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Would you do it….

The Leisure Seeker ~ Michael Zadoorian. (2009)

Book Blurb.
The unforgettable cross country journey of a runaway couple in their twilight years determined to meet the end of all roads on their own terms

The Leisure Seeker” is the story of John and Ella Robina, a couple married 50+ years – she has stopped her cancer treatments, he has Alzheimer’s – who kidnap themselves from the adult children and the doctors who seem to run their lives, and steal off on a forbidden vacation…..”

A ‘small short’ easy to read book containing a lot to think about and digest.
It Is as described, about 2 seniors who, without telling their children, go off on a trip – making their way down Route 66 (or what’s left of it) to Disneyland – in their very old motor home.

Much of it is about how they relate to each other, how Ella copes with John’s dementia- the strains of illnesses progressing with no cure in sight for either of them.

There is lots of love shown by John when he’s lucid, bickering by both of them when things don’t go quite right. Accepting their children are worried yet determined to do this trip – to the end of the road.

And it’s at the end of the road that the touchy subject is raised. John didn’t know it but neither of them were going home.

Seemingly promoted as a romantic comedy….yes at times it’s a ‘fun humorous’ read – but it’s much more than that.

It makes you wonder about ageing, terminal illnesses, then (spoiler)‘…..’mercy killing aka murder/suicides’ – are they ‘loving or selfish’ acts.
As much as you loved someone- would you do it?
… … … …

Read February 2023.
I saw this recommended on another blog – true to form I’ve forgotten where!.
I’m wondering if anyone else has read this book – if so, how did you feel about it?

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