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Playing the waiting game…

(Also playing the ’hunt through photo folders’ – these are from 2016)

At that time there were lots of local shoppers who always brought their dogs along
Walk – Shop – Kill two birds with one stone

And of course the dogs had to wait outside the shops.

I remember watching these two as I waited for a friend who’d popped back into the supermarket – their owner had just tied them both to the railings and left them with kisses and reassuring pats.
 ‘I’ll only be a couple of minutes she said, You’ll be ok.’

Somehow I don’t think the ‘big’ one believed her

Where the h*** is she?  
A couple of minutes she said!  I’m sure we’ve been here that time already,

She’s nowhere in sight!  She knows I like my lunch dead on time.

All this from the ‘big’ one – the ‘older’ one just sat there, waiting patiently, looking a bit resigned, tolerating his mates whinging – knowing she’d be along sometime and they’d both get fed when they got home 🙂

Unfortunately I had to leave…..I still wonder how they reacted when she got back and feel a bit disappointed I didn’t get to see the reception on her return!

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