get annoyed at myself for not doing anything but I guess that’s just me – being a Libran doesn’t help either as we can get very lapsidasical and then worry because things aren’t right – something to do with the scales and being balanced and all that.

When we had all that recent rain and I couldn’t get out to walk I was thinking about a book I’d read awhile ago called ‘Prevention’s Complete Book of jWalking’.  Not exactly a new book, published in 2000, an easy read that talked about all sorts of things to do with walking, health and exercise.

Each ‘chapter’ was in several parts, not too long and very easy to digest, topics ranged from the healthy reasons for walking, walking for weight loss, walking in different weather conditions…..like here where we can get all four seasons in one day 😎

It was a book to be picked up and browsed over, then when the moment was right picked up again and read more thoroughly.  In a ‘fun chapter’ it talked about something which is now quite common place…..walking with poles.  Sometimes called Nordic Walking.  Many older people use them these days as an aid to help their balance while walking. The author described it as a simple, safe, enjoyable activity that uses almost all of your muscles in a single exercise session!

Now I don’t need to repeat my moans about the winter weather we have here in Melbourne at the moment – something that in my mind stops me from going out in the fresh air for that exercise I need.  But that same thing obviously was on my mind when I read the book because (and this is what reminded me of the book) I must have typed up the following little bit of information……taken from the book….and found recently while looking through word docs for something totally unrelated.


I woke up early today, excited about the day ahead. My health and well being are important and it is my job to decide to take care of myself. Its up to me to find the time, the place and the reasons to go for a walk.

Today I can complain because the weather is rainy, or ……
I can be thankful that my skin will be blessed with moisture.

Today I can feel sad that I have so many other things to do, or……….
I can be happy that I’ll have so much more energy to do them when I’m done walking

Today I can grumble over the temperature, or…
I can be thrilled that I’ve got the right clothes to deal with it.

Today I can whine because I have to find the time to walk, or….
I can shout for joy that my body is able to keep pace with my spirit

Today I can mourn my lack of walking partners, or…
I can revel in my quiet time alone.

What my health and fitness will be like is, in great measure, up to me. I get to choose my level of well being. I get to lay the plans for a daily walk.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Food for thought eh?  Have a great walk today…unless you have other plans 😊

Me – I shall have my coffee and muse over the above.  Then……well, it’s Monday, weather forecast says rain, so who knows??