There are days………Sunday Selections

There are days that are made for sitting and knitting
(relaxing and reading and eating) ūüôā


imageThere are days that are great for washing and just right for visiting
(resident Magpie just popped in to say Hello)



Some are for ‘doing’ – like plant those tomatoes


While there are others that say slow down,
admire the lovely green grass – smell the beautiful roses

(which doesn’t happen without the rain so no more complaining !)


imageThen there are times when all those days meld into one as they did recently
On these days Kiera just looks at me and in her own special way says:-

‘This is the life – You wouldn’t be dead for quids!’


Sunday Selections – There are Days aka One Perfect Day

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Cool Weather Walking……….

Cooler weather last week meant a trip to the local park with all its twists and turns and its views of the nearby hills.
(click to enlarge)

Park bench

Twists and turns

The DandenongsWhere people put the world to right while taking walks with their dogs

Walkies anyone

There is a bridge with rails that allow children to see the ducks

The BridgeChilds eye view

There¬†are wetlands masquerading as a duck pond along with a children’s play area.¬† There is a¬†a special place there for little ones armed with stale bread.1 Whats going on at the duckpond

2 Is there something there3 Of course there is

Further round you can take a path to see¬†my favourite bench (see header) ¬†– only this time coming from the other direction.¬†¬†It’s a few years since I took the header photo and things have grown, other plants put in – enlarge to see the bench nested in amongst the trees and bushes.¬†Favourite bench from other side

and it was near here that I spied these two ‘Little Corella’ guarding a hole in a tree.¬† One flew off so I didn’t go too close¬†– not sure¬†if there was a young one in there or not

Wonder what they are hiding

Oh hello

I'm watching you - crop

Sentry dutyGallery of Crops 

The forecast forecast for this week is back to warmer weather so I think my walking will be in the gym.

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Something that takes place

Not the arty crafty ones decribed here
the usual everyday ones that take place around my house and neighbourhood.

Gosh it’s been a while since I sat down and just had a little natter with you – things get in the way don’t they lol

You might be interested to¬†know the cost of our fuel is slowly¬†dropping to a more reasonable level – after the shock of the New Year jump of 20c a litre I waited a while and filled up at a more reasonable $1.55 (US$1.38)¬†but as this article suggests it will be rising again fairly soon.¬† Our fuel costs are based on what happens in Singapore and not the US and¬†for years we’ve had weekly cycles where it fluctuates up and down, unfortunately¬†recently we¬†haven’t been able to pick when the lowest day will be so have had to¬†take pot luck and hope for the best.¬† I drove past yesterday and it was even lower!

There I was at the end of December saying how we’d enjoyed nice warm weather and blow me down if it didn’t change¬†and give the impression autumn had arrived.¬†¬†Really cool days and coldish nights¬†meant¬†the shorts and tshirts were back in the cupboard and I was beginning to¬†think about turning the heating back on¬†and then of course I managed to start coughing and sniffing at the same time so a happy camper I was not ūüė¶

I wonder¬†if that was¬†the reason¬†for all the spider’s webs around the place¬†(the cooler weather not the coughing and spluttering)¬† We¬†assume it was a Garden Orb that built the web I showed the other day (there was one hanging around in that spot on Christmas Day) and the¬†poor thing must have got a surprise one day as it was quite cool out there and with rain forecast forgetting he was there I dropped the blind he had used for support –¬†resulting¬†in a very mangled web.

It’s still very quiet outside¬†– most workers will be back to work this coming¬†Monday,¬†then as life resumes in the suburbs we’ll¬†begin to notice the traffic going up and down a couple of nearby main roads.¬† We don’t have any young children living close to our house so the main garden noise is from lawn mowers¬†although one¬†wretched man has a leaf¬†blower that he uses¬†daily on his driveway whether there is anything there or not!!

They say as one thing ends¬†another begins and thats the way our summer sports are.¬† The Australian Cricket team did well to annihilate beat soundly the English Eleven (5 – 0) so the Ashes returned home.¬†¬†Now¬†it’s the turn of tennis to entertain us – The Australian Open¬†takes place here¬†in Melbourne so the professional¬†¬†‘stars’ are starting to arrive.¬† There have been various tournaments played round the country as a lead up but the big one begins next Monday and last for nearly a fortnight.¬† Looks like i’ts time for the local commentators to refresh their memory on the pronounciation of all the weird and wonderful different eastern european surnames that are going to crop up over that time ūüôā

This time of the year is entertainment time when all the new releases arrive¬†– I’ve¬†been looking at several films¬†that are on at our local¬†cinema¬†– there are some that appear to be ‘normal’,¬†not vicious or bloo.dy war types or mystical ala weird spooky ones –¬†I’m only¬†into ‘nice’ ones these days¬†which¬†means The Golfer and I disagree occasionally but hey – I’m entitled to my opinion aren’t I and theres nothing to stop him going on his own.

The library has been sending out ordered books so there are several waiting on the bedside – looks like¬†my goal to ‘read down’ some of those I selected from our bookcase¬†last year might go on the back burner for a while.¬†¬†I’ve downed four already this year so¬†will fill¬†you in on¬†them soon as well as our cruise and the time we spent in Singapore last year.

And then¬†I had a chat on skyp.e the other day with my sister who lives in Cyprus – that was a lovely happening¬†– after the confusion of the last phone call I wasn’t sure she’d answer.¬† Thought I’d call to tell her some news,¬†they only use a mobile so I wondered why it was taking so long to get an answer, heard a very groggy hello from her man,¬†I laughed and joked about being in bed at this hour of the day, then the penny dropped.¬† She told¬†me months ago they were going to have Christmas with family in England –¬†he was not happy at being woken at 5.30am!

Anyway amongst other things we discussed our visit with them this coming September – yes I’m organising more travel.¬† From here to Athens then Cyprus back to Athens to cruise the Black¬†Sea (ports in Greece Romania Bulgaria Ukraine and Turkey) back to Athens and then home.¬† Lots to plan in the next few months – maybe some shopping to be done lol

Ooops, as usual I’ve¬†done a lot of gabbing, my health and the temperatures are back to normal, we have a week of sunny warm days coming up that will keep me and The Golfer content and all the mums happy (means kids can play outside) so better be off before I wear out my welcome.¬†¬†Do tell me about the happenings in your¬†life at the moment.
Bye for now

ps – I meant to say I haven’t been reading many blogs or answering¬†any comments recently, hopefully that will begin to¬†happen again soon
C x

Those in between days…………..

I’m talking about those precious days – the days that start with the most precious of all, ¬†Christmas Day and¬†end on New Years Day.¬† To me they are inbetween –¬†between an ending and a beginning.
The days when the house has been cleared of all the holiday excess – the visitors have been and gone – some reminders are still there – but generally life has slowed down to almost a crawl.


So far this year there are memories of a quiet Christmas Day picnic by the river at Buxton.  On one side the Little Steavenson River, behind us the mountains, families playing and having fun at their gatherings in the park along side.
click to enlargePicnic spot

picnic spot 2MountainsFamilies

Melting moments

There has been the feel of really hot days when I thought the little snowmen as well as the kitchen window sill flowers would melt
Those have been the days of us just being lazy, listening to the Boxing Day cricket test on the radio, books and drinks at hand.  Marvelling at how quiet the neighbourhood is and of course having Kiera close at hand.

Warm sunny days

Of course we haven’t lounged around all the time – there have been slightly cooler days
some things must be done ūüė¶
This is what I class as healing time so
Food has been simple leftovers – housework basic.
If it’s not necessary it doesn’t get done lol
Blowing in the wind

And so it goes.
The New Year will be here soon and it will be back to reality.

How do you spend those ‘in between days’

There’s something deeply satisfying……………

There’s something deeply satisfying
About being in the arms of the one you love!

Hello – it’s Kiera here……… know, the apple of her eye……….the Beautiful Brown Burmese that lives with –¬†you know……The Special One whose name starts with C and The Golfer.

You know the more I think about that statement about the one you love the more I agree with it – I¬†don’t mind being in or even on anything belonging to the Special One or even The Golfer ūüôā


I’ve found that since they came home I’ve been able to twist her round my little claw, sorry paw and I get to sit really really¬†close to her whenever I want – maybe it’s a¬†case of the guilts at leaving me¬†for¬†all those weeks¬†–¬†but hey – I’m not going to complain am I ūüôā


The Special One has been really busy this week – if she hasn’t been out in the garden ‘ trying to ‘get everything up to scratch’ ¬†as she says (whatever that means) ¬†she’s been filling the freezer and cupboards with necessary bargains – although, after all the muttering I’ve heard this week about the extra weight she gained and how she will have to start her daily walk again as well as go back to the gym I wouldn’t have thought chocolate ice creams were necessary even if they were a bargain lol ¬†Then ¬†when The Golfer mentioned something about liking his¬†women soft, round and cuddly I thought¬†it wiser maybe even safer if I left the room ūüôā


Oh I must tell you this – on those cold wet days last week we spent some time together in her armchair – she was knitting and listen to this – I thought I’d try and be clever and¬†move forward just a little bit to ¬†get more comfortable ¬†on her lap ‘cept her knitting was there¬†– yes it was¬†white and definitely ¬†off limits to me (something to do with my brown hairr getting all over it) but that didn’t stop me trying.¬†¬†There was one small moment there when I thought ¬†she was going to growl but not a word was said. ¬† Wow she really must be feeling guilty ūüôā

Click on the gallery to see larger photos

Oh dear I’m feeling sleepy again – so it’s Bye for Now
Oh and my Special One says Thank You to all of you who have left comments on the last few posts – she’s hoping to have time¬†to pop in and see you all in the next few days.


Taking the good with the bad

‘You can‚Äôt always have what you want‚Äô
That’s something my Mother impressed on me from a young age.

Another saying of hers was
‚ÄėYou have to take the good along with the bad‚Äô

Some winter days in Far North Queensland are great
Like this day in Queen’s Beach, Bowen

July 25th 2011
Sunny skies with a hint of cloud reflected in the watery sand
as the waves roll in and out


And then there are others that are not so great
Like this day walking along the same beach

August 4th 2011
 Very grey skies with lots of dark clouds
Definitely not reflected in the cold looking sand as the waves thundered in and out

As you can see the weather had a mind of its own on that trip
We didn’t always get what we wanted
and certainly had to be content with the bad along with the good

Wonder what will be in store for us this coming July and August?

Lazy Hazy Days

The Golfer arrived home on Monday of last week from a jaunt to Perth W.A. for a volunteer commitment – so he took me out to lunch on Tuesday.¬† ‘A Secret Rendezvous’ he said – just get in the car and enjoy the ride.¬† We ended up at the Toolangi Pub (Tavern) about an hour away.¬† Great lunch in¬†nice comfortable country settings which I’ll write about another day.¬† I wandered out to the back deck¬†to enjoy the view of the nearby hills and saw it¬†on the horizon.
All photos will enlarge with a click

Back deck and hills Toolangi Pub  Back deck hills and burning off Toolangi Paub

The next day Wednesday, I nipped down the road to Boronia, a suburb about 10 minutes from home Рstood and admired the view of the Dandenongs from one of the car parks and saw another one.View of hills Boronia View of hills plus burning off Boronia

This is what it looked like as I drove home

seen on the way home

¬†Sunday began as a bright sunny¬†day so¬†we went for a drive – yes, a couple of old codgers making our way down the highway enjoying ourselves in our own way.¬† I wanted to go to the coast¬†but somehow the car travelled east and we ended up at Warragul – don’t ask!!¬† – so to overcome my annoyance (read¬†silent¬†rage) I snapped away at anything and everything out of the¬†mucky¬†windscreen.¬† Nice old fashioned farm windmill brings up water¬†from a lower level – oh look what’s that on the horizon?Windmill near Warragul

Burning off near Warragul

What makes you think the DSE is taking advantage of the much cooler weather and is burning off¬†in a lot of the¬†nearby state forests??¬† These days they tend to call them controlled or planned burns – a quite laughable term when some of our major bushfires have been the result of ‘controlled burns’ on days that just were not suitable.

How are things ‘controlled’ where you live?

So what did you end up doing??

Well I did think about going shopping
No not for a Jeep 
But I went for a walk instead lol

Hot hot days –¬†Dr’s orders to rest and avoid dusty places – meant I didn’t stray far from the house for much of the summer months
But with the glorious autumnal weather we are having at the moment there has been no excuse for not getting out and enjoying it.
So, I had a little wander up the road to see how our local park had coped with those long dry hot summer days. 

 The small sporadic showers of rain we did have recently had turned some of the grass a rich green colourPark 1

Easter holidays means time off from school and kinder so there were lots of youngsters enjoying the park the way it was intended.  
There were Little Boys tearing aound on bikes!Park bikesAnd what looked like a Little Sister trying so very hard to keep up 
but the path was uphill and her little legs plus the trainer wheels wouldn’t let her.Park little oneThere were several families at the playground
Park playground

And it looked like the dogs were having a day out as well as well!Park dogs

I’m not a fan of Big Dogs even on leads so turned around and¬†walked over to the bridge that spans some of the ‘wetlands’
(actually built as storm/drainage protection scheme)
but functions very well as a home for wetland birds Park bridge

 And then made my way back up the hill to a favourite spot

Park bench

I like to¬†sit here and look out¬†over the ‘wetlands’ and enjoy the ‘view’
although on this day apart from the families¬†near the community house there wasn’t much going on at all

Park wetlands

There ‘was’¬†something white thrashing about¬†down below on the opposite bank

Park heron

Look what I found when I finally made my way down
What I think is a White Heron had made its way into the water
and was just standing there Park White Heron

¬†I purposely didn’t get too close to the children¬†or their families
If you want a clearer view all the photos will enlarge with a click

One week down –

Yes, a week and a half of the New Year has gone by and not a lot has happened in our house.  Main reason being its been so hot Рmost years when we have hot weather I find things to do in the house but not this time Рsitting around reading on my new toy or sewing has been the way to go.
Unfortunately many other Australians have been more than occupied trying to save their homes and properties while fires have ravaged most of our states.  Tasmania, New South Wales, the ACT as well as Victoria.
This news report tells it all
Its not over yet so keep them in your thoughts.

I did venture down the street (in the car) to do a bit of shopping on Monday
Ended up at a local nicely airconditioned shopping centre
where I wandered round the supermarket
then picked up some Fruit and Veg and looked at some Fish as wellBA

It reminded me of a recent very different shopping day where I wandered down the street – actually it was the day I posted from Corinto.¬† If you look carefully at the first photo you’ll see the¬†little computer ‘shop’ I used.¬†¬†Not many cars¬†there either, the locals use these little ‘pedal cabs’ to get around

No airconditioned shopping centre here
An open air corner shop maybe (set in the front room of a house) – road side stall for fruit and veg (on the kerb outside a shop ) – next door to mixed goods, live crabs as well as tiny corn on the cob and bananas.



Don’t forget to click photos to enlarge – Will be back to show you more of Corinto.

So how did it go??

In a word – fabulously.

We sat in lots of airplanes –¬†Big ones
You know the ones
Those¬†where it seems like everyone else in town is going to the same place as you¬†IMG_5283and small ones – small enough to¬†be like a bus ūüôāIMGP3020IMG_5284

We sailed in a big ship
enjoying all the fun and facilities with the other people on board


and one day on a tiny one
to get to place where there would be more fun


We had a room with a view –
which was hard to capture at times because of the light coming in through the window

We spent lots of time watching the world go by


Saw some very different wildlife


Were ‘buzzed’ one day and ‘observed’ another day – yes you are seeing correctly – ¬†that is what they have in their hands ūüė¶


There were statues and lighthouses

IMG_5608 Children and Customs IMG_5629Little places with tiny streets

Big places with wide streetsIMG_5372

And more cannons than you’d know what to do with lol

But the real reason we came was to see and experience the Pamana Canal Transit


A very moist humid day played havoc with our cameras so some shots looked all misty as above – or clear as a bell as below.
And yes storm clouds did follow us all day lol

This is an all day event
something even crew members are allowed to come on deck to see IMG_5804


All photos will enlarge with a click

Hello again!

Yes, the wanderer has returned – back home from the sun sea and sand and all places beyond.

It would appear to some¬†who will remain nameless (‘cose he takes photos when I’m not looking) I did a lot of:


Picture taking

and Eating

But best of all I re-acqainted myself with a favourite beach where I took long walks each day.

Somehow I don’t think this¬†beach babe is going to make the¬†grade as a Bond Girl in the way Ursula Andress did lol!

However I did do lots of travelling to places never visited before as well as have loads of fun with he who will remain nameless:)

I’ll be back another day to tell you more
Bye for now

There are things to do – places to go

There are a few of these lying around the house at the moment

Yes its time to start making ‘The List’ in earnest

In 3 weeks and 3 days we’ll be on our way
Thats just 24 days you know lol

Somehow I think the lists will begin to look more like this

Or even grow to this number as the days go by

Oh dear – where do I start??

I know – with a list ūüôā

16/30 June Post a Day

More winter wonders for the window sill

I grizzle and groan at this time of the year –¬†its cold and miserable and there are no flowers in my garden.¬† Now we all know ‘cold’ is relative to where you live ¬†– compared to other countries our cold here in Victoria is not really cold (winter lows of 4c which is about¬†39f) ¬†– I can’t remember the last time we had a frost – so when I complain its not really about the weather, its more about the fact it hinders whatever it is I want to do outside.

And believe it or not I do have some flowers in the garden during Winter – not in¬†summer abundance but in ones and twos.¬†¬†I think its because I don’t spend that much time outside I don’t really notice them and then¬†I’m flabergasted when I do lol

Take my little Lasiandra bush at the bottom of the garden Рit died off during the drought so I pulled it out Рor so I thought.  Its shot back up again obviously from some roots that were left behind in the ground.  Look at all those lovely purple flowers and the green velvety leaves bringing a touch of colour to the garden .  I took this on a very wet rainy day last week Рand as much as I loved what I saw and wanted a photo I will just say I was safe and dry about sixty foot away on our back deck lol

The purple flowers just helped lift the little arrangement of lonesome blooms on the window sill.  Rummaging around I found those little daffodil flowers I spoke of before, some more of the tiny fuschias, some tiny lavender colour Brachycome flowers, a single blue cornflower that appeared from nowhere and some of the long blooms from the Salmon coloured Tryphylla Fuschia thats tucked away out of direct view in another corner of the garden

Today was one of those dreary drizzly winter days I dislike Рnot really cold but certainly not pleasant.  We did very little Рin fact this is where I spent most of the day.   Snug and warm in a comfy chair next to my favourite friend, sewing and knitting close to hand.  It looks bright outside but inside was dull so I opened the vertical blinds which gave a lovely feel to the room, enough light from the window to work from without having to turn the lights on.

9/30 June Post a Day

Its all right for some!

So who do you think I’d be using that phrase about??

I’ll give you two guesses –
and as my Mum would say
you’re¬†either right or you’re¬†wrong ūüôāIt would seem¬†that while I was turning

Into this

– Kiera, The Brown Beauty herself –
was doing this lol

As I said above
Its all right for some – nothing to do and all day to do it in
Able to sleep the day away – not a care in the world
Some people have all the luck!

I don’t know about you but next time round I’m coming back as a Cat lol

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