Me and my big M……

I really should think before I open my mouth 😊

Chatting with friends in a café recently the topic turned to sport.  With these friends it could be Spring Summer Autumn or Winter – you’ll find the topic of conversation often turns to sport lol

Well, you’d have thought I’d suggested the Pope was an atheist from the gasps when I casually mentioned I wasn’t keen on female sports reporters.

They can have all the knowledge in the world but (to me) as soon as they start to talk it always sounds as though they are trying too hard.  Trying to impress or even outdo male companions on panels or those sharing the commentary of a game……. and don’t get me started on seeing them going into the rooms at half time.

Definitely wasn’t the most politically correct thing to admit to them but it’s my personal feeling!

In amongst the chat that followed that disclosure I mentioned that I also felt uncomfortable watching them play ‘rough’ sports that have always been associated with men like soccer, rugby and aussie rules football.  I realise women have had a very hard time infiltrating these sports and good on the ones who have made a name for themselves doing so but if I choose not to watch them that’s my choice.

Well that went down like a lead balloon!

One person continually tells us she ‘can’t stand’ a particular male commentator and we all accept it.  There’s none of the disparaging remarks that came my way the other day.  How can you be so sexist – how can you be so narrow minded – no amount of discussion gave way to them understanding that not everybody likes the same thing.

I didn’t dare to also say I preferred AFL (aussie rules footy) or NRL (rugby league) to Soccer.  Most of these ladies are English expats and even after being here since the 1960/70s the majority of them still follow their (old) local teams.  I have loathed that style of football since I was a child and don’t intend to start liking it now (but I don’t think I’ll mention that to  them)